Thursday, February 9, 2017


Dear One
   I revealed to My prophet Isaiah and He revealed to My other children that I am their Wonderful Counselor, the Almighty God, their Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace.  Because of the veil placed upon the minds of My children by the devil, very few of My children at the time were able to perceive that I have appointed myself to all of those positions in their lives.  It took the entrance of My Holy Spirit coming to live inside of them for them to understand the function of My entire personality in their lives, that of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    The idea was foreign to their minds that I could be a Father to My children whose love would last forever in their entire existence, in your world and in My heaven, always there to protect them, provide for them, counsel them, lead them, guide them and advocate for them.  The traditional teachings of their priests was that I am only an Almighty God with the power to defeat their human enemies and rule over My creation with an iron thumb.  There was another misconception in their understanding, that being that their enemies were humans.  The truth that their enemies were spiritual beings, the devil and his demons, was hidden from their minds by the devil, himself.  The lies placed in their minds that humans were their enemies were placed there by the father of lies, the devil.
    After Jesus was raised from the dead and came to live with Me, and when We sent  My Holy Spirit into the earth to live in My children, then He, as the Spirit of Truth; was able to reveal My true nature to My individual children who pay attention to My voice in their thoughts.  Jesus told his followers that My Spirit would dispel the lies of the devil already planted in their minds and He would reveal to them the two kingdoms that are at war in the heavens for the minds of My children.  Jesus said that My Spirit would reveal My kingdom of righteousness and the devil's kingdom of sin.  He said that My Spirit would teach you to discern whose voice is speaking in your thoughts and that He would give you the power to resist the demonic voices and obey My Fatherly voice of guidance. (John 16:7-11)
    My Spirit reveals to your mind the truth that I am your good and perfect Father, not a distant god who is eager to disperse judgment upon you.  My Spirit reveals to your mind that it is the devil who is the father of lies and judgment because I judged him and threw him out of My kingdom because of his lies against Me. 
   The truth of My being a loving Father, one who never leaves or forsakes My children was too much for people to believe.  Their earthly fathers were not loyal, peaceful, kind and merciful to them so they had no good fathers with which to compare My character.  Only with the birth of Jesus, who said that those who saw Him had seen Me, only then was My true parental character revealed to people.  It was that claim that got Him killed.  The priests considered it heresy to say that I am a Father of Love.  The religious leaders, political leaders, makers of laws and the hypocrites felt that they had to vindicate their belief that I am only an Almighty God who would make their nation powerful, not that I am a loving Father to My children. (Acts 1:6)  They did not know Me as their Loving Father.
    The first time that Jesus taught the people that I am a Father who sends good upon the just and the unjust and He taught them that when they prayed to pray "Our Father," is when the devil started putting the idea in the minds of the religious leaders and the political leaders that they must kill Jesus because of His claiming to be a child of My Fatherhood of love.  Jesus told them to be perfect just as I am perfect. (Matthew 5:48)  He told them to do good to those who oppose them, just like I do and that they will be rewarded by Me.  (Matthew 6:4)  Jesus told the people not to be like the religious leaders who pray to be seen by people, but instead to go into their private place and commune with Me.  Again He told them that when they prayed to call Me their Father in their praying and that I will answer their prayers.  He told them to pray that My kingdom would come on earth as it is in My heaven.  The Pharisees (political leaders), the Saduccees, (the religious leaders) the scribes (the law makers) and the hypocrites did not want the prayers of the people answered, they merely wanted a powerful nation which would rule over people. They did not know Me as their Loving Father.
    The devil wants to rule over My children and that is why he tempts My children to rule over other people with religious and political devotion.  Forgiving others is not in his list of characteristics.  Being vengeful is his nature.  Some of My children make the devil their father and do his will rather than doing My will. (John 8:43-45: Matthew 23:13-15)  When they inherit destruction, they are surprised.  That's because they don't know Me as their Loving Father and consult with Me.
     Seeking My kingdom and My righteousness means to seek to know Me as your Loving and Everlasting Father who never leaves you.  Seek to know Me also through Jesus as the Prince of Peace who leads My children to always be peacemakers.  Seek to know Me through the Holy Spirit as your Counselor, Comforter, Strengthener, your Advocate, your Tutor and your Guide and you will live My kingdom life while you are in the earth. 
     Bear My fruit of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and forbearance in the earth.  I said when you know Me as your Father that you will do My will and I will be glorified.  I said that if you do My will, making Me your Everlasting Father,  that you will ask anything that you will, and it will be done for you. (John 14:13-14; John 15:7-10)
    Everlasting Father means that I never leave you or forsake you.  All of the leaving and forsaking is done on the part of My children who often leave Me at the temptation of the devil to do his will of oppressing people, becoming angry, bitter, lustful for power, filled with strife and division, judgmental and vengeful.  Those attitudes and actions reap the rewards of the father of evil, the devil and his destruction.
    When My children bind themselves to Me in love, they exude love and peace in the world.  Their joy becomes full because they have accessed My kingdom into their lives.  Heaven become evident on earth and I am glorified.
     Your Everlasting and Ever Rewarding Father

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