Sunday, February 19, 2017


Dear Precious Child of Love,
    Your world does not need any more hatred.  There is plenty of hatred coming from unenlightened people, so My very own children should not be sowing more hatred in the world.  When you see mass shootings, famines, wars, families in turmoil, dangerous weather extremes, storms that kill people and destroy property, if you have spiritual eyes and ears you can trace the origins back to seeds sown into your world by religious and political hatred, strife, anger, discord and division.  Those are the two areas of life that My Son Jesus warned My children about.(Luke 20:46-47; Matthew 23:13-36) 
    Yet, My children pride themselves in their political and religious prejudice, their robbing needed supplies from the poor, their refusal to take care of the widows and orphans, their making laws which add burdens onto the backs of disadvantaged people, their arming people with weapons of killing after I told them not to kill, priding themselves on their lack of mercy and justice.  Instead of sowing peace, they sow strife and injustice in your world.  Your religious lawmakers make laws which sow injustice and then they ask Me to bless their laws.  When your laws oppress people and the people oppose them openly, then you judge and condemn the people who have been oppressed by your laws.  How can I bless the self serving laws of the Pharisees and scribes when those narrow, self serving laws are of the devil?  The makers of those laws call themselves by My name and they pride themselves for knowing their national constitutions and bylaws; yet, they know nothing about My constitution and bylaws in My Instruction Book which tell them to love one another and to take care of the downtrodden, the addicted, the mentally unbalanced, the poor, the depressed, the demon possessed and the displaced immigrants. 
   Instead of being caretakers of the world, forgiving people of their sins and loving the afflicted, My children have become judgmental and condemning.  The big problem is that they, themselves, will be judged by their own words and actions of strife, anger and hatred.  They will become the afflicted themselves by yielding to the devil's attitudes which have cursed the world from the beginning. 
   The words of your politicians have become more important to My children than My words.  The words of your rigid and narrow religious leaders have become your gods instead of My words being your guidance and truth. 
   How much of your day is spent alone with Me to hear My words of love and forgiveness?  How much of your day is spent listening to the voices of strife and division from the religious and political mouths?  When you are truthful about that, you will admit who is really your God, the divisive politicians or Me, your loving Father.  I said if you keep My words of the new covenant in your mind and obey them to love others as I love you, then you are My children.  If you keep the words of the Pharisees, the Saduccees, the scribes and the hypocrites in your mind and obey them, then you have switched sides and you have become a child of the devil again, denying your born again life. (John 8:42-45) You have chosen the life of the Prodigal Son before he returned to Me.  You have chosen pigpen living instead of choosing My kingdom living while in the earth.
     One reason that you have chosen pigpen living is that, maybe, you never spent time with Me one-on-one where you received personal instructions from Me, the communion of which Jesus spoke.  Instead, you spent time listening to people who also do not know Me, who only knows facts about Me.  There is no life-giving nutrition in consuming the regurgitated words of someone who only teaches what someone else has taught him or her.  My Holy Spirit is your tutor, your personal homeschooling teacher who leads you into all truth.  There is no life giving spiritual nutrition in the regurgitated words of someone who does not know Me.    
    Read your new covenant of love and you will read that the only requirement in your relationship with Me is that you love others as I love you, not just that you merely love your neighbor as yourself, because that was a requirement of My covenant with a nation.  You had no power of My Holy Spirit to do that.  When I breathed My life into you and you became My child who is born of My Spirit, I told you to love others as I love you. (John 13:34-35)  I said that every command by Jesus written in My Instruction Book to you is fulfilled when you love others as I love you.  I didn't say to love others the way the religious leaders and the politicians do.  I said that your righteousness must EXCEED the righteousness of the politicians and the religious leaders or you will not enter into My kingdom living while you live in the earth.  (Matthew 5:20)
    Do not make lords of the politicians and religious leaders or you will be led into destruction.  The devil has not changed his tactics.  The demons motivating them  were your spiritual enemies and My enemies from the beginning and they are still your spiritual enemies and My spiritual enemies.  Their factious doctrines will poison your life.  Do not heed their divisive words.  Only heed the words of your real constitution and bylaws, the words that My Son spoke to you which were recorded in your Instruction Book and which is explained to you fully by My Spirit, your real teacher.
    Spread My love, kindness, goodness, mercy and peace in the earth and they will flood into your life, making your life heaven on earth
    Your Loving Father      

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