Saturday, February 4, 2017


Dear Precious One,
   We talked about the prophet Isaiah and how he had a revelation of the fullness of My true nature and personality before any of My other children did.  He heard from Me personally without relying upon the priests of the day to be his interpreter of My character. The religious priests and kings, who were the politicians of the day, only knew Me as a God who would help them in battle against people and they ignorantly only knew Me as a God who forgave their sins by burnt offerings on the altar of the temples.  They bowed before the altars in submission to Me as if that was My desire for them.  The only submission what I asked of them is that they submit to My will so that their lives would be blessed while in the earth.  I had coached them through Moses on that topic, that if they would obey My voice that they would be blessed in every area of their lives.  (Deuteronomy 28)
    Bowing to Me meant to bow to My will that comes from hearing My voice.  That admonition went right over their heads because they did not know Me as their Good Father.  Only when My Son Jesus walked the earth and proclaimed Me as Father did My children begin to know that truth, that I am their loving and faithful Father, not their judge. 
    When I do miracles in the lives of My children, My power and might is displayed in their behalf.  My true children praise Me and proclaim that I, their Father, is full of might and power.  They declare that I am All Mighty.  I only display My might on the demons in the spiritual dimension who curse My children.  When My children  hear My voice and do My will in the earth, they authorize Me to turn evil curses into magnificent blessings to benefit their lives in the earth. 
   Hear this: only knowing Me as Almighty God is not enough.  Today in your earth there are many of My children who call themselves by My name who do not know Me as their loving Father.  They only know Me as Almighty God and they ask Me to kill their human enemies.  My might is never dispensed upon My children who sin, as many believe.  My might and power is only dispensed upon the spiritual father of evil, the devil, who is the originator of all evil in the earth.  When I am allowed to become a personal Father to My children, I am able to deliver them spiritually, physically and mentally from the works of their true enemy, the devil.  My power and might is meant only to battle against those principalities and powers of the air which oppress and curse My children. (Ephesians 6:14-20)    It is never meant to be used against any of My children who were created in My image.  (Matthew 25:40)
   As the Loving Father of all humanity, I teach My children to be forgiving also, just as I am forgiving.  Jesus Christ died for the sins of the whole world.  Therefore all sins are forgiven to all people.  Yes, I even forgive the sins of those people who harm you and oppose you and do evil against you.  My battle is not with those people.  My forgiveness is for them.  My battle is with the demons from hell who tempt the people to do their evil in the world.  I am in constant battle with those demons who trick My children into doing their evil will in the earth.    
    When My children only know Me as Almighty God, they believe that I am judgmental to those people who do not obey religious laws.  The opposite is true.  The religious laws of My old covenant with the Jews were given to reveal the works of the devil, not with which to judge other people or judge yourself as being evil and thus fall into condemnation of others and yourself.  Those thoughts of judgment and condemnation come from the devil who wants to judge you and other people through you, because I judged him when I threw him out of My kingdom.  When My children bind themselves to the devil, obeying his will, then they inherit from him the judgment that I placed upon him.  That is not My desire.  My desire is that My children use My might and power to judge the devil and his demons, casting them out of people as Jesus did, and sending them to the abyss as was prophesied by Jesus that they would do.  (Matthew 12:28; Matthew 13:41-43) 
    Seeking My kingdom means to expand your knowledge of Me and My character.  Until you do, you limit My ability to fully bless you.
    Your Father of Mercies        

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