Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Dear One,
    I provided for My children full salvation from the works of evil that is constantly present in the world.  I said "full salvation,"  not just partial salvation which leaves My children without the power to be victorious over evil.  Some denominational doctrines teach that I only save you by your being born of My Spirit so that when you die you will come to heaven and live with Me.  Those doctrines do not provide you with the truth of the full good news, that I provided for My children My Holy Spirit to give them the power to overcome the evil that the devil metes out in the world in order to destroy them.  The minds of the teachers of the partial gospel still have a veil over their minds so that they are blinded to the truth of the full gospel,  which is the entire good news.
     There are other denominational doctrines which teach the truth about being not only born of My Spirit but also baptized with My Holy Spirit.  They teach that My children are graced with My Holy Spirit's ability to save them from the consequence of their sins, their iniquities, their transgressions and their mistakes, all of which are instituted by the devil through his temptations. In other words, the teachers have another revealed truth about salvation, that it is not just so that they will have eternal life when they die, but that I am able to save them from the consequences of their actions.  The truths of salvation in those doctrines has been extended beyond mere salvation of their souls, but also that salvation means that I save them from the consequences of their actions which allows the devil to afflict them.  The meaning of  My "salvation" has been enlarged in the minds of those teachers.
      There are even more benefits to salvation that My children are reluctant to embrace.  Those benefits are found in the actual full gospel, the entire good news of what Jesus Christ did for people in sending My Holy Spirit into the world.  That benefit, which is rarely taught, is what Jesus taught when He taught about the coming of My Holy Spirit into the world, that My Spirit would lead and guide My children around the traps set by the devil through which he floods your life with his curses.  Jesus, Himself, described the ministry of My Holy Spirit as being your constant moral compass, your guide which saves you from falling into the pits from hell which curse your life and cause you to turn back to Me for My saving power to get you out of the pits and restore you to My blessings.  I would much rather you listen to My Spirit, obey His voice, take His advice and avoid the pitfalls altogether so that you will not have to suffer the consequences that come to you from falling for the tricks of the devil. 
    This is My ideal for My children, that they take full advantage of My wonderful gift to them of leading and guiding them to reject evil instead of joining with it and then coming to Me like proverbial Prodigal Sons, trusting in My forgiveness and restoration to My favor.  They suffer horrible consequences for joining with evil which gives them pigpen living again and again.  (Luke 15:11-16)  I save them again and again, but they endure hell's fury first before they return to Me.
    My desire for My children is that they listen to My voice of complete salvation which comes from Me through My Holy Spirit.  He wants to lead and guide you, not just save you from your problems.  (John 16:13) In leading and guiding you, He leads you onto green pastures where there are no demonic spirits who trap you into doing their will.  Instead of doing the will of the evil one, you do My will in the earth and My kingdom comes to your small portion of the earth as it is in My heaven because you have taken My Fatherly advice and avoided the evil traps set for you.  I lead you around the traps, causing you to avoid the discomfort, the sadness, the strife, and the anger which comes with your falling into the evil traps set for you by the devil.  Instead of your judging someone and being judged in return by the devil which causes you to suffer emotionally, physically and spiritually, when you take My advice that I give you in your thoughts to forgive and bless everyone, you will enjoy the blessings of My kingdom of love by walking in My Spirit which brings My heaven into your life. 
    Jesus made it very clear that if you are angry with anyone that you will pay the full price to the devil because you have stirred the fires of hell. (Matthew 5:21-26) Yet My children still seek revenge after being angry with some of My other children.  Do you not believe that Jesus spoke the truth?  My Holy Spirit encourages you to forgive people who oppose you instead of becoming angry at them which binds you to the devil's judgment of destruction.  When you forgive everyone who comes against you, or those people who believe differently than you or those people who hurt you emotionally, physically and spiritually, you avoid the fires of hell because you have skirted around the trap set by the devil.  You have exemplified My character in the earth, so My blessings pour into your life instead of destruction pouring into your life.  (Matthew 6;12)  
    The full gospel comes from the sacrifice of Jesus when He died so that you would be able to inherit My promise that I made from the beginning, that I would give you power over evil.  That power is the same power that led Him while He ministered in the earth and it is the same power that raised Him from the dead.  It is the power of My Holy Spirit, which is My own supernatural power. (Acts 1:4-5; Acts 2:1-4) I know how to keep you on the narrow path that leads to righteousness, but you must take My advice as delivered from My mouth to you through My Holy Spirit, giving you My Fatherly advice on how to skirt around the traps of evil; and thus in avoiding evil you only inherit My blessings while you live in the earth.
     I don't lock you out of My kingdom.  The devil does.  If you will seek to be led by My Spirit onto the ways that were outlined by Jesus in My Instruction Book, you will inherit all of My blessings because you have allowed My kingdom to come into your life as it is in My heaven by your doing My will. (Matthew 6:10)
     I am your Father.  Take My Fatherly advice.
     Your Father of Wisdom and Knowledge

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