Saturday, April 15, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   You might call it DNA or family traits, but because of Adam's allowance of the devil to take control of the earth there are curses passed down from generation to generation which cause plagues of destructive behavior which affect the thoughts, attitudes, manners of speaking and actions of at least one child in every family and often more than one child.  For instance, if one parent has a violent temper, then at least one and maybe more of the children will also have a violent temper, not only because of observing the parent having anger fits, but also because it is a curse passed down from one of the parents and it took up residence in the flesh of those children while in the womb.  If it is the father who has the demon of anger, people will say that his child with anger is just like his father.  In the same family there might be other children who have inherited kindness and goodness from the other parent and being exposed to the kind and good parent has multiplied the blessings in the lives of those children.  If that kind parent is their mother, then people will say that those children are just like their mother.  The kindness and goodness was passed down while in the womb.  Unfortunately, children have no choice on which they will inherit, whether curses or blessings. 
    Fortunately, Jesus came to earth to help those people who have inherited curses of anger, lust, infidelity, pride, killing, prejudice, domination, lasciviousness. hatred, discord, strife and other curses which control certain people.  When a person with one or more of those demons becomes born of My Spirit, My help is present inside of the person in the new spiritual creation that was born when My Spirit invaded the spirit of the person and created a new person with none of the old damaging traits.  That new person has the desire to display a new personality, one with new thoughts, new attitudes, new manners of speaking and new actions.
    However, there is still a constant battle between the curses in the flesh and the new pure creature in the spirit.  The blessing is that My Holy Spirit, who is present in the new creature, will anoint the person to use his or her supernatural power to drive out the old programmed evil spirits that cursed the life of the person.  My Holy Spirit will influence the person from the inside to allow Me to reprogram the flesh of the person until he or she displays the characteristics of My personality, made possible by the power of My Spirit.  The only thing required of the person is his or her willingness to change from old programming by the devil into new programming by My Holy Spirit.  It involves going from death to life, from being destructive to being constructive, from formerly having negative thoughts to having positive thoughts, from having attitudes that demean people to having attitudes that glorify them, from speaking words that curse others to speaking words that bless people, from hating your enemies to loving and forgiving your enemies. 
   My promise to My children is that old things will pass away and you will behold all things becoming new.  It's a miracle.  Since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ untold billion of people have become new creatures through being born of My Spirit and being baptized in My Holy Spirit. (John 3:16-17)  My Spirit gives you dynamite power and authoritative power over all the evil in the world and gives you the authority to cast out demons and do every manner of miracles in My name. (Acts 1: 4-8) You have the ability with My Holy Spirit to allow Me to bring My kingdom into the earth as it is in heaven, surrounding you with unimaginable blessings in every area of your life.  Cooperating with My Holy Spirit is paramount to having My blessings flood into your life.  When you become a new creature and My character is evident in your life, My blessings seek you out and become yours.  First, you must seek Me, My kingdom and My righteousness and then all good things will be your inheritance from Me while you live in the earth.. (Matthew 7:33)  
    In the nation of Israel the family curses stay in each family throughout the third and fourth generations if the fathers worship other gods, not at My wish but at the devil's design.  When you are born of My Spirit and are led by My Spirit, My thousands of blessings are evident in your life and in your family for generations. (Exodus 20:4; Romans 8:26-28)
    It's a matter of inheritance.  If you are My child, then you inherit the good things that it is My pleasure to give to you.  If you are led by the evil spirits that are curses in the lives of people, then you will inherit the devil's hell on earth.  Choose every day whom you will serve, the Father of blessings or the father of curses.  You can have heaven on earth or you can have hell on earth.  It's your choice.
   I love you regardless.  It's your loving me that qualifies you for My blessings.
   Your Father of Many Blessings  

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