Sunday, February 12, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   I am not an absentee father.  I am not a brother who ignores you and your needs, who refuses to stand up for you.  I am not an evil spirit who lies in wait to punish you for every infraction of religious law.
   I am your Loving and Everlasting Father. 
   I am your loving brother, your Prince of Peace who came to earth and coached you on how to keep peace with everyone. 
   I am your Wonderful Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whose duties are to lead you into all truth, to guide you onto the paths of goodness and kindness and to be your personal tutor from the inside of you. 
   I am Almighty God, your Father who defends and protects you from your spiritual enemy, the devil, when he concocts plans with which to trap you into doing his will in your life which curses you and your earth.  I am not a god who brings illnesses, calamities, destruction and death upon you.  That is what the devil does.  I give you power and might to resist evil  temptations and overcome the thoughts and attitudes which the devil places in your mind of anger, judgment, lust, strife and other elements of his evil character.
    My Son Jesus Christ paved the way for you to have My personal and spiritual GPS and radar sensors inside of you so that you will not be led to be distributors of evil in the earth instead of being distributors of My love and peace in the world.  Those sensors are called the gift of discernment with which I caution you when evil words enter your mind. (I Corinthians 12:4-11)  The evil words tempting you to judge others, to become angry, to become lustful or to become divisive are put in your mind so that you will yield to them, then you allow an attitude to develop, then you energetically speak your contentious attitudes, take revenge and pollute your world with evil as prompted by the devil. (Matthew 5:21-26; 43-48) 
    You say in the midst of a disagreement, "But I am right."  Being right or wrong in a conflict has nothing to do with what your response should be.  Your response, as My child, should always be to forgive the person who opposes you, injures you, ridicules you, embarrasses you, corrects you, strikes you or calls you names.  In doing that act of forgiveness, you stop the devil's work by refusing to multiply evil in the earth by your engaging in strife.  You shut down his will in the earth instead of furthering his will through your evil words and actions in the earth.
   You are not only shutting down the will of the devil in the earth when you return good for evil, but you are furthering My will of peace in the earth.  The devil wants you to destroy your own domain, the earth, by your yielding to his will.  I want you to save your domain, the earth, by your yielding to My will. (Matthew 6:10; John 3:17) )
   You have the choice every time you deal with other people to either further the will of the devil in the earth or to further My will in the earth.  (Romans 12:14-18) I gave My Holy Spirit to you so that you would have the wisdom, the knowledge, the discernment, the power and the might to refuse the thoughts of evil and only dwell on My thoughts so that your attitudes, words and actions will only bring peace to your world, like Jesus did, instead of you joining with the devil and cursing your earth, like Adam did. (Romans 5:15-20)
    I have given you everything that you will ever need to lead to an abundant life and to be images of My godliness in the earth.  You must seek to know Me fully as Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father, Almighty God and Prince of Peace.  If you don't know Me in all of My loving attributes and divine nature, then you are lacking in the wisdom and knowledge to inherit My kingdom on earth as it is in My heaven.
    Spiritual knowledge creates power in you.  Praying in the Spirit builds up your faith and your power.  Seek to use the keys to My kingdom and you will live a life of peace and rest.  (Jude 10; Matthew 16:19)
    Your Father Who Teaches You to Reign in Life             

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