Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Dear One,
    Unity.  What is unity?  You should find out what unity really is because unity produces life and power.  Rigidity produces death and destruction.
    Unity is being of one mind, one accord, honoring other people with the right to have their own opinions, you having your own opinions, but finding a common ground upon which to agree.  Unity is the desire to live in peace with others, willing to honor the rights of all people to think, act and speak out of their own free will that I gave to them.  Yes, the desire for unity involves your willingness to lay aside some of your own religious and political beliefs and find a common ground with others upon which to act together for your good, the good of your foes and the good of humanity. 
    Unity is the opposite of rigidity, narrow mindedness and stubbornness.  Unity connotes flexibility instead of rigidity.  I said that kindness is giving equal regard to the beliefs of other people who differ from your own religious and political philosophies.  So kindness is a part of seeking unity because being kind is laying aside your own rigid beliefs and finding an area of agreement with someone who is equally rigid in their own opposing beliefs. 
    The devil is the father of rigid beliefs.  There is a strategy of the devil in fathering opposing beliefs in people and that is to destroy them with their own rigidity because of the effects upon their bodies, souls and spirits.  Rigid beliefs cause bodily diseases because of the release of harmful hormones from the endocrine systems of humans which cause functions of the human body to be thrown out of kilter with rigidity.  The flow of good hormones is impeded with rigidity and only damaging hormones are spewed into the body of rigid people.  Sickness and diseases become rampant.
    The mind is also negatively affected by rigidity because extreme, staunch beliefs are immovable, unwilling to be altered in any way.  The human mind should be constantly evolving with new ideas, new thoughts and new wisdom in order to be a healthy mind.  When a person is rigid in religious or political beliefs, there is no entrance for new ideas and new philosophies which will be beneficial to the person, so the mind of a rigid person becomes dormant, stone-like,  That is why a rigid person is said to be hard hearted, because of the heart of stone that his or her mind has become.  It is immovable, impossible to be penetrated, never evolving with new truths.  Mental growth is a basic tenet of all education and knowledge.
    The mind of a flexible person is always growing by receiving new information, new education and new insights so that the mind expands and become more active instead of rigid and stone-like.  The small amount of cells of the mind that a person uses is often caused by rigidity of either political or religious beliefs.  The rigid person allows no new ideas to enter into his or her mind because of rigid beliefs and so the mind becomes dormant, only allowing more of his or her narrow, staunch philosophies to enter which only causes a mind to stop growing.  The mind of a rigid person will atrophy because of no growth and no expansion and use of cells which come with the education of new ideas.
     With the Holy Spirit's efforts to conform your mind to the mind of Christ, there is no room for rigidity, stubbornness and narrow mindedness. (Romans 15:5-7; Romans 12:2) Your old demonic theories and programming must be thrown away.  My new life in you will change every one of your rigid, staunch beliefs and make them flexible and enlightened as I feed new truths into your mind.  Your human mind can never become the mind of Christ if you have any rigid religious or political beliefs.  You will stagnate, become diseased, old before your time, hopeless and faithless, all because you have stubbornly held on pridefully to demonic political and religious beliefs that are unenlightened and rigid.
     To walk in the newness of My life within you, make your mind flexible, willing to be wrong, willing to digest the keys of My kingdom which I program into your mind by My Holy Spirit.  (I Peter 1:14-16; John 14: 26-27; John 16:7-13)
     You can have either a rigid, hard heart of hopelessness or you can have a flexible, kind heart of hope, faith, peace and love. (Ezekiel 11:19-22)  If you choose a kind heart, you must be willing to get rid of your narrow beliefs which separate you  from people and cut you off from My kingdom and Me.  You must be willing to be stripped naked of old religious and political beliefs, being ready, willing and able to be reprogrammed by My Holy Spirit who brings life, peace and love to you in the spirit of unity.
    When you are in unity with Me, willing to lay aside old beliefs and willing to be reprogrammed by Me via My Spirit, then you will find yourself more easily unified with other people because I will give you areas of agreement around which to communicate with each individual.  My desire for you is unity of spirit because I can more easily bring, in the spirit of unity, My kingdom on earth as it is in My heaven.
    The rigid oak tree is easily damaged when a big wind comes because it is not capable of swaying with the wind.  A willow tree sways with the wind, its trunk and branches flexible, so it escapes destruction with a big wind.  I want My children to be like the willow tree, eager to make peace with everyone.  A person's mental and physical health depends upon the degree of flexibility in his or her personality.   
    Seeking unity is the only way to establish peace in your world.  Any rigid beliefs will evolve with knowledge, revelation and new wisdom.  Growth takes place in the human mind when you are open to yield to unity rather than rigidity.  Diseases of the human mind can be attributed to rigid, staunch, unyielding beliefs.
    It is My pleasure to give you My kingdom.  (Matthew 16:19; Luke 8:10; Luke 12:32)  Make it your pleasure to give up all old, rigid religious and political beliefs in order to enter into enjoyable kingdom living while in the earth. (Matthew 6:33)
    Your Father of Renewal of Unity

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