Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Dear One,
   You don't have to wait until you get to heaven to walk on holy ground.  There are times when you have experienced the thrill of everything working so smoothly for you that you knew that My angels were all around you working for your good.   At those times you did not realize that you were at peace with everyone, that you were sowing love in your world, that you had forgiven everyone of their mistakes, and that you were mentally, emotionally and spiritually in unity with Me.  You were experiencing heaven on earth; so, of course you were walking on holy ground, surrounded by My heavenly city and the cloud of witnesses that I told you would be ministering for you when you are at peace with everyone. (Hebrews 12:1-4; 22-29) 
    Unfortunately, those glorious times are not always permanent in your life on earth because of the temptations that the devil sends your way to entice you to change your attitudes from love, mercy, peace, goodness and kindness toward your fellow man to thoughts and attitudes of strife, judgment, condemnation or anger in an effort to change you from being My emissary in the earth to your being the devil's temporary emissary in the earth.  Switching sides in the battle between good and evil disconnects you from having My kingdom  of blessings on earth and summons the devil's kingdom of curses on earth to invade your life.  I do not leave you willingly, but your choice at the time was hell instead of My heaven to work in your life.  When you engage in the devil's thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken, you have chosen curses instead of blessings.  In those times, My kingdom has to retreat from ministering for you.
   Take, for instance, road rage where someone cuts in front of your car, almost causing an accident.  You have a choice of whether to react in anger or whether to react in forgiveness and love.  If you choose to react in rage, then you are tempted to curse the person, chase him down and give him a piece of your mind or give him a fist in his face.   Reacting emotionally in anger is what the devil hopes that you will do so that he can curse you further, bringing his destruction into your life. 
    HOWEVER, if you choose to forgive the person, blessing the person, send My love to the person, then you have solidified the works of My heavenly crew to work for you the rest of your day, causing you to walk on holy ground and giving My angels, the heavenly cloud of witnesses and Me the pleasure of making your life a joy, delight and a peaceful rest.
    Is it easy to always act in love toward all people, to resist the devil's temptations that he throws at you to entice to do to his will in your life?  No, it's not humanly easy.  Your brother Jesus suffered the same way by having to resist the devil's daily temptations. (Romans 5:1-6; Romans 8:16-17) That is what I meant when I said in My Instruction Book that you suffer just like He did, you suffer the same temptations that He did.  I said that He suffered in every way.  He suffered the battle between the devil's temptation in His flesh and the guidance of My Holy Spirit.  He overcame them by the power of My Holy Spirit and you can overcome them by the power of My Holy Spirit in you.  That is why I sent My promised Holy Spirit into your life, so that you can overcome the works of the devil just like Jesus did.   (I John 3:4-11) 
    Love overcomes every evil work. (James 5:20; I Corinthians 13)   That is why I told you to love others as I love you.  My love for you has overcome every iniquity, every sin, every transgression and every mistake that you did.  My love in you can overcome every iniquity, every sin, every transgression and every mistake that other people do to you.  (John 13:34; John 20:19-23)  You must pronounce your forgiveness and love openly to the heavens when someone does an evil act to you.  You don't need to speak it to the person who opposed you or hurt you at the time.  In speaking your love and forgiveness to the heavens, you announce your choice at that moment which kingdom you want to work in your life.
    Under My old, ineffective covenant with a nation, I told them to love their neighbors as they love themselves.  That was the only possible way they could love anyone, that being to the degree that they loved themselves.  Under My new covenant, the dispensation of My love, I told My children to love other people as I love them.   What a vast difference that is, telling you that loving others with the same love that I have for you is multitudes higher and more effective than loving others as you love yourself.
    When you love other people with My love, you make the choice to love someone who opposes you, you choose to love someone who strikes you, you choose to love someone who robs from you, you choose to love someone who hates you, you choose to love your human enemies, you choose to do good to your human enemies, you choose to overcome all evil with good, as instructed by Me.  (Matthew 5:21-26; 38-43; Matthew 7:1-6)    
    If you want to walk on holy ground while still in the earth, having My kingdom at work in your life and if you want to be surrounded  by the cloud of witnesses from My kingdom in heaven doing My pleasurable work in your life, then keep peace with all people and walk in love with everyone.  The only way that My kingdom can come into your life on earth as it is in heaven is when you forgive everyone of every infraction of civil or religious laws and forgive every injury done to you.  When you do, I can joyfully send My heaven into your life on earth and you will walk on holy ground.
    My holy ground is available to My children in the earth.  Jesus proved it. My Holy Spirit provides it. You can have it.
    Your Father of Holy Ground Living

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