Saturday, April 8, 2017

Dear Precious Child,
    Many wars in the earth have been lost by opposing nations sneaking covert operations into their battles.   Anything covert is not easily recognizable. Sometimes one nation will invade another nation by sending spies into the other country to find out necessary strategies so as to win specific battles by what was learned from a covert operation.  It is the same with My kingdom.  Most of the time My children do not know who is their real enemy because their real enemy, the devil, has blinded their spiritual eyes and ears to his evil works.  When the devil uses his most effective weapons, which are covert operations of speaking his temptations in the minds of My children, they are perceived as being the person's thoughts rather than the thoughts placed there by the devil in order to tempt the person to do the devil's will in the earth instead of doing My will of goodness and kindness in the earth.  (John 12:40)
   Unfortunately My children go along agreeably with the devil's covert operations of placing thoughts into the minds of My children of judgment of others, condemnation of others, prejudicial thoughts, fearful thoughts, depressing thoughts, angry thoughts, vengeful thoughts, hateful thoughts, lustful thoughts, impure thoughts and other thoughts which amplify the devil's will in the earth.  My children meditate on the evil, covert thoughts and then they develop evil actions either in speaking evil into the world or doing evil actions toward someone.  All the time, the true enemy, the devil, has escaped identification and his evil temptations have been hidden.  Yet, the furtherance of evil in the world has been accomplished and it's all been done covertly because the real enemy has escaped identification. The person to whom the evil temptation came has no idea who the real enemy is.  The person to whom evil has been done has no idea who is the real enemy because the person who has delivered the evil act is blamed instead of the real instigator, the devil.  (Ephesians 4:17-27; II Corinthians 10:3-6)
    Wars have been won by nations when a covert spy from an opposing nation is caught and questioned until the strategies of his nation have been revealed.  It's the same in My kingdom.  When My wise children recognize their real enemy as being the devil and recognize the covert evil temptations in their own minds as being placed there by the devil, they refuse to yield to the temptations to do evil  in the earth or return evil for evil because they know that My strategies are to love others, to be peacemakers, to be merciful, to forgive, to judge the devil as the real enemy and to cast him out of their thoughts.  They never return evil for evil done to them but instead they sow My righteousness in the earth instead of sowing the devil's destruction into the earth. 
    My wise children who have sought Me and My kingdom and who have been taught My wisdom by My Holy Spirit will always do My will in the earth. (Matthew 6:10) When My children choose to hear from My Holy Spirit, they will hear His alert cautions when negative, opposing thoughts invade their thoughts and they will know that their minds are entertaining a covert operation from hell in which their enemy, the devil, is trying to invade the world through temptations just like he did with Adam.  Adam failed to identify the devil's temptation as being from hell and the whole world has suffered.  Jesus Christ recognized the evil temptations in His thoughts as being from hell, and He used My words to quench the darts from hell, refusing to join with the devil's will.  Jesus won the mind battle and My angels ministered peace to him.  All evil in the world begins with the devil's thoughts in the minds of My children and all good in the world begins with My thoughts in the minds of My children.
   Jesus spent His entire earthly ministry defeating the works of the devil in people by healing them, casting demons out of them, speaking My wisdom and knowledge to His followers and dying for the sins of the world.  He defeated the devil in hell, rose from the dead and came to live with Me.  Because of His obedience in defeating the works of the devil, We were able to send My Holy Spirit into the earth to empower My children so that they would have supernatural power to recognize the devil as their enemy when he does his covert temptations in their minds.  When My children recognize the covert temptations, they must use My authority to cast the demons into hell. 
   If you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit, you have the same Spirit with which My wonderful works were done through Jesus.  You have My power, the power that created the earth, raised Jesus trom the dead and gently catapulted Him into My heaven so that My Spirit would be able to enter the earth and enter into My children who invite Him to live in them.  Jesus said that you would do greater works than He did when My Spirit comes to live in you. (John 14:12-13)  If the "greater works" are not visible in your life, then you are not recognizing the covert operations of the devil in your mind in the form of his temptations and you are not using your authority that I have given to you to cast him out of your mind and into hell.
    When My children are still making human beings their enemies, they are being deceived by covert operations of the devil.(Ephesians 6:10-13)  When My children know that their enemies are never flesh and blood but are always the demonic principalities and powers of the air, then they are on the way to having heaven on earth because they are using the keys of My kingdom which have been taught to them by My Spirit.  They defeat the works of the devil and My kingdom comes into their lives. (Luke 11:20)
    I long for the day My children will become My true images in the world, exemplifying My wisdom and My power over evil.
    Your Powerful, Loving Father

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