Sunday, February 26, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Many of My children believe IN Me without believing Me. 
   Many of My children believe only in My promise that they will go to heaven when they die.  They don't know Me in My fullness.  (Luke 23:42-43)
   Many of My children believe in My existence without believing in My power to heal. They don't know Me in My fullness. (Matthew 4:24)
   Many of My children believe in My existence without believing in My power to love sinners and all those who break laws. They don't know me in My fullness.  (John 3:16)
   Many of My children believe in being born of My Spirit without believing in My promise that I want to baptize them with My Holy Spirit so that they can have the abundant life that I promised while they live in the earth.  They don't know Me in My fullness.  (Acts. 1:4-5)
    Many of My children believe the devil's words put in their thoughts through religious leaders that I am a vengeful and punitive God who waits to punish every infringement of religious laws.  They don't know Me in My fullness as Love. (John 3:17)
    Many of My children believe that I only inhabit the metal and stone religious buildings and temples of their design instead of believing that their bodies are My earthly temples.  They don't believe My Instruction book, the scriptures, when I said that their bodies are My temples.   (I Corinthians 6:19-20)
    Many of My children only believe in Me as their Savior from the fires of hell instead of believing the truth that I am their Loving Father who wants to guide them and provide for them, leading them onto the green pastures of rest and by the still waters of peace. (Romans 8:14)
    My children do not know Me in My fullness.
    Many of My children who do know Me as their Savior, their provider, their protector and their healer do not know Me as their tutor who teaches them about their enemy and how to avoid his traps.  They continue to be led by religious teachers who add burdens to their backs instead of taking off their existing burdens.  My children continue to bind themselves to the Pharisees, scribes and hypocrites who are the politicians about whom Jesus warned over and over again that My children should not listen to them.  (Luke 20:46-47; Matthew 23:13-15) The evil spirits motivating them are spreaders of discord, division, hatred, scorn and strife which brings every evil demon into the lives of My children.  My own children see their toxic fruit and, yet, My children ignore My warnings.  I said to beware of them but My children ignore My warnings and become addicted to the divisive words of the politicians and the toxic words of the religious leaders.  Those who are bound in loyalty to divisive political leaders will find themselves void of love, peace, joy, kindness and mercy.  They sacrifice the fruit of My Spirit and take on the fruit of their enemy, the devil. 
    Blind national patriotism is not a fruit of My Spirit.  I warned against it by telling you that you are a now citizen of My kingdom, not of any earthly kingdom which is man made and subject to the destruction of the devil.  (Hebrews 12:1 and 18-25) I said to give to Caesar what is his, meaning give to your nation only what is due it, your taxes and following the laws of the land, but Jesus said to give your loyalty to Me, as your loving Father. (Matthew 22:17-22) For you to know Me in My fullness, you must listen to My voice and follow My admonitions in order to have My abundant life while on the earth. 
   While in the earth My children can have as much of My kingdom as they seek.  It all depends upon how much they want to seek, believe in, and access.  If they are only satisfied with believing that I merely exist and that I am not a Loving Heavenly Father who is interesting in perfecting everything about their lives, then that is all that they will know about Me.  As I said, many of My children believe in Me without believing Me.
    I gave to you My words through Jesus in My Instruction Book which outline My desire for you to have the abundant life.  I also gave to you a personal tutor, the Holy Spirit, to speak My personal instructional words to you about how to access the abundant blessings that are yours.  It is your choice to believe whatever you want to believe.  If you want to have the peace that passes human understanding, then you must learn to hear My words to you and then obey My words.  My Instruction Book will always confirm what I personally tell you.
    I said that those who are led by My Spirit are My children.
    I lead you to safe places, around the traps set by the devil, and I lead you to green pastures of peace by telling you to love your human enemies, to do good to them, to bless them and forgive them.  When you follow those instructions, you will have peace on earth, as led by the Prince of Peace.  (Romans 12:20-21) 
    You believe in My promise for being born again, for healing, for salvation and for a life of living with Me in eternity, but do you believe My words about how to avoid the toxic words of the politicians and of the religious teachers of religious laws?  When you take My advice of avoiding their toxic words of division and strife, you will have peace on earth, as I intended.
     If you believe in Me, you will believe Me.  You will believe every one of My words of admonition and commands in order to have My kingdom come on earth as it is in My heaven.  When you are led by My Spirit, you are My children and heirs to My entire kingdom.
     Your Father of Guidance and Love                

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