Monday, April 3, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Some of My children are efficient at identifying the sins in the lives of other people but they are inefficient in the discernment to identify when he is working in their own thoughts.  In other words, they are efficient in judging according to the deeds of the flesh of others but they are inefficient in discerning the thoughts from hell that are spiritual that invade their own minds which tempt them to judge, condemn, become angry, become hateful, become filled with strife, become jealous, become  envious, become vengeful, become lustful and other negative thoughts. 
    Under that scenario My children are not only are yielding to the demons that are tempting them in their own minds, but they also join themselves to the demons who are working in the lives of the people they are judging or opposing.  I said that to which you bind yourself on earth is bound to you in heaven.  (Matthew 16:19)   This truth is the reason why I warned you so explicitly through Jesus that you do not judge others or you will be judged by the same measure that you judge others. (Matthew 7:1-2)  It's the seed sowing and reaping principle that I established in the earth at the beginning in order to have perfect crops.  The devil uses My good principle to his advantage in getting more devil deeds into the earth.
    You must understand that if your thoughts are consumed with the sins of others, judging them for those sins, then you have planted seeds of judgment in the devil's garden of curses and you will reap what you have sown.  I cannot stop those crops from growing because you have willingly, as an act of your own will, chosen to do the devil's will and judged other people while you, yourself, were meditating upon their sins and sowing judgment seeds which will return to curse your life.
    My instructions to you are that you should forgive sins rather than judge others for their sins. (Matthew 6:12) That instruction was given to encourage you to reject thoughts of judging others and instead for you to forgive them.  Forgiving means to give the judgment thoughts forward, cast them out of your mind.  Later I told you to cast them "down" into hell.  Do not entertain for one minute a thought of judging someone because that thought is a wolf in sheep's clothing who is tempting you to join in with cursing others and yourself.  Judgment thoughts are imaginations which exalt themselves against My strong instructions to forgive others instead of judging them. (Matthew 18:21-22)
    My children who are religious instead of spiritual, those are the ones who judge according to outward appearances.  (II Corinthians 10:7)  They are what I call "of the flesh."  I said they are not spiritual yet.  I said if they were spiritual they would be led by My Spirit to forgive others instead of judging others. (Romans 7:4-6)  Religious laws are powerless because of the devil's temptations of the flesh of My children.  Only with the power of My Holy Spirit can My children defeat the works of the devil in their flesh and in their thoughts, whether they are temptations to do fleshly evil deeds or to do mental evil deeds of judging and condemning.  (Romans 8:3-9)
    To My children who are led by My Spirit I promised great rewards because they are led by My Holy Spirit away from sins instead of being led by the devil in their thoughts to sin by judging others for their sins.  Those of My children who are led by My Spirit do not participate with the devil in any of his works.  In being led by My Spirit, they separate themselves from his curses that bring destruction and death.  To judge others is to judge yourself, opening the door to the devil to curse your life.  To forgive others is to release yourself from the devil's curses, refusing to bind yourself to his acts of judgment.
   With every thought there is a choice between good and evil.  You have the weapons necessary to pull down every stronghold of the devil, casting down tempting imaginations and bringing them into captivity to the obedience of Christ, the victorious One who lives inside of you in the person of My Holy Spirit.
   When tempted to judge others, listen to the gift of discernment inside of your spirit who will tell you to cast down that imagination of the devil and forgive the person.  When you follow My advice, My angels come to minister to you blessings from My kingdom. (Matthew 4;10-11; Luke 11:20) 
    I have wonderful things in My inheritance treasury for My children who are led by My Spirit instead of being led by the temptations of the devil.  Those who are led by My Spirit are inheritors of My blessings while they live in the earth. Yes, it is heaven on earth for those who are led by My Holy Spirit.
    Your Gift Giving, Blessing Giving Father 

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