Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Dear Precious One,
  To My children who allow Me to do My Fatherly duties in their lives, I can fulfill the prayer of Jesus which was to let My kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  (Matthew 6:10)  My promise to My children was that I would come to live in them and that the guidance of Me, their Father, would be in them, not just with them and alongside them.  Because of My living inside of them in the person of My Holy Spirit, there is the opportunity for them to know My will as well as having the power to do My will so that they will avoid all evil that is in the world. 
   Good fathers in the earth teach their children, train their children, admonish their children and help their children stay out of trouble.  Good fathers persist in raising up their children in the proper ways to become successful in every area of their lives.  They teach their children kindness, mercy, humility plus all of the other attributes so that when the child is an adult the child will remember the teachings and continue to take the advice of the good father.
   Where My children have the advantage is that I made it possible for Me to live inside of them so that My training, tutoring, admonishments and help continue all the days of their lives.  I never stop helping My children.  I constantly counsel you, comfort you, admonish you, advocate for you, tutor you, heal you, battle against evil for you, strengthen you with My power, give you unthinkable joy, produce My virtues within you and I never, ever leave you. (John 14:12-17; John 16:26) There are times that My children leave Me and fraternize with the devil which produces curses in their lives, but I never leave them.  During those times I cannot do My Fatherly duties in their lives because the children have joined with another father and are cursed with his destruction.  But if and when My children return to Me, we take up where we left off, with Me as your Loving Father and you as a humble, teachable child.  In that scenario we can work together to clean up the destruction that you authorized the devil to do in your life when you joined with him. (John 8:42-45)
    My promise that I will restore what the canker worm has eaten and all the other worms have eaten, meaning the demons, is never null and void.  It is forever, eternal.  One of My duties as your good Father is to show you how to turn from obeying evil temptations and only harken to My loving and instructive ways which lead to the abundant life.
   I told you that I would not leave you powerless and comfortless, but that you would have power when My Holy Spirit came to live in you. (John 14:18; Acts 1:8)  I came to live in you and make you the temple of My Holy Spirit when you were born of My Spirit.  When you were baptized in My Holy Spirit, My entire host of angels became available to bring My kingdom into your life as it is in heaven.  Wherever My Holy Spirit goes, My angels are present to do His works in the lives of My children.  (Ezekiel 1:11-12)
    I never leave My children without help.  I always help them in every way that they allow Me.  The problem is that they get so caught up in earthly affairs, in church affairs, in organizational affairs and in political affairs that they don't take advantage of My greatest gift to them, which is My Holy Spirit's counsel, tutoring and comfort.  When Jesus walked the earth many of His disciples left Him when things got tough.  Peter told Jesus ,"Where else can I go?  Only you have the words of eternal life."  Oh, that all of My children had the same confidence in Me to proclaim that I am the only voice of wisdom that can lead them out of their problems. My Holy Spirit is the only voice of wisdom that can keep them on the narrow path of righteousness where they don't have to be saved over and over and over by Me, saved from their own inadequate ways and saved from their joining with evil ways instead of My ways. 
   When you allow Me to be your guide and tutor, you won't get yourself into trouble by ignorantly plunging yourself into enemy territory where he will work you over with his curses.  When you hear My voice through My Holy Spirit, I lead and guide you into green pastures and still waters. 
   You need to learn to recognize My voice, the voice of My Holy Spirit.  You need to heed My words and take My advice so that you will have a life of pleasure in the world.  I said it is My good pleasure to give you My kingdom.  It must be your good pleasure to love and trust Me enough to receive My wisdom and guidance in order to enjoy the kingdom that I give to you.
   Don't ever let your heart be troubled.  My Help is always available, eager and ready to lead and guide you to the green pastures of rest.
   Allow Me to do My Fatherly duties in your life, guiding you, admonishing you, leading you, loving you and prizing you.  If you will take My advice, I won't have to always be saving you from the consequences of your mistakes, which is My pleasure to do, but living with the consequences of your mistakes is not pleasurable for you.  My Holy Spirit wants to lead you into making wise choices instead of choices which have bad consequences.  Le Me be your Good Father.   
   Your Daddy of Wisdom and Knowledge

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