Saturday, February 25, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   There is tremendous power in belief, both belief in positive events happening and belief in negative events happening.  Because of negative mental programming from childhood, people often have more belief in negative things happening than in positive things happening to them.  Unfortunately, that is what happens to them, curses in every area of their lives because of the power of belief in negative events.  
   At the core of the problem is belief in bad things happening, those being the works of the devil, instead of belief in My ability to work in the lives of My children.  Their minds have been programmed to believe that bad things are much more likely to happen to them instead of good things.  Their religious teachers often confirm to them the bad occurrences in the religious history of people and attribute them to Me, erroneously teaching that I bring bad things upon people because they disobeyed Me.  In other words, people have believed the lie that I afflict My children instead of believing  the truth that I want to bless them abundantly.
    How will they know the truth if they don't hear the truth?  How will they know if they don't hear testimonies about My goodness?  How will they rely on Me if they don't know that I bless My children and never curse them? (Romans 10:13-17)
    I wrote in My Instruction Book to you that some of My children have a zeal for Me, but their minds have not been enlightened by My true knowledge. (Romans 10:2)  They have not believed in My righteousness, My love for all of My creation, so they do not yield to My efforts to create My righteousness inside of  them. (Romans 10:3) I said that Christ was the end of the religious laws that required sacrifices to forgive sins.  My righteousness exists inside of everyone who believes in, trusts in and relies upon Him because He was the Surpreme Sacrifice.   
    My Holy Spirit reveals My righteousness, My true nature, to My children who hear His voice.  My Spirit teaches that I am Love, that I only bless My children.  He teaches you that curses and bad things come from the devil, not from Me. (John 14:7-11)
   How will other people know if they don't hear your testimonies about My goodness?  How will they know if they don't hear your testimonies about how I saved you from destruction and calamity?  How will they know if you don't tell them about your being healed by Me?  How will they know if you don't tell them about My divine orchestrations in your behalf?  When you tell about the instances of your being saved many times from destruction by Me, you confirm My salvation efforts in your behalf, convincing other people that I will do the same thing for them if they will only believe in Me as their Good Father.   How will they know that I am not the god of the bad images from the past mental programming from religious laws that I afflict My children if you don't tell them?  (Romans 10:13-15)  When they hear your testimonies of My kindness and My love, they become acquainted with Me as their good Father.  They become acquainted with My true nature of love because they have heard firsthand about My goodness toward you.  When you tell them that I am love, they finally attribute to the devil his evil actions of afflictions, curses and all bad actions.
    When you have been saved many times from the destructive plans of the devil, then it is your delight to tell other people, as led by My Spirit, because if you withhold your testimonies of salvation you are denying Me just like Peter did.  When you tell other people about My good actions in your behalf, your belief increases and your faith is increased to believe for more miracles in your behalf.
    If you have no testimonies about My goodness performed in your behalf, then you should examine your reluctance to tell about My goodness in your behalf.  You should increase your willingness to share with others My salvation efforts in your behalf. To whom much has been given, more will be given, but to whom nothing has been given, even what they have will be taken away. (Matthew 21:43; Luke 19:26) I do not take anything away from My children.  It is their enemy, the devil, who robs them of their testimonies.
    When you share testimonies of My goodness with other people, your faith is increased and their faith is increased.  They will be able to believe that I want to bless them just like I blessed you because I am no respecter of people. 
    How will other people know if they do not hear from you about My goodness and kindness that I showed to you as My child?
    How will they know about My true nature of love that I revealed to you if you don't tell them? 
    How will they know that My love overcomes everything if you don't tell them how My love overcame bad things in your life?
    Because My love has blessed your life, you owe a person in need of My love the truth of My goodness done in your behalf so that they will also believe.
    Your Forever Loving and Forever Kind Father               

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