Friday, February 10, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   The peaceful green pastures of rest are where I want to lead My children.  Yet, My children choose competition, conflict, strife, opposition, religious division, political factions, anger and judgment and still say, "He makes me to lie down in green pastures."  They are satisfied to lie down in green pastures when they die and come to live with Me.  That belief is completely opposite to the confession of David who had experienced the rest that comes from allowing Me to guide him into making peace with people where he found the green pastures of rest.(Psalm 23:1-2)
   When Isaiah spiritually saw into the heavens and saw the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, he also perceived the complete Trinity that was resident in Him, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  He wrote that We are the Wonderful Counselor, the Almighty God, the Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace all encapsulated within My Son when He came to earth.  Before My Son had the human name of Jesus, He was identified by the name Prince of Peace.  (Isaiah 9:6-7)  In fact, My Spirit revealed to Isaiah that the entire governing of the earth would be upon His shoulders and that peace would reign until the end.  What a thrill it was for the people, who had loved war and enjoyed the spoils of war, to hear that I would come to earth as My Son and He would bring peace to the lives of the people who listen to Him and obey His admonitions and advice. 
    Prince of Peace, what a wonderful name it is.  Young people in the earth admire and adore their big brothers so much that they emulate their brothers, doing what they do in relation to people.  Oh, that My children would emulate their big Brother Jesus and emulate Him in their lives.  When they do, they are led by Me to the green pastures of rest because Jesus Christ only taught peace.   That was His name, Prince of Peace, before it was Jesus.  All words that came out of His mouth were words that coached the people on how to keep peace with other people.  He was My emissary of Peace to the world.  He told you how to keep peace with your neighbors, your siblings, your parents, your business associates, your own children, your mate, and even more so, your human enemies. 
    In the world, big brothers often become the coaches of the teams of their younger siblings.  Jesus coached you, as your spiritual Little League coach, to turn the other cheek when someone strikes you.  He coached you, as your spiritual Little League coach, to never be angry with anyone or the fires of hell would come against you.  He coached you, as your spiritual Little League coach, that if anyone takes your coat that you should give them your shirt also.  He coached you, as your spiritual Little League coach, not to allow lustful thoughts to stay in your mind and overtake you or you will commit adultery.  He coached you, as your spiritual Little League coach, not to pray in public to be seen by others but instead to pray in your closet where only you and I are present, saying that I would reward you openly.  He coached you, as your spiritual Little League coach, to never return evil for evil done to you but instead to do good to your enemies who come against you.  He coached you, as your spiritual Little League coach, to never bind yourself to anything by swearing your allegiance to it or you will inherit the consequences of that person or organization's sins. (Matthew 5:20-48; Luke 6:27-38)
   Jesus, the Prince of Peace, only taught peace.  He never taught conflict with people.  The only people that he chided and exhorted for their actions were the religious leaders and the political leaders who heaped burdens upon  people with their religious laws and their political laws which became burdensome.  Instead of implementing laws which relieved people of their burdens, they made more and more laws which added to the burdens of the people.  Jesus said that the woes of hell were on those leaders and He told My children not to listen to the words of those leaders.  They were the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the scribes and the hypocrites of that time.  There are still the same type of religious leaders and political leaders who are worshiped by My children in your day who are influenced by the same demonic spirits.  The warning of the Prince of Peace was not to listen to them, not to follow their doctrines and don't join in with their religious or political pride or you will inherit their woes that are upon them by their doing the will of the devil. (Matthew 5:20; Matthew 23:11-15)
   My own children who call themselves by My name and who only occasionally  study My Instruction Book and then do the will of the devil have been led astray by the same demons of which Jesus spoke when He taught in the earth.  If they do not keep peace with all people, if they do not refuse to fight and argue and debate, then they have joined with the same demons that influenced the religious and political leaders of His day.  They are blinded by their own religious and political ambitions and will be led astray into destruction and death.  Of those people I said that they neither know the scriptures nor do they know My power. (Matthew 22:29)   It is through the prophesies of My Instruction Book and the power of My Holy Spriit that Jesus became human and walked among people, teaching and preaching the good news that I have made a way for My children to find green pastures and still waters by which to rest from their labors.  The good news is that peace is possible while you live in the earth. (Matthew 11:29-30)
   Only through the teachings of the Prince of Peace are you able to know My will in the earth and have the power of My Spirit with which to sow the same peace in the world that He did.  It is only by perfect adherence to His teachings are you able to live a life of peace, peace with others and peace for your mind. 
   In order for your mind to comprehend the dire importance to Me of keeping and implementing peace in the earth with everyone, I challenge you that every time you say or quote your brother Jesus that you call Him Prince of Peace.  Instead of saying that Jesus said something or that Jesus died for your sins, I challenge you to say, "The Prince of Peace said this," or, "The Prince of Peace died for your sins."   When you think of Jesus and His wonderful ministry for you, think of Him as the Prince of Peace.  That will program your mind with My true nature, that of your keeping Peace with Me and with everyone in the earth.
    Remember who your enemy is.  It's not Me and they are not other people. (Ephesians 6;10-12)
   Your Peaceful, Merciful Father              

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