Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Dear One,
    The kind of believing faith for answers to prayers is different than believing in My existence and believing in Jesus on which you rely to spend eternity with me.   Believing that I am a good and benevolent Father who also wants to meet your every need while you live in the world is a deeper level of faith.  Only when you personally know Me as your loving Father can you have that degree of powerful belief.  I said that that kind of faith comes from hearing My words which contain My promises that I will do whatever you ask of Me.  Jesus, Himself, said that when He came back to heaven to live with Me that anything you ask in His name I will do for you.  (John 14:12-13)  He did  not lie. 
    In that teaching setting Jesus was telling about what I would be able to do because He was coming to be with Me, that I would send My Holy Spirit to take His place, and because I would live inside of you in the person of the Holy Spirit, your prayers by the words of My Spirit will all be answered in their entirety.  The truth of that statement lies in the fact that My Spirit's prayers through your mouth will never asks for anything that is outside of My will.
    Having faith in the Holy Spirit's prayers through your mouth in My perfect prayer language is the basis of all guaranteed belief.  When you remember that I said that your battles are not with flesh and blood but your battles are with the devil's demons in the atmosphere, then you must also remember that I told you to pray IN THE SPIRIT at all times and on all occasions.  (Ephesians 6:12-18)  Every time you pray in the Spirit, He prays My will in the matter.  You never battle with Me to get your prayers answered.  You never need to beg Me for something to get your prayers answered.  You only need to allow My Holy Spirit, who always prays My will, to speak the answers to your prayers in My prayer language which is the same spiritual language with which I created the world.
    I told you that I did not create the world by speaking an earthly language, but I spoke in My heavenly language.  When you yield to My Holy Spirit and allow Him to speak the same creative words, then My operative and creative words are spoken which provide whatever answers are needed to meet your needs.  I am your Father.  I delight in meeting the needs of My children.  You must believe that before you can have faith in your prayers. 
    When Jesus rose from the dead He told the people who believed in Him that they should go to Jerusalem and wait in unity for the promise of My Holy Spirit to come into their lives.  Jesus called Him My promise.  I promised that I would come to live in you and that I would be your Good Father whose pleasure it is to give you My entire kingdom.  The greatest gift that I could ever give to My children is to live inside of them and be their constant guide, protector, provider, advocate, healer, wisdom, knowledge, insight and every other description of a good Father.   I did what I promised and I gave to My children My very own promised Holy Spirit to take the place of the human presence of Jesus; but more than that, I sent Him to live inside of you with the ability to speak My perfect words in His prayer language so that when you ask anything it will be done for you.  (Acts 1:2-9)    
    There was never a greater gift than the coming of My Holy Spirit.  He is the Spirit of power who created Jesus, the power of His ministry and the power who raised Jesus from the dead.  Jesus said that it was necessary that He come back to live with Me so that His power source, My Holy Spirit, would come to live in My children and do even greater things than Jesus had done in the earth. (John 14:10-14)  You must believe those words of Jesus and trust My Spirit to do greater works through you in answer to your prayers.
    All of your prayers are answered perfectly, according to My will, when you pray in the Spirit and walk in My spirit of love with all people.  (Romans 8:8-9 and 26-28)  Those instructions and insight tell you the guaranteed formula of walking in the Spirit + praying in the Spirit = all things working together for your good.   I told you in that instruction that I didn't spare the life of My Son for you, and that it is through Him that I give you all good things. (Romans 8:12)
    Believe Me, My child.  Believe My instructions that you build up your faith by your praying in the Holy Spirit.  (Jude 20)  Pray in the Spirit at all times and you will see your prayers answered more perfectly than you dare think or could ever imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)
     I provided all that you need.  Believe in My way that I chose to do it and then receive all of the answers to your prayers.
     Your Father of the Perfect Plan    

Monday, February 27, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    As My obedient child who has believed in the good news of eternal salvation, can you say that you actually believe other important words that come out of My mouth and are recorded in My Instruction Book? 
    Can you say that you believe the truth of My teachings through Jesus that you will reap what you sow in the earth?  (Galatians 6:7-10)  In other words, do you not only believe IN Me but do you believe what I say and teach? 
    Do you believe that the divisive, strife filled, injurious words that you speak about others of My children will eventually come back with the same type of judgment upon you? (Matthew 7:1-2)  I said that you are condemned by your negative words and you are blessed by your positive words, yet some of My children continue to defame others, criticize others, judge others, scorn others, bear false witness against others, and speak more destructive words about other people which are not loving and gracious. (Matthew 12:37)  Do you believe what I teach as well as believing IN Me?
    Do you really believe what I said about loving your human enemies, about forgiving them, about doing good to them, about feeding them if they are hungry, giving them water if they are thirsty, about praying for them and blessing them and in doing that you send My angels to minister My peace and goodness to them? (Romans 12:18-21)  If you really do believe My admonition on how to treat the people who oppose you, you will be walking in My Spirit, spreading peace and mercy in the earth.  You will, in turn, reap peace and mercy from others.  Do you really believe what I teach?
   When you realize that it is not people who are persecuting you and injuring you, that at the core of evil actions toward you is the devil, then you can do what I commanded you to do, which is love your human enemies, to do good to them.  What the devil wants to happen is that you will return evil in divisive matters that happen to you and so the devil's evil will be multiplied in the earth through you.  However, when you treat the person with loving actions when he opposes you, then the devil's work through the person is defeated and the devil has to stop tempting the person to injure you physically or emotionally because his strategy didn't win.  Love always wins every battle between good and evil when My children act and react in love.
   The condition of the heart of a person is revealed by his or her words.  My children often blame the devil or blame Me for bad things that happen in their lives when all the time it is their participation with the devil in speaking his defamatory words about others of My children that bring bad situations into their lives.  They might believe IN Me but they don't believe Me when I taught about the power of their words.  (Matthew 7:15-20) 
    For instance, do you really believe what Jesus taught about the keys to My kingdom?  Do you believe the truth that Jesus taught about binding yourself to evil and loosing yourself from evil?  He taught that to whatever or whomever you bind yourself in the earth, whatever social, religious or political philosophy to which you declare allegiance, you have bound yourself to the evil spirits in the spiritual dimension that are behind that philosophy.  He said you know them by their fruits.  When you bind yourself to a social, religious or political philosophy that afflicts evil words or actions upon any of My children, you have bound yourself to inherit the woes of those pawns of the devil.  You have bound yourself to the demons behind the social, religious or political faction and you will reap the evil fruit that has been sown by them in the earth. (Matthew 16:19; Matthew 18:7; Matthew 23:13-16) 
   Do you really believe My words, or do you think that the truths were only for the period when Jesus walked the earth?  They are universal and timeless.  Words never die. (Jeremiah 1: 9-12)  Do you believe that words never die or do you believe that they are without any power?  I said you are justified by your words and you are condemned by the words that you speak, binding yourself either to the trees that bring forth evil fruit in the earth  or binding yourself to the trees that bring forth good fruit in the earth.  Do you really believe that your words determine in what state you live while in the earth, surrounded by either good or evil?   Are those truths part of your belief system?  Believe Me.
    Believing In Me is not enough to inherit My kingdom living while you are in the earth.  Believing every word that proceeds from My mouth, not only believing them but doing what they admonish you to do, will guarantee that you are identified as My child, glorifying Me, and the good seeds that you sow into My family will flood you with love and all good things.  (Matthew 5:16)
   Believe Me and believe everything that I commanded, taught and admonished you to do, and you will live the abundant life that I promised while you live in the earth.  The degree of heaven on earth that you have in your life is dependent upon your believing My words.
   Your Good and Loving Father Whose Pleasure is it To Give You My Kingdom

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Many of My children believe IN Me without believing Me. 
   Many of My children believe only in My promise that they will go to heaven when they die.  They don't know Me in My fullness.  (Luke 23:42-43)
   Many of My children believe in My existence without believing in My power to heal. They don't know Me in My fullness. (Matthew 4:24)
   Many of My children believe in My existence without believing in My power to love sinners and all those who break laws. They don't know me in My fullness.  (John 3:16)
   Many of My children believe in being born of My Spirit without believing in My promise that I want to baptize them with My Holy Spirit so that they can have the abundant life that I promised while they live in the earth.  They don't know Me in My fullness.  (Acts. 1:4-5)
    Many of My children believe the devil's words put in their thoughts through religious leaders that I am a vengeful and punitive God who waits to punish every infringement of religious laws.  They don't know Me in My fullness as Love. (John 3:17)
    Many of My children believe that I only inhabit the metal and stone religious buildings and temples of their design instead of believing that their bodies are My earthly temples.  They don't believe My Instruction book, the scriptures, when I said that their bodies are My temples.   (I Corinthians 6:19-20)
    Many of My children only believe in Me as their Savior from the fires of hell instead of believing the truth that I am their Loving Father who wants to guide them and provide for them, leading them onto the green pastures of rest and by the still waters of peace. (Romans 8:14)
    My children do not know Me in My fullness.
    Many of My children who do know Me as their Savior, their provider, their protector and their healer do not know Me as their tutor who teaches them about their enemy and how to avoid his traps.  They continue to be led by religious teachers who add burdens to their backs instead of taking off their existing burdens.  My children continue to bind themselves to the Pharisees, scribes and hypocrites who are the politicians about whom Jesus warned over and over again that My children should not listen to them.  (Luke 20:46-47; Matthew 23:13-15) The evil spirits motivating them are spreaders of discord, division, hatred, scorn and strife which brings every evil demon into the lives of My children.  My own children see their toxic fruit and, yet, My children ignore My warnings.  I said to beware of them but My children ignore My warnings and become addicted to the divisive words of the politicians and the toxic words of the religious leaders.  Those who are bound in loyalty to divisive political leaders will find themselves void of love, peace, joy, kindness and mercy.  They sacrifice the fruit of My Spirit and take on the fruit of their enemy, the devil. 
    Blind national patriotism is not a fruit of My Spirit.  I warned against it by telling you that you are a now citizen of My kingdom, not of any earthly kingdom which is man made and subject to the destruction of the devil.  (Hebrews 12:1 and 18-25) I said to give to Caesar what is his, meaning give to your nation only what is due it, your taxes and following the laws of the land, but Jesus said to give your loyalty to Me, as your loving Father. (Matthew 22:17-22) For you to know Me in My fullness, you must listen to My voice and follow My admonitions in order to have My abundant life while on the earth. 
   While in the earth My children can have as much of My kingdom as they seek.  It all depends upon how much they want to seek, believe in, and access.  If they are only satisfied with believing that I merely exist and that I am not a Loving Heavenly Father who is interesting in perfecting everything about their lives, then that is all that they will know about Me.  As I said, many of My children believe in Me without believing Me.
    I gave to you My words through Jesus in My Instruction Book which outline My desire for you to have the abundant life.  I also gave to you a personal tutor, the Holy Spirit, to speak My personal instructional words to you about how to access the abundant blessings that are yours.  It is your choice to believe whatever you want to believe.  If you want to have the peace that passes human understanding, then you must learn to hear My words to you and then obey My words.  My Instruction Book will always confirm what I personally tell you.
    I said that those who are led by My Spirit are My children.
    I lead you to safe places, around the traps set by the devil, and I lead you to green pastures of peace by telling you to love your human enemies, to do good to them, to bless them and forgive them.  When you follow those instructions, you will have peace on earth, as led by the Prince of Peace.  (Romans 12:20-21) 
    You believe in My promise for being born again, for healing, for salvation and for a life of living with Me in eternity, but do you believe My words about how to avoid the toxic words of the politicians and of the religious teachers of religious laws?  When you take My advice of avoiding their toxic words of division and strife, you will have peace on earth, as I intended.
     If you believe in Me, you will believe Me.  You will believe every one of My words of admonition and commands in order to have My kingdom come on earth as it is in My heaven.  When you are led by My Spirit, you are My children and heirs to My entire kingdom.
     Your Father of Guidance and Love                

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   There is tremendous power in belief, both belief in positive events happening and belief in negative events happening.  Because of negative mental programming from childhood, people often have more belief in negative things happening than in positive things happening to them.  Unfortunately, that is what happens to them, curses in every area of their lives because of the power of belief in negative events.  
   At the core of the problem is belief in bad things happening, those being the works of the devil, instead of belief in My ability to work in the lives of My children.  Their minds have been programmed to believe that bad things are much more likely to happen to them instead of good things.  Their religious teachers often confirm to them the bad occurrences in the religious history of people and attribute them to Me, erroneously teaching that I bring bad things upon people because they disobeyed Me.  In other words, people have believed the lie that I afflict My children instead of believing  the truth that I want to bless them abundantly.
    How will they know the truth if they don't hear the truth?  How will they know if they don't hear testimonies about My goodness?  How will they rely on Me if they don't know that I bless My children and never curse them? (Romans 10:13-17)
    I wrote in My Instruction Book to you that some of My children have a zeal for Me, but their minds have not been enlightened by My true knowledge. (Romans 10:2)  They have not believed in My righteousness, My love for all of My creation, so they do not yield to My efforts to create My righteousness inside of  them. (Romans 10:3) I said that Christ was the end of the religious laws that required sacrifices to forgive sins.  My righteousness exists inside of everyone who believes in, trusts in and relies upon Him because He was the Surpreme Sacrifice.   
    My Holy Spirit reveals My righteousness, My true nature, to My children who hear His voice.  My Spirit teaches that I am Love, that I only bless My children.  He teaches you that curses and bad things come from the devil, not from Me. (John 14:7-11)
   How will other people know if they don't hear your testimonies about My goodness?  How will they know if they don't hear your testimonies about how I saved you from destruction and calamity?  How will they know if you don't tell them about your being healed by Me?  How will they know if you don't tell them about My divine orchestrations in your behalf?  When you tell about the instances of your being saved many times from destruction by Me, you confirm My salvation efforts in your behalf, convincing other people that I will do the same thing for them if they will only believe in Me as their Good Father.   How will they know that I am not the god of the bad images from the past mental programming from religious laws that I afflict My children if you don't tell them?  (Romans 10:13-15)  When they hear your testimonies of My kindness and My love, they become acquainted with Me as their good Father.  They become acquainted with My true nature of love because they have heard firsthand about My goodness toward you.  When you tell them that I am love, they finally attribute to the devil his evil actions of afflictions, curses and all bad actions.
    When you have been saved many times from the destructive plans of the devil, then it is your delight to tell other people, as led by My Spirit, because if you withhold your testimonies of salvation you are denying Me just like Peter did.  When you tell other people about My good actions in your behalf, your belief increases and your faith is increased to believe for more miracles in your behalf.
    If you have no testimonies about My goodness performed in your behalf, then you should examine your reluctance to tell about My goodness in your behalf.  You should increase your willingness to share with others My salvation efforts in your behalf. To whom much has been given, more will be given, but to whom nothing has been given, even what they have will be taken away. (Matthew 21:43; Luke 19:26) I do not take anything away from My children.  It is their enemy, the devil, who robs them of their testimonies.
    When you share testimonies of My goodness with other people, your faith is increased and their faith is increased.  They will be able to believe that I want to bless them just like I blessed you because I am no respecter of people. 
    How will other people know if they do not hear from you about My goodness and kindness that I showed to you as My child?
    How will they know about My true nature of love that I revealed to you if you don't tell them? 
    How will they know that My love overcomes everything if you don't tell them how My love overcame bad things in your life?
    Because My love has blessed your life, you owe a person in need of My love the truth of My goodness done in your behalf so that they will also believe.
    Your Forever Loving and Forever Kind Father               

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Dear One,
    Arrogance has destroyed more people, more countries, more families, more religions and more political parties than any other demonic activity.  Arrogance states to you that you are right and the person who opposes you or your group is wrong.  Arrogance convinces you that your religion has all the truth and others have no truth. (Proverbs 8:13; Proverbs 21:24; 
    Extreme demonic arrogance separates a country into political parties who are both convinced that their political doctrines are right and the other party is completely wrong.  More damaging is the belief that the people in the opposing  party are evil.  Even more arrogant is the belief that I favor one party more than another, that I am the champion of your party and that I bless your party more than the other party.  That is the epitome of extreme arrogance. (Isaiah 2:11;Jeremiah 13:15; Jeremiah 50:31; Daniel 5:20; Hosea 7:10-
    If you are bound to the factious political beliefs of a particular political party, then it is time to nail those political beliefs to the cross of Jesus Christ because they are part of what sent Him to the cross.  Those arrogant political beliefs are repugnant to Me because of what they do to My children.  They separate husband and wife, separate families, break up friendships, cause religious wars, cause governments to enslave people, and add burdens to the backs of My children instead of being merciful to the displaced, the widows, the orphans, the oppressed, the immigrants, the poor and the prisoners. 
     My children elect their politicians and then they treat them as gods instead of the servants that they are, thus creating more arrogance and pride in the politicians which leads to personal sins, causing the politicians to fall from their towers where My children elevated them.  Elected officIals are servants; not gods.  They are called to serve, not dominate and rule.  When they choose to dominate and rule, they have assumed powers which are not from Me but are from hell.
     Jesus warned My children about the words of the politicians who were the Pharisees, Saduccees, scribes and hypocrites of his time.  The Pharisees, Saduccees, scribes and hypocrites of your time are the religious leaders and political leaders who spread hatred, division, discord, anger and arrogance.  Jesus told you emphatically to beware of their words because they divide rather than unite, they cause more problems than solving problems.  They cause their nation to depart from My favor and do the work of the devil.  Yet, My children bind themselves to the rotten trees, consuming the fruit of them which cause rottenness and toxicity in the attitudes of My children.  Then they wonder why things go badly in their lives.  They forget the truth that Jesus taught, that the seeds that you sow will grow plants which either bless you or curse you, depending upon the fruit of whichever kingdom you are spreading, either the devil's or mine.
    The divisive politicians are not evil.  They are being motivated by evil spirits if they cause discord, hatred, anger, division, oppression and domination of anyone. When you bind yourself to their political beliefs and rhetoric, you bind yourself to the same discord, hatred, anger, division, oppression and domination caused by arrogance and your life will be affected by the demons who motivate those fallen politicians.   That is why I told you to pray for them but don't bind yourself to their attitudes and beliefs.   
    The only political fruits of My kingdom, the spiritual country of love, are peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, love, joy, patience and forbearance. (Galatians 5:16-26)  I said that you will know the people who are from My family by their good fruit of love.  (Matthew 7:15-19) There is no invitation for the fruits of division, strife, anger, arrogance and discord to operate in My family because those are the fruits of the devil's kingdom.  Yet, My children who are called by My name are blinded to the ugly fruit of their divisive politicians and continue to follow them to destruction and death.  My children even sacrifice their precious young men and women to the demon of war in conflicts caused by strife-filled politicians and then they glory in it.  I am grieved by their actions.
    It is your choice whether to hold on to your factious political loyalties or whether to nail them to the cross of Jesus.  If you nail them to the cross of Jesus, having nothing to do with their hatred, you will have peace on earth.  If you hold on to them, you will inherit the woes attached to them.  If you choose to hold on to them, then be prepared to be shamed by the fruits of them because they will curse your life in ways that you will not even attach to the demons of strife and discord to which you willingly bound yourself. (Zephaniah 3:11-12) They are to be blamed even though you signed for those same demons to curse your life who cursed the world from the beginning.  Jesus and I warned you many, many times not to eat their fruit by joining with them.  When you get caught up in the emotional, patriotic fervor, then the devil, who operates in your human emotions, blinds you to the evil spirits with whom you have become unified and their disastrous works will flood into your life.(Luke 20:46; Matthew 23:13-15)  You will have no peace, you will have no joy, you will have no family love because you have alienated them in the name of narrow political beliefs. (Malachi 4:1-3; I Corinthians 4:18-21)
    Loyalty to My kingdom and My family brings blessings to you because you hear My words and follow My guidance to spread love, joy and peace in the world.(Hebrews 12:22-29)  There are no political or religious laws which can introduce My love to you.  Only My Spirit, the Spirit of Truth and Peace, can do that,  He is the One who confirms to you that you are My child, a child who is entitled to inherit everything from My kingdom of peace and love while you live in the world and in the world to come.
    Claim and declare your true citizenship, which is in My kingdom; which will only come to earth in your life as it is in heaven when you do My will. (Matthew 6:10)
    The Father of Your True Citizenship, My Kingdom of Love                           

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Dear One,
    Unity.  What is unity?  You should find out what unity really is because unity produces life and power.  Rigidity produces death and destruction.
    Unity is being of one mind, one accord, honoring other people with the right to have their own opinions, you having your own opinions, but finding a common ground upon which to agree.  Unity is the desire to live in peace with others, willing to honor the rights of all people to think, act and speak out of their own free will that I gave to them.  Yes, the desire for unity involves your willingness to lay aside some of your own religious and political beliefs and find a common ground with others upon which to act together for your good, the good of your foes and the good of humanity. 
    Unity is the opposite of rigidity, narrow mindedness and stubbornness.  Unity connotes flexibility instead of rigidity.  I said that kindness is giving equal regard to the beliefs of other people who differ from your own religious and political philosophies.  So kindness is a part of seeking unity because being kind is laying aside your own rigid beliefs and finding an area of agreement with someone who is equally rigid in their own opposing beliefs. 
    The devil is the father of rigid beliefs.  There is a strategy of the devil in fathering opposing beliefs in people and that is to destroy them with their own rigidity because of the effects upon their bodies, souls and spirits.  Rigid beliefs cause bodily diseases because of the release of harmful hormones from the endocrine systems of humans which cause functions of the human body to be thrown out of kilter with rigidity.  The flow of good hormones is impeded with rigidity and only damaging hormones are spewed into the body of rigid people.  Sickness and diseases become rampant.
    The mind is also negatively affected by rigidity because extreme, staunch beliefs are immovable, unwilling to be altered in any way.  The human mind should be constantly evolving with new ideas, new thoughts and new wisdom in order to be a healthy mind.  When a person is rigid in religious or political beliefs, there is no entrance for new ideas and new philosophies which will be beneficial to the person, so the mind of a rigid person becomes dormant, stone-like,  That is why a rigid person is said to be hard hearted, because of the heart of stone that his or her mind has become.  It is immovable, impossible to be penetrated, never evolving with new truths.  Mental growth is a basic tenet of all education and knowledge.
    The mind of a flexible person is always growing by receiving new information, new education and new insights so that the mind expands and become more active instead of rigid and stone-like.  The small amount of cells of the mind that a person uses is often caused by rigidity of either political or religious beliefs.  The rigid person allows no new ideas to enter into his or her mind because of rigid beliefs and so the mind becomes dormant, only allowing more of his or her narrow, staunch philosophies to enter which only causes a mind to stop growing.  The mind of a rigid person will atrophy because of no growth and no expansion and use of cells which come with the education of new ideas.
     With the Holy Spirit's efforts to conform your mind to the mind of Christ, there is no room for rigidity, stubbornness and narrow mindedness. (Romans 15:5-7; Romans 12:2) Your old demonic theories and programming must be thrown away.  My new life in you will change every one of your rigid, staunch beliefs and make them flexible and enlightened as I feed new truths into your mind.  Your human mind can never become the mind of Christ if you have any rigid religious or political beliefs.  You will stagnate, become diseased, old before your time, hopeless and faithless, all because you have stubbornly held on pridefully to demonic political and religious beliefs that are unenlightened and rigid.
     To walk in the newness of My life within you, make your mind flexible, willing to be wrong, willing to digest the keys of My kingdom which I program into your mind by My Holy Spirit.  (I Peter 1:14-16; John 14: 26-27; John 16:7-13)
     You can have either a rigid, hard heart of hopelessness or you can have a flexible, kind heart of hope, faith, peace and love. (Ezekiel 11:19-22)  If you choose a kind heart, you must be willing to get rid of your narrow beliefs which separate you  from people and cut you off from My kingdom and Me.  You must be willing to be stripped naked of old religious and political beliefs, being ready, willing and able to be reprogrammed by My Holy Spirit who brings life, peace and love to you in the spirit of unity.
    When you are in unity with Me, willing to lay aside old beliefs and willing to be reprogrammed by Me via My Spirit, then you will find yourself more easily unified with other people because I will give you areas of agreement around which to communicate with each individual.  My desire for you is unity of spirit because I can more easily bring, in the spirit of unity, My kingdom on earth as it is in My heaven.
    The rigid oak tree is easily damaged when a big wind comes because it is not capable of swaying with the wind.  A willow tree sways with the wind, its trunk and branches flexible, so it escapes destruction with a big wind.  I want My children to be like the willow tree, eager to make peace with everyone.  A person's mental and physical health depends upon the degree of flexibility in his or her personality.   
    Seeking unity is the only way to establish peace in your world.  Any rigid beliefs will evolve with knowledge, revelation and new wisdom.  Growth takes place in the human mind when you are open to yield to unity rather than rigidity.  Diseases of the human mind can be attributed to rigid, staunch, unyielding beliefs.
    It is My pleasure to give you My kingdom.  (Matthew 16:19; Luke 8:10; Luke 12:32)  Make it your pleasure to give up all old, rigid religious and political beliefs in order to enter into enjoyable kingdom living while in the earth. (Matthew 6:33)
    Your Father of Renewal of Unity

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Dear One,
   You don't have to wait until you get to heaven to walk on holy ground.  There are times when you have experienced the thrill of everything working so smoothly for you that you knew that My angels were all around you working for your good.   At those times you did not realize that you were at peace with everyone, that you were sowing love in your world, that you had forgiven everyone of their mistakes, and that you were mentally, emotionally and spiritually in unity with Me.  You were experiencing heaven on earth; so, of course you were walking on holy ground, surrounded by My heavenly city and the cloud of witnesses that I told you would be ministering for you when you are at peace with everyone. (Hebrews 12:1-4; 22-29) 
    Unfortunately, those glorious times are not always permanent in your life on earth because of the temptations that the devil sends your way to entice you to change your attitudes from love, mercy, peace, goodness and kindness toward your fellow man to thoughts and attitudes of strife, judgment, condemnation or anger in an effort to change you from being My emissary in the earth to your being the devil's temporary emissary in the earth.  Switching sides in the battle between good and evil disconnects you from having My kingdom  of blessings on earth and summons the devil's kingdom of curses on earth to invade your life.  I do not leave you willingly, but your choice at the time was hell instead of My heaven to work in your life.  When you engage in the devil's thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken, you have chosen curses instead of blessings.  In those times, My kingdom has to retreat from ministering for you.
   Take, for instance, road rage where someone cuts in front of your car, almost causing an accident.  You have a choice of whether to react in anger or whether to react in forgiveness and love.  If you choose to react in rage, then you are tempted to curse the person, chase him down and give him a piece of your mind or give him a fist in his face.   Reacting emotionally in anger is what the devil hopes that you will do so that he can curse you further, bringing his destruction into your life. 
    HOWEVER, if you choose to forgive the person, blessing the person, send My love to the person, then you have solidified the works of My heavenly crew to work for you the rest of your day, causing you to walk on holy ground and giving My angels, the heavenly cloud of witnesses and Me the pleasure of making your life a joy, delight and a peaceful rest.
    Is it easy to always act in love toward all people, to resist the devil's temptations that he throws at you to entice to do to his will in your life?  No, it's not humanly easy.  Your brother Jesus suffered the same way by having to resist the devil's daily temptations. (Romans 5:1-6; Romans 8:16-17) That is what I meant when I said in My Instruction Book that you suffer just like He did, you suffer the same temptations that He did.  I said that He suffered in every way.  He suffered the battle between the devil's temptation in His flesh and the guidance of My Holy Spirit.  He overcame them by the power of My Holy Spirit and you can overcome them by the power of My Holy Spirit in you.  That is why I sent My promised Holy Spirit into your life, so that you can overcome the works of the devil just like Jesus did.   (I John 3:4-11) 
    Love overcomes every evil work. (James 5:20; I Corinthians 13)   That is why I told you to love others as I love you.  My love for you has overcome every iniquity, every sin, every transgression and every mistake that you did.  My love in you can overcome every iniquity, every sin, every transgression and every mistake that other people do to you.  (John 13:34; John 20:19-23)  You must pronounce your forgiveness and love openly to the heavens when someone does an evil act to you.  You don't need to speak it to the person who opposed you or hurt you at the time.  In speaking your love and forgiveness to the heavens, you announce your choice at that moment which kingdom you want to work in your life.
    Under My old, ineffective covenant with a nation, I told them to love their neighbors as they love themselves.  That was the only possible way they could love anyone, that being to the degree that they loved themselves.  Under My new covenant, the dispensation of My love, I told My children to love other people as I love them.   What a vast difference that is, telling you that loving others with the same love that I have for you is multitudes higher and more effective than loving others as you love yourself.
    When you love other people with My love, you make the choice to love someone who opposes you, you choose to love someone who strikes you, you choose to love someone who robs from you, you choose to love someone who hates you, you choose to love your human enemies, you choose to do good to your human enemies, you choose to overcome all evil with good, as instructed by Me.  (Matthew 5:21-26; 38-43; Matthew 7:1-6)    
    If you want to walk on holy ground while still in the earth, having My kingdom at work in your life and if you want to be surrounded  by the cloud of witnesses from My kingdom in heaven doing My pleasurable work in your life, then keep peace with all people and walk in love with everyone.  The only way that My kingdom can come into your life on earth as it is in heaven is when you forgive everyone of every infraction of civil or religious laws and forgive every injury done to you.  When you do, I can joyfully send My heaven into your life on earth and you will walk on holy ground.
    My holy ground is available to My children in the earth.  Jesus proved it. My Holy Spirit provides it. You can have it.
    Your Father of Holy Ground Living

Monday, February 20, 2017


Dear Child,
    There are people in the earth to whom My children refer as career criminals, people who habitually break civil laws.  The criminal habits of those people are developed in them from childhood and those actions are the only way they know how to operate in society.  No one has shown them how to be good civic minded people.  They are actually very trainable when someone takes the time to show them how to operate with regard to other people.  With determination, the lucky ones who have good mentors can change their bad habits into good habits.   Unfortunately, My children often give up on the career criminals.  More unfortunately for My children, My children judge the career criminals as being not worthy to be saved, not worthy of being redeemed, thinking that leopards never change their spots.
    My children who are judgmental and condemning don't know My power to change a person from the inside out when My Holy Spirit comes to live in the career criminals.  That is what We do, is make new creatures of them and We train them to be productive members of society.  Think about Saul who persecuted and maybe even murdered Christians; but, when he met Me on the road to Damascas, he was completely changed.  I even changed his name to Paul because the new person was nothing like the old one.  He had new motivations, new thoughts, new attitudes, new conversations and new actions, all as developed in him by My Holy Spirit.  He went on to write the most spiritually revealed portions of My Instruction Book.  Still, religious people in his day continued to judge him and persecute him.
    There are spiritual career criminals in My family.  They are called hypocrites.  They identify themselves as My children but they are filled with hatred, rage, anger, judgment, condemnation, discord, strife and division.  They judge other people by old covenant laws which I said became dead when My perfect Son came to earth to give them the real image of My character.  Jesus gave them new commands which were completely opposite to their religious laws.  They continued to judge and condemn people for not following religious laws while they, themselves, also did not follow them.  They sowed discord, strife and division in My family which was against My commands given through My Son.  I admonished them through Him to forgive others instead of judging and condemning them.  Yet, they refused to obey His commands and even enlarged the judgment and condemnation of others.  Does that not speak of judgment of others, to condemn them for breaking religious laws while they, themselves, did not heed the commands of Jesus and turn the other cheek when stricken or opposed, did not forgive others before they went to pray in their churches, did not love their enemies instead of doing evil to them.  (Matthew 5:19-26; 38-48; Matthew 7:1-8)  They did not stop judging as emphasized by Jesus.  He even told them that they would be judged by the devil by the same degree of judgment if they did judge someone.  Again and again the religious people judged others as if Jesus did not know what He was talking about.  Those actions deserve the implication of being  spiritual career criminals because they break the command of Jesus to love others as I love you which always results in forgiving others instead of judging others.  He told them to pray that their sins would be forgiven to the same degree that they forgave others.
    Civil career criminals continue to do the same evil acts over and over again.  Spiritual career criminals do the same thing, break My commands over and over again and expect Me to answer their prayers when they have rejected My teachings and joined with the devil who is the father of judgment and condemnation.  Continuing in judgment of others results in your falling away from My guidance and blessings.  Not only that, but you are judged by the devil for the same thing that you accuse others of doing.  If you sow discord and strife instead of sowing peace, then you are perpetuating your own strife filled life because of the seeds that you have sown.  If you sow peace and forgiveness, then you perpetuate My kingdom living and you will have heaven on earth.
    Forgive the civil career criminals in your midst and forgive the spiritual career criminals.  Teach them to heed My words to love others as I love them and to forgive others as I forgive them.  When they do, then they will perpetuate love and forgiveness in the world because they are loved and forgiven.
    I never call you a career criminal and keep you out of My kingdom.  Your sins are forgiven because of the death and resurrection of Jesus and you will spend eternity with Me.  However, if you place yourself under old covenant laws and judge others by those laws, then you make yourself a spiritual career criminal and you are judged by the devil for not obeying all of those laws.  I said that those religious laws bring death but My Holy Spirit brings life.  Judging others by religious laws brings hell into your life on earth.  Loving others and forgiving others brings heaven into your life on earth.
    Choose blessings or choose curses.  If you choose My blessings you will live a life of love and forgiveness.  If you choose to judge and condemn others, you will be cursed in areas of your life, never coming to a place of rest.
    Strip off the old judgmental attitudes and put on love and forgiveness.
    Your Father of Mercy 

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Dear Precious Child of Love,
    Your world does not need any more hatred.  There is plenty of hatred coming from unenlightened people, so My very own children should not be sowing more hatred in the world.  When you see mass shootings, famines, wars, families in turmoil, dangerous weather extremes, storms that kill people and destroy property, if you have spiritual eyes and ears you can trace the origins back to seeds sown into your world by religious and political hatred, strife, anger, discord and division.  Those are the two areas of life that My Son Jesus warned My children about.(Luke 20:46-47; Matthew 23:13-36) 
    Yet, My children pride themselves in their political and religious prejudice, their robbing needed supplies from the poor, their refusal to take care of the widows and orphans, their making laws which add burdens onto the backs of disadvantaged people, their arming people with weapons of killing after I told them not to kill, priding themselves on their lack of mercy and justice.  Instead of sowing peace, they sow strife and injustice in your world.  Your religious lawmakers make laws which sow injustice and then they ask Me to bless their laws.  When your laws oppress people and the people oppose them openly, then you judge and condemn the people who have been oppressed by your laws.  How can I bless the self serving laws of the Pharisees and scribes when those narrow, self serving laws are of the devil?  The makers of those laws call themselves by My name and they pride themselves for knowing their national constitutions and bylaws; yet, they know nothing about My constitution and bylaws in My Instruction Book which tell them to love one another and to take care of the downtrodden, the addicted, the mentally unbalanced, the poor, the depressed, the demon possessed and the displaced immigrants. 
   Instead of being caretakers of the world, forgiving people of their sins and loving the afflicted, My children have become judgmental and condemning.  The big problem is that they, themselves, will be judged by their own words and actions of strife, anger and hatred.  They will become the afflicted themselves by yielding to the devil's attitudes which have cursed the world from the beginning. 
   The words of your politicians have become more important to My children than My words.  The words of your rigid and narrow religious leaders have become your gods instead of My words being your guidance and truth. 
   How much of your day is spent alone with Me to hear My words of love and forgiveness?  How much of your day is spent listening to the voices of strife and division from the religious and political mouths?  When you are truthful about that, you will admit who is really your God, the divisive politicians or Me, your loving Father.  I said if you keep My words of the new covenant in your mind and obey them to love others as I love you, then you are My children.  If you keep the words of the Pharisees, the Saduccees, the scribes and the hypocrites in your mind and obey them, then you have switched sides and you have become a child of the devil again, denying your born again life. (John 8:42-45) You have chosen the life of the Prodigal Son before he returned to Me.  You have chosen pigpen living instead of choosing My kingdom living while in the earth.
     One reason that you have chosen pigpen living is that, maybe, you never spent time with Me one-on-one where you received personal instructions from Me, the communion of which Jesus spoke.  Instead, you spent time listening to people who also do not know Me, who only knows facts about Me.  There is no life-giving nutrition in consuming the regurgitated words of someone who only teaches what someone else has taught him or her.  My Holy Spirit is your tutor, your personal homeschooling teacher who leads you into all truth.  There is no life giving spiritual nutrition in the regurgitated words of someone who does not know Me.    
    Read your new covenant of love and you will read that the only requirement in your relationship with Me is that you love others as I love you, not just that you merely love your neighbor as yourself, because that was a requirement of My covenant with a nation.  You had no power of My Holy Spirit to do that.  When I breathed My life into you and you became My child who is born of My Spirit, I told you to love others as I love you. (John 13:34-35)  I said that every command by Jesus written in My Instruction Book to you is fulfilled when you love others as I love you.  I didn't say to love others the way the religious leaders and the politicians do.  I said that your righteousness must EXCEED the righteousness of the politicians and the religious leaders or you will not enter into My kingdom living while you live in the earth.  (Matthew 5:20)
    Do not make lords of the politicians and religious leaders or you will be led into destruction.  The devil has not changed his tactics.  The demons motivating them  were your spiritual enemies and My enemies from the beginning and they are still your spiritual enemies and My spiritual enemies.  Their factious doctrines will poison your life.  Do not heed their divisive words.  Only heed the words of your real constitution and bylaws, the words that My Son spoke to you which were recorded in your Instruction Book and which is explained to you fully by My Spirit, your real teacher.
    Spread My love, kindness, goodness, mercy and peace in the earth and they will flood into your life, making your life heaven on earth
    Your Loving Father      

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Dear Child,
    Your enemy, the devil, uses his long standing strategy to conquer My children.  Dividing them has always worked for him.  When he can divide them, whether it is a family, a nation, an organization, a church, a club, a governing body or a neighborhood, then he can conquer them because I can only do My works in a spirit of unity.  Division is the devil's tried and true strategy that began at the beginning of the world, with Cain and Able, and it has continued to work for him.  Jealousy, strife, envy, discord, anger, hatred, disagreements, rigidity, selfish ambition, domination, religious hypocrisy and political party factions are what My Holy Spirit warned My children are the fruit of the demonic spirit of division.  He even said where there is strife, there is every evil devilish work.  (Galatians 5;18-21; Proverbs 29:22; James 3:14-16)
   Yet, even with every warning that Jesus gave to My children and which Solomon gave and Paul, James, Peter, John and others of My prophets gave to My children, they still engage in divisive thoughts attitudes, words and actions toward My other children, using religious and political rhetoric to divide.  Divisive people say that they are protecting their nation, their churches and their political factions when they divide but all they are doing is conquering other people and causing further division when they hold to staunch, rigid beliefs.  If the division succeeds in conquering other people, eventually the dividers swell with pride when they succeed.  The next step is a fall to the depths of hell because pride goes before a big and deep fall.  Pride elevates ones self over other people which was the reason for the division in the first place, to diminish the importance of other people in your life by dividing and conquering others.
   My Holy Spirit told My children what I desire: that they make peace with everyone, not allowing the devil's division to rule their lives.  When you join with divisive actions, you reject My command to keep peace with everyone. (Romans 12:18-21) Keeping peace and striving for unity is to become peaceable, gentle, merciful, kind, good, loving, without partiality and hypocrisy.  (James 3:17-18; Galatians 5;22-26)
   It is only in an atmosphere of unity that I can do My pleasurable works of goodness to My children.  On the greatest day in the history of mankind when I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to make His dwelling place inside of  My children, they were all in one accord, in one mind, in unity with one another and with Me.   
If they had been divisive, My Spirit could not have fulfilled My promise to My children that I would live in them and be their God, leading and guiding them into all truth and onto the green pastures of life.    
   I cannot work where there is discord and division because evil spirits are in control, eager to divide and conquer My children by enticing them to enter into conflict with people as led by the will of the devil.   The spirits of hatred, division, strife, conflict, anger and discord are from the spirit of anti-Christ because they are opposite to the nature of Jesus Christ.  My children are blinded by political loyalty and religious division.  They listen to the emotional appeals of men instead of listening to My Holy Spirit who only teaches My nature of love, peace, mercy, goodness and kindness.
   You wonder why you, your family and your nation have no peace.  You had better consult your Instruction Book, the Bible.  You will find that you have either sown division, hatred, anger, division and discord lately in your life or you have bound yourself to a person or group of people who sow strife and division.  You have no peace if you are in unity with strife.  If you are in unity with strife, you are in unity with every evil demon from hell.
    If you keep peace with everyone when others around you are fighting with either weapons or words, you will be a light on the hill, a beacon to the world, saying that there is peace to be had and it is by doing what I admonished My children to do, which is to keep peace with everyone and to love and bless those who are considered your religious and political enemies.  When you bless them, they no longer are your enemies.  They become your friends and I can do mighty works for you because you have asked Me in an attitude of peace.
    Instead of dividing and conquering, My children must love, unite and sow peace.
    Jesus is the Prince of Peace.  In the earth My true children must become princes of peace, just like their Savior Jesus.  As He is, so are you in the world.
     Your Father of Unity and Peace              

Friday, February 17, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    In the beginning Adam walked and talked freely with Me and he could see into the spiritual dimensions just as I do.  His days on earth were blessed beyond measure until he was deceived by the devil, who appeared to him as a snake instead of the destruction and death administering spirit that he is.  When Adam allowed the devil to invade the earth, he was cursed by the devil. One of the curses was that a veil was placed over his mind so that he, and other people after him, would be blinded to spiritual truths and be unable to see into the heavens around them.  Without the sight to recognize evil spirits, My children were easily ruled by the devil at his commands which are called temptations. 
    I devised a perfect plan which continues to work in the lives of many of My children who have yielded themselves to the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth.  My children who hear My voice and appreciate My visions and dreams are able to see into the spiritual dimensions and recognize the works of evil spirits for what they are, spirits sent from hell to defeat My children by enticing them to cooperate with him to destroy the earth which I created and labeled as good.  I managed to send My Son into the earth to redeem My children by His death and resurrection, and We sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to be received by My obedient children who desire My power for them to again become My obedient child with the might and power to overcome every evil spirit in the world. 
   My discerning of spirits is one of the gifts that comes from My Holy Spirit.  He reveals to My attentive children the evil spirits that are tempting them, the evil spirits that are operating in disguise, and He gives My children power over them.  He reveals the truth to you that there are spirits to which you must not bind yourself by dependency, allegiance, devotion and loyalty.(Matthew 16:19)   The truth of that teaching was amplified when Jesus identified some of the spirits as being the evil spirits operating in the Pharisees, the Saduccees, the scribes and the hypocrites.  He told you to beware of the words and actions of those people because if you are united with them that you will also receive the judgment and destruction of those spirits. Jesus could not be more specific when He said, "Beware of the teachers of the law."  (Luke 20:46-47)  He told his followers and he tells you that the woes of hell are on the religious and political teachers who teach religious laws that bind people and political laws that enslave people.  The Pharisees of the time were religious politicians and the scribes and Saduccees were religious teachers.  Jesus' warning is still in effect.  Jesus said to beware of them because they were hypocrites.  It is the evil spirits behind the religious leaders and political leaders that Jesus was warning against.
    Jesus was telling you that if you bind yourself in loyalty to the demonic spirits behind the teachers of religious and political laws that you will inherit their woes in your life. (Matthew 23:13-36)  He cautioned His followers not to swear loyalty to those teachers by swearing on anything in the temple.  You have heard people say that they swear on their mother's grave or on the life of their child.  Jesus cautioned that when you swear loyalty to anything in the earth that you are swearing loyalty to the demons that are operating in it.  In your mind and emotions you must not be loyal and in unity to anything that is of the flesh of people because demonic spirits operate in the flesh of people.
    When your devotion, loyalty and allegiance are to Me as you Father, as My child you will not swear loyalty to anything that is of the earth where the devil is the father of evil.  You must not bind yourself with loyalty to anything or you will be cursed by the evil spirits that are operating in that organization, that person, that political faction, that religious denomination or anything that is capable of doing evil.  You must choose who is going to be the lord of your life.  If you choose things of the earth to be your lord, then you will bind yourself to the evil spirits that operate in that group.  When you choose to be loyal to me, making Me the Lord of your life, then you are truly My child with the desire to bind yourself completely to Me.  You will become like Me, acting like Me because you intimately know Me.  You will recognize the evil that is operating in religious and political leaders and you will avoid the rhetoric that flows from their mouths.  You must forgive them for their spiritual ignorance but you must not yield to the venom of strife, the division, the disgust, the name calling, the hatred and the prejudice that they teach.  If you bind yourself to them, you will also inherit the woes of hell that they teach.
    With whom are you in unity?  Are you in unity with My love and peace or are you in unity with the devil's hatred and strife?  You know them by their fruit.  Eat My good fruit and live the abundant life.  Eat the fruit of hatred, division and strife and you will die spiritually first and then physically.
     Is the light in you My light which brings life to others or is the light in you religious and political darkness which brings death to others?  (Matthew 6:22-26)  There is enough darkness in your world.  People are hungry for My light.  When My light is in you, you light up the world and people are drawn to the light.  They will glorify me because they know that your light comes from Me.
    Your Light Giving Father

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    When you are born of the Spirit, baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak that you are My child, people begin watching you to see what will be your actions and reactions to unusual, stressful situations in order for them to assess whether My power in your life is real or not.  Yes, they are watching you.  Rightfully so, because My new life in you begins to show immediately, changing your thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken to reflect My life that is inside of you.  My Spirit begins to reprogram your mind, transforming it into the mind that was in Christ Jesus who only did what He saw Me do spiritually and only spoke what He heard Me say in His thoughts. Oh, that My children would do that, only say and do what I have instructed them to do.  If they did, the whole world would be transformed into heaven on earth.
    The problem is that My children are still tempted by the thoughts of the old life with the voice of the devil and, even though they have the power to refuse the temptations, they yield to them and go right back to occasionally doing the will of their former father, the devil.  They obey his temptations that come from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil where the devil mixes a little truth with a lot of evil in your thoughts with which to deceive you.  You yield to the old, familiar voice and begin to spread the fruit of the old, evil life again.  When that happens, the people who are watching you to assess whether My power in your life is real or not will think, "Yeah, that's what I thought, it was only an imaginary change, not a real change.  God is not real."  That is a logical conclusion to which people might come.  That is what I meant when I said that you will know them by your fruits. I said that the good tree brings forth good fruit and the evil tree brings forth evil fruit.  (Matthew 7:16-20)
   When I give you My Holy Spirit to live inside of you, you have the power to refuse evil temptations and you have the power of reception to hear My voice of guidance, which is My voice of the tree of life. (John 14:15-17; John 15:26-27; John 16:13-14) Jesus said that you will "bear witness" or bear the fruit of My Son Jesus in your body.  He said that people will see your good works and glorify Me.  They don't glorify you.  They glorify Me because you have professed to be My child. (Matthew 5:16)  They know that you don't have the human ability to effect a dramatic change, so only I can be glorified and given credit for the change.  In seeing your good fruit, which are the evidence of My indwelling Holy Spirit, all credit is given to Me and My Holy Spirit.
    Yes, others are watching you.  You must be diligent to only have ripe, sweet, merciful, loving, patient, good and joyful fruit growing on you.
   When you bear witness of the character of the devil in your body by yielding to his temptations, then the evil fruit is not only an embarrassment to you, but it is an embarrassment to Me and to My name.  My name is maligned in the earth, not by the devil's children who display evil fruit, but My name is maligned and cursed in the earth by My own children who have yielded to the devil and are displaying evil fruit.  My words become of no effect to the people who are watching you, observing your attitudes, listening your words spoken and seeing your actions taken. I am not glorified in the circumstances where My children have yielded to evil.  Instead, My name is maligned.  My words are no longer revered but they are ridiculed because of the rotten fruit displayed by My own children.  The observers of My children are waiting to see sweet, gentle, kind, good, loving fruit instead of the fruit of the former life when you were ruled by the devil.
    Again, other people are watching you to see if your fruit is rotten, filled with sourness and negativity, or if it is sweet, filled with love and positive words.
    Glorify Me in your heart and in the fruit that emerges from your body.
    Your Father of Newness of Life    

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Every person in the world is emotionally dependent upon other humans, their mate, their parents, their friends, their pastor, their priest, their children, their club members, their political foes, their work buddies, their neighbors, their siblings and their sports figures.  In other words, My children assign to other human beings the ability to make them happy, accepted and valued.  In healthy relationships, it's called a sense of community, the exchange of words and attitudes of well being, love, kindness and goodness.  It's necessary for healthy self worth for everyone. 
    As a loving parent I coach My children on how to effectively show acceptance to others by speaking words of affirmation to people so that they might leave your presence with a feeling of having been valued and affirmed by another person.  It's called sharing My love with others.  The healthy exchange of words, attitudes and acts with other people is part of what is called the body of Christ, every part supplying what is needed by other parts.  (Romans 12:3-5)
    However, there are also unhealthy relationships, ones where the people are so extremely emotionally dependent upon one another that one person might make an idol of the other person or each person makes an idol of the other person.  That is called codependency and it is built upon the erroneous belief that your happiness is dependent upon the other person's words or actions, that your self worth is dependent upon his or her affirmation of you and vice versa. 
    Codependency is emotionally making another person the lord of your life or you making the other person's happiness dependent upon you as lord of his or her life.  It is idolatry.  Often a codependent person forces another person to be dependent upon himself or herself in order to be the lord of that person's life.  Codependency is a demonically instituted mind-set in which only you are the person who can solve problems and guide another person into happiness.  It has taken My commission of bearing the burdens of another person to the extreme, which is what the devil does, takes everything to the extreme which will overburden and curse both persons equally.
    Helping another person in his or her efforts to live a happy life only becomes dangerous when one person becomes dependent upon the other one or both of the people in a relationship become dependent upon each other for their own success and happiness.  Somewhere in the relationship a demon of codependency has taken over in the relationship.  In codependency, there is no faith in Me that I can independently make both people happy and successful, so either both or one of the people takes over the job and it become laborious because My children were never meant to be lords in the lives of others. 
    Becoming the lord in the life of another person is a tough job, one that involves being a savior, a rescuer, a guide, an encourager, a counselor and an advocate; in other words being Me, the Father of all humanity.  When a human being takes over that job, then a codependency demon enters into the relationship and the two people destroy each other.  Did you hear what I said?  I said that the two people destroy one another in a codependent relationship. There is no other possible outcome as long as they are emotionally or physically dependent upon one another, or one is dependent upon the other, or one person wants to be lord in the life of another person. 
    No person can be the lord of the life of another person without it becoming slavery.  The requirement of one person yielding to the prideful will of another person is demonic.  Nobody wins, neither the oppressor nor the oppressed.
    There is one relationship in which there is a healthy codependency and that is between My children and Me.  Jesus, Himself, said that He was totally dependent upon Me when He said that He didn't do anything unless He saw Me do it and He didn't say anything unless He heard Me say it. (John 5:30)   The relationship between Jesus and Me is pure and virtuous, as is My relationship with you.  Because I gave you free will, there is no demand upon your loyalty.  There is mutual respect between us, not one of us dominating the other one.
    For My good news to be spread in the earth, I am dependent upon My children to become My images in the world, doing the ministry of bearing the fruit of My character in the earth so that others may see their good works and glorify Me. (Matthew 5:14-16)  My true children are dependent upon Me for My guidance, My counsel, My insight, My wisdom, My tutoring, My revelations and My keys to My kingdom which give them a wonderful, happy, glorious life on earth.
    A dependent relationship on Me is necessary for My children to overcome the evil works of the devil in the world so that they will be alerted with My gift of discerning of spirits when evil is trying to trap them into doing the will of the devil.  Because I am Spirit, I know the temptations before you do and I alert My children who are dependent upon Me and My Holy Spirit for My protection.  That dependency on Me pays off for you in that you can effectively resist the devil and send him to hell instead of yielding to him and experiencing destruction in your life in some form. Your dependency upon Me as your spiritual GPS and radar is healthy and necessary so that you will avoid the evil traps set for you in the world.
   You must become codependent upon Me but refuse to be codependent with other people in the world.  Your dependency upon Me frees you from the works of the devil.  My dependency upon you to spread My love and light in the world will cause other people to want to know Me, fulfilling My mission of winning everyone with My love.  Being codependent with some other human being will bind you to the works of the devil in the life of that person and you will be cursed by the same demons.
    Depend upon Me and live the abundant life that I promised. 
    Your Protective Father                        

Monday, February 13, 2017


Dear Child,
   In a team competition, if one player deserts his or her team and joins the opposing team, the name deserter is used.
   In a war, if one soldier deserts his or her army and joins with the opposing  army, the soldier is called a deserter.
   When My children leave the parameters of what My word describes as being My kingdom actions and reactions, he or she is not called a deserter.  He or she is called deceived.  The only way My children can be deceived is if they have not allowed My Holy Spirit to be their tutor and discerner of spirits, alerting them to the evil character of the devil and revealing to them My true character which is all goodness and love.  You must learn the difference between the two.
    If My children are deceived by the devil into joining with him to do his will in the earth, I do not reject My own children.  The problem is that joining with the enemy has dire consequences because he is the destroyer of life and he is the father of death. Joining with him by doing his will, engaging in his bad attitudes, speaking his bitter words and doing his injurious actions to My other children causes you to sow seeds which come back upon you and curse you with the same attitudes, words and actions to which you so willingly yielded, and the devil wins.
  At the basis of the problem is that you don't know Me, your Father of all good things, your protector, your provider and your wise counselor.  You also do not know your enemy, the devil, who is the deceiver, the liar and  the demonic angel of death.   If you truly knew Me, you would not fall for the tricks of the devil and you would use your power to throw his temptations back in his face and then send him to hell.  I forgive you every time, but I cannot erase the consequences of your bad actions when you continue in doing the devil's well in the earth.  
    Maybe you don't know what the devil's will, called sins, are.  You think of them in their most simple form merely just as thoughts which you, yourself, think and you think they are your private thoughts that are powerless.  Yes, they have no power as long as they are in the thought process, but when you meditate upon the thoughts and then your emotions are added to the thoughts, they become attitudes.  If your bad thoughts have been nurtured by you so that they become evil attitudes, that is where the real problem begins because you have yielded to your enemy and he will work you over completely.  Thoughts after thoughts on how to get even with a person who opposes you or thoughts after thoughts on how to hurt a person who has opposed, or thoughts and thoughts of judging someone as inferior you will constantly invade your mind because you have given your mind over to your enemy, the devil.  You have lost the battle and have joined with the deceiver, the liar, and the destroyer.  (John 8:44; Romans 7:14;
II Corinthians 11:3; Luke 6:9)  You need My saving grace to rescue you again, as I have done many times before.  If you are not able to identify your enemy, your life becomes a series of getting lost, being rescued, getting lost, being rescued over and over again.  What a miserable life that is, again and again yielding to the deceiver, inheriting his curses, then calling upon Me to save you and always having to be saved by Me from the clutches of your enemy. 
   My desire for My children is that your allow Me to be your everlasting Father, your Prince of Peace and your Wonderful Counselor who leads you into all truth,  teaches you to know your enemy and teaches you to become intimately acquainted with Me, your Loving Father, so that you will not be deceived. (Isaiah 9:6-7)  I want to lead you onto the paths of righteousness and make you lie down in green pastures and beside still waters.
   Be intimately acquainted with Me in one on one communion with Me where we treasure each other and you learn to immediately identify My voice and you learn also to identify the voice of the devil in his temptations.
   Do not become fooled by the deceiver.  My Holy Spirit can identify him for you.
   Your Father of Truth

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   I am not an absentee father.  I am not a brother who ignores you and your needs, who refuses to stand up for you.  I am not an evil spirit who lies in wait to punish you for every infraction of religious law.
   I am your Loving and Everlasting Father. 
   I am your loving brother, your Prince of Peace who came to earth and coached you on how to keep peace with everyone. 
   I am your Wonderful Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whose duties are to lead you into all truth, to guide you onto the paths of goodness and kindness and to be your personal tutor from the inside of you. 
   I am Almighty God, your Father who defends and protects you from your spiritual enemy, the devil, when he concocts plans with which to trap you into doing his will in your life which curses you and your earth.  I am not a god who brings illnesses, calamities, destruction and death upon you.  That is what the devil does.  I give you power and might to resist evil  temptations and overcome the thoughts and attitudes which the devil places in your mind of anger, judgment, lust, strife and other elements of his evil character.
    My Son Jesus Christ paved the way for you to have My personal and spiritual GPS and radar sensors inside of you so that you will not be led to be distributors of evil in the earth instead of being distributors of My love and peace in the world.  Those sensors are called the gift of discernment with which I caution you when evil words enter your mind. (I Corinthians 12:4-11)  The evil words tempting you to judge others, to become angry, to become lustful or to become divisive are put in your mind so that you will yield to them, then you allow an attitude to develop, then you energetically speak your contentious attitudes, take revenge and pollute your world with evil as prompted by the devil. (Matthew 5:21-26; 43-48) 
    You say in the midst of a disagreement, "But I am right."  Being right or wrong in a conflict has nothing to do with what your response should be.  Your response, as My child, should always be to forgive the person who opposes you, injures you, ridicules you, embarrasses you, corrects you, strikes you or calls you names.  In doing that act of forgiveness, you stop the devil's work by refusing to multiply evil in the earth by your engaging in strife.  You shut down his will in the earth instead of furthering his will through your evil words and actions in the earth.
   You are not only shutting down the will of the devil in the earth when you return good for evil, but you are furthering My will of peace in the earth.  The devil wants you to destroy your own domain, the earth, by your yielding to his will.  I want you to save your domain, the earth, by your yielding to My will. (Matthew 6:10; John 3:17) )
   You have the choice every time you deal with other people to either further the will of the devil in the earth or to further My will in the earth.  (Romans 12:14-18) I gave My Holy Spirit to you so that you would have the wisdom, the knowledge, the discernment, the power and the might to refuse the thoughts of evil and only dwell on My thoughts so that your attitudes, words and actions will only bring peace to your world, like Jesus did, instead of you joining with the devil and cursing your earth, like Adam did. (Romans 5:15-20)
    I have given you everything that you will ever need to lead to an abundant life and to be images of My godliness in the earth.  You must seek to know Me fully as Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father, Almighty God and Prince of Peace.  If you don't know Me in all of My loving attributes and divine nature, then you are lacking in the wisdom and knowledge to inherit My kingdom on earth as it is in My heaven.
    Spiritual knowledge creates power in you.  Praying in the Spirit builds up your faith and your power.  Seek to use the keys to My kingdom and you will live a life of peace and rest.  (Jude 10; Matthew 16:19)
    Your Father Who Teaches You to Reign in Life             

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Dear One,
    One of My names that I revealed to Isaiah and which he attached to Me as a description of My nature and character was Almighty God, along with Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)  In our studies of My nature of being your Loving and Everlasting Father, a Wonderful Counselor and the Prince of Peace, I have taught you how to appreciate every element of the Godhead, the Trinity, which is My identity as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We talked about your becoming acquainted with Me in every area of My nature and personality by having a one on one relationship with Me just like you would a good and nurturing father in the earth whose words and training you never forget but which you carry with you all of your life.  My words and training for you produce the life that I promised, which is the abundant life and godliness.  (II Peter 1:3-4)
    Also knowing Me as Almighty God is having Me reveal to you the part of My being that protects you against every spiritual enemy, the devil and his demons, who desire to destroy all of My children by tempting you to do his will in the earth and inherit his curses.  I told My children at the beginning of the earth after Adam allowed the devil to enter into the earth that they then had the choice between good and evil, between blessings and curses, and that they should always choose good and My blessings.  It was not My desire that they have to make that choice.  Before the entry of the devil into the earth, Adam only knew My words and My one on one relationship with him because we walked and talked in the garden where I taught him to tend to the earth efficiently.  When Adam allowed the devil and his demons to enter the earth with his evil ways, then Adam and the rest of humanity which were to come from his loins were faced every minute of the day with choosing between good and evil words put into their minds, choosing between My words of parental guidance and the devil's words of temptations.
   I did not leave My children without help in defeating the evil in the earth brought by the devil.  I used many methods and people to help My children recognize the evil and refuse to join with it.  My methods were only temporary fixes until I was able to send My Son into the earth to be a Savior and a visual view of My real character, that of being a Loving Father to all humanity.  Within the spiritual DNA of My Son was My nature of being filled with might to be sued against your real enemies and My spiritual enemies, the devil and demons.  My power and might was only used by Jesus against the devil in his temptation of Jesus, in His casting demons out of My children, in Jesus being raised from the dead by My Holy Spirit, by His descending into hell where He took back from the devil the keys of My kingdom, taking back authority in the earth.   My power and might was used by Jesus Christ in His appearing to people again after His death and resurrection by continuing to do miracles, and in His ascending into heaven to live with Me. 
    All of My power and might is found in My Holy Spirit and we sent Him to live inside of My children to provide their defense against the evils of the devil, to have the authority to do even more good than Jesus did, to use My power and might against their enemy, the devil and his demons.  My might and power was never meant to be used against humans, against any of My children.  I said that My battle and your battle is never against flesh and blood, never against your family, your perceived human enemies, the people in your government, your business associates, your own flesh, your religious leaders or your political leaders.  I said that your battle and My battle is always against the wiles of the devil, against spiritual principalities and powers, the rulers of darkness in the air around you. (Ephesians 6:10-13)  Those battles can be won with My power of the Holy Spirit in resisting the devil, in casting out demons from your thoughts, in doing good to your human enemies, in turning the other cheek, in returning good when evil is done to you and the other ways that I taught to you through My Son, the Prince of Peace.    
    Good always overcomes evil.  When you do good to a person who the devil is using to oppose you, you are using My power to resist doing evil in return for the evil done to you.  It takes My power to refuse to do evil to flesh and blood when evil has been done to you.  There is great victory when you have responded to the evil that comes against you from other humans by your refusing to engage in evil actions in return to the evil done against you.  With the power of My Holy Spirit, you engage in victorious celebrations when you defeat evil by never returning evil done to you. 
    There are even more lasting ways for My children to defeat evil and it is when they engage in battle with the demonic principalities and powers of the air by using My intercessory prayer words, which is called praying in the Holy Spirit.  In those battles you start out winning the battle and you end up winning the battle because My Holy Spirit calls My multitude of angels into action to defeat the devil and his demons.  There is often a lengthy battle but My words are powerful against evil to win every battle for the souls of your family and My family. 
    There are no ways that My children can battle spiritually against the devil in their own power.  Only the power of My Spirit can win the battles against evil demons in the heavens which influence My children to do evil in the earth. (Ephesians 6:14-18)  Battling against humans is useless and only increases the evil in the earth.  Only battling with your Holy Spirit authority in unity with the power of My Holy Spirit's words can evil be defeated.
    It is with the power of My might that you are able to resist returning evil for evil and doing good to people who do evil to you.  Also, it is only with the power of My might in the Holy Spirit that you are able to be victorious in intercessory battles against the heads of the evil nations of hell through praying in the words of My Holy Spirit.
    If you want to be on the winning side in the battle against evil, learn from My Holy Spirit how to do good to those of My children whom you call your human enemies and learn how to battle spiritually against your real enemies, the devil and his demons, by engaging in spiritual battles with the devil by praying in My Holy Spirit.  I have already won the battle against him in My domain by throwing him out of My heaven and I give you the power of My Spirit to win the battle against him in your domain, the earth.  (Acts 1:1-8)
    Good actions of love always overcome the evil that comes against you in the earth and My Holy Spirit's words always overcome evil demons in the air around you.
    I have given you My power.  Use it and be victorious over evil.
    Your Instruction Giving Father   

Friday, February 10, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   The peaceful green pastures of rest are where I want to lead My children.  Yet, My children choose competition, conflict, strife, opposition, religious division, political factions, anger and judgment and still say, "He makes me to lie down in green pastures."  They are satisfied to lie down in green pastures when they die and come to live with Me.  That belief is completely opposite to the confession of David who had experienced the rest that comes from allowing Me to guide him into making peace with people where he found the green pastures of rest.(Psalm 23:1-2)
   When Isaiah spiritually saw into the heavens and saw the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, he also perceived the complete Trinity that was resident in Him, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  He wrote that We are the Wonderful Counselor, the Almighty God, the Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace all encapsulated within My Son when He came to earth.  Before My Son had the human name of Jesus, He was identified by the name Prince of Peace.  (Isaiah 9:6-7)  In fact, My Spirit revealed to Isaiah that the entire governing of the earth would be upon His shoulders and that peace would reign until the end.  What a thrill it was for the people, who had loved war and enjoyed the spoils of war, to hear that I would come to earth as My Son and He would bring peace to the lives of the people who listen to Him and obey His admonitions and advice. 
    Prince of Peace, what a wonderful name it is.  Young people in the earth admire and adore their big brothers so much that they emulate their brothers, doing what they do in relation to people.  Oh, that My children would emulate their big Brother Jesus and emulate Him in their lives.  When they do, they are led by Me to the green pastures of rest because Jesus Christ only taught peace.   That was His name, Prince of Peace, before it was Jesus.  All words that came out of His mouth were words that coached the people on how to keep peace with other people.  He was My emissary of Peace to the world.  He told you how to keep peace with your neighbors, your siblings, your parents, your business associates, your own children, your mate, and even more so, your human enemies. 
    In the world, big brothers often become the coaches of the teams of their younger siblings.  Jesus coached you, as your spiritual Little League coach, to turn the other cheek when someone strikes you.  He coached you, as your spiritual Little League coach, to never be angry with anyone or the fires of hell would come against you.  He coached you, as your spiritual Little League coach, that if anyone takes your coat that you should give them your shirt also.  He coached you, as your spiritual Little League coach, not to allow lustful thoughts to stay in your mind and overtake you or you will commit adultery.  He coached you, as your spiritual Little League coach, not to pray in public to be seen by others but instead to pray in your closet where only you and I are present, saying that I would reward you openly.  He coached you, as your spiritual Little League coach, to never return evil for evil done to you but instead to do good to your enemies who come against you.  He coached you, as your spiritual Little League coach, to never bind yourself to anything by swearing your allegiance to it or you will inherit the consequences of that person or organization's sins. (Matthew 5:20-48; Luke 6:27-38)
   Jesus, the Prince of Peace, only taught peace.  He never taught conflict with people.  The only people that he chided and exhorted for their actions were the religious leaders and the political leaders who heaped burdens upon  people with their religious laws and their political laws which became burdensome.  Instead of implementing laws which relieved people of their burdens, they made more and more laws which added to the burdens of the people.  Jesus said that the woes of hell were on those leaders and He told My children not to listen to the words of those leaders.  They were the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the scribes and the hypocrites of that time.  There are still the same type of religious leaders and political leaders who are worshiped by My children in your day who are influenced by the same demonic spirits.  The warning of the Prince of Peace was not to listen to them, not to follow their doctrines and don't join in with their religious or political pride or you will inherit their woes that are upon them by their doing the will of the devil. (Matthew 5:20; Matthew 23:11-15)
   My own children who call themselves by My name and who only occasionally  study My Instruction Book and then do the will of the devil have been led astray by the same demons of which Jesus spoke when He taught in the earth.  If they do not keep peace with all people, if they do not refuse to fight and argue and debate, then they have joined with the same demons that influenced the religious and political leaders of His day.  They are blinded by their own religious and political ambitions and will be led astray into destruction and death.  Of those people I said that they neither know the scriptures nor do they know My power. (Matthew 22:29)   It is through the prophesies of My Instruction Book and the power of My Holy Spriit that Jesus became human and walked among people, teaching and preaching the good news that I have made a way for My children to find green pastures and still waters by which to rest from their labors.  The good news is that peace is possible while you live in the earth. (Matthew 11:29-30)
   Only through the teachings of the Prince of Peace are you able to know My will in the earth and have the power of My Spirit with which to sow the same peace in the world that He did.  It is only by perfect adherence to His teachings are you able to live a life of peace, peace with others and peace for your mind. 
   In order for your mind to comprehend the dire importance to Me of keeping and implementing peace in the earth with everyone, I challenge you that every time you say or quote your brother Jesus that you call Him Prince of Peace.  Instead of saying that Jesus said something or that Jesus died for your sins, I challenge you to say, "The Prince of Peace said this," or, "The Prince of Peace died for your sins."   When you think of Jesus and His wonderful ministry for you, think of Him as the Prince of Peace.  That will program your mind with My true nature, that of your keeping Peace with Me and with everyone in the earth.
    Remember who your enemy is.  It's not Me and they are not other people. (Ephesians 6;10-12)
   Your Peaceful, Merciful Father