Sunday, February 5, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Your perception of My nature and character will determine how much of My kingdom of blessings becomes evident in your life.  If your perception of My character is that I am a mighty king in the heavens who rules with an iron fist and disciplines My children with calamities and destruction, then you will do the same thing to your children and your enemies and you will inherit calamities and destruction that comes from hell.  They do not come from Me.  Destruction will be your inheritance because you have made the devil your god because all destruction comes from him.  A large portion of My children in the earth view me as a dispenser of evil and good, believing what the inhabitants of hell teach them in their erroneous thinking.
   Some of My other children rightly perceive My character and nature as their Savior to whom they can appeal to save them from the consequences of their mistakes, their sins, trespasses and iniquities.  My being a Father who saves them from problems and bad situations is definitely a result of revelation as taught by some religious leaders.  I am ever ready to save My children from the destruction that is meted out into the world by the devil when My children join with him in sowing evil it the world or returning evil for evil done to them. 
   I have the angelic resources necessary to restore My children to a right relationship with Me after they have blindly strayed into enemy territory by obeying the temptations of the devil in their thoughts.  Your brother Jesus made it possible for Me to rescue My children and pour My saving grace upon them after they turn to Me.  Through Jesus Christ, My character of being a Savior became apparent to My children.  He paid the price for their salvation.   It is always My will to restore My children to My family after they have been influenced to do evil.  There is no end to My forgiveness and My saving grace.  To perpetually save you from the consequences of your being led by the demons who influence your flesh while you live on the earth is My pleasure.  You must always return to Me before I can save you because I have no legal right to save you while you persist in being influenced by the devil.  You must choose to return to Me before I can save you.
    Those two revelations of My character are still not the full and complete good news that I instituted in the world.  They are only revelations of Me as being Father and Sacrificial Son, two of the functions of My personality.  The third revelation of My nature and character that you need to know to enable you to fully have all of My spiritual power and love at work in your life so that you will not fall for the evil tricks from hell is the revelation of the works of My Holy Spirit in your life.  He was revered and glorified by Jesus when Jesus said that He had to leave the earth and go to heaven so that My power and might would be available to you in the person of My Holy Spirit. (John 16:13-14) Jesus said that you would do greater works because He returned to Me.  Jesus called Him the Spirit of Truth, which no person would inherit until Jesus came to heaven to be with me. (John 4:24; John 14:15-17; John 15:26-27) After that happened, We sent the same Spirit that caused Jesus to heal people, to cast out demons, to teach truths, to go to hell and defeat satan in his territory, the same Spirit who  raised Jesus from the dead and allowed Him to minister truths to My children before coming to live with Me.  We sent My same Holy Spirit powers and abilities into the world on the day of Pentecost to be received by My obedient children to continue saving them from the evil in the world by giving them the power to defeat the devil.  (Acts 1:2-8; Acts 2:1-4) 
    My Holy Spirit is the portion of My character that Isaiah called Wonderful Counselor.  It is with His magnificent power living inside of them that gives My children the guidance and leading on how to avoid joining with evil, which they had done in the past.  It is with His tutoring that I am able to personally teach each one of My children how to succeed in life by doing My will in every decision they make. I am seeing events in the earth from a higher perspective than you, and I can guide you around evil traps set for you.  So when you are led by My Spirit and follow His leading, you lessen the times when you need to be saved by Me because you have taken My Fatherly advice and avoided evil temptations and traps. (Romans 8:14; Galatians 5:17-18)
   To My children who receive Him, My Holy Spirit gives all of the benefits of having a one-on-one relationship with Me as their Father.  It is through Him that they are born of My Spirit and baptized by My Spirit which gives them power over evil.  When you and I walk in unity with each other, you can ask what you will and it will be done by Me because you are totally One with Me.  (John 17:20-24; Matthew 21:22; Mark 11;24; John 14:12-14; John 15:7-12)
    Jesus promised that your joy will be full if you will heed My personal words to you which allow you to skirt around evil and only do good in the world by loving others as I love you.
    My joy is full when your joy is full.
   Your Loving and Counseling Father         

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