Monday, February 20, 2017


Dear Child,
    There are people in the earth to whom My children refer as career criminals, people who habitually break civil laws.  The criminal habits of those people are developed in them from childhood and those actions are the only way they know how to operate in society.  No one has shown them how to be good civic minded people.  They are actually very trainable when someone takes the time to show them how to operate with regard to other people.  With determination, the lucky ones who have good mentors can change their bad habits into good habits.   Unfortunately, My children often give up on the career criminals.  More unfortunately for My children, My children judge the career criminals as being not worthy to be saved, not worthy of being redeemed, thinking that leopards never change their spots.
    My children who are judgmental and condemning don't know My power to change a person from the inside out when My Holy Spirit comes to live in the career criminals.  That is what We do, is make new creatures of them and We train them to be productive members of society.  Think about Saul who persecuted and maybe even murdered Christians; but, when he met Me on the road to Damascas, he was completely changed.  I even changed his name to Paul because the new person was nothing like the old one.  He had new motivations, new thoughts, new attitudes, new conversations and new actions, all as developed in him by My Holy Spirit.  He went on to write the most spiritually revealed portions of My Instruction Book.  Still, religious people in his day continued to judge him and persecute him.
    There are spiritual career criminals in My family.  They are called hypocrites.  They identify themselves as My children but they are filled with hatred, rage, anger, judgment, condemnation, discord, strife and division.  They judge other people by old covenant laws which I said became dead when My perfect Son came to earth to give them the real image of My character.  Jesus gave them new commands which were completely opposite to their religious laws.  They continued to judge and condemn people for not following religious laws while they, themselves, also did not follow them.  They sowed discord, strife and division in My family which was against My commands given through My Son.  I admonished them through Him to forgive others instead of judging and condemning them.  Yet, they refused to obey His commands and even enlarged the judgment and condemnation of others.  Does that not speak of judgment of others, to condemn them for breaking religious laws while they, themselves, did not heed the commands of Jesus and turn the other cheek when stricken or opposed, did not forgive others before they went to pray in their churches, did not love their enemies instead of doing evil to them.  (Matthew 5:19-26; 38-48; Matthew 7:1-8)  They did not stop judging as emphasized by Jesus.  He even told them that they would be judged by the devil by the same degree of judgment if they did judge someone.  Again and again the religious people judged others as if Jesus did not know what He was talking about.  Those actions deserve the implication of being  spiritual career criminals because they break the command of Jesus to love others as I love you which always results in forgiving others instead of judging others.  He told them to pray that their sins would be forgiven to the same degree that they forgave others.
    Civil career criminals continue to do the same evil acts over and over again.  Spiritual career criminals do the same thing, break My commands over and over again and expect Me to answer their prayers when they have rejected My teachings and joined with the devil who is the father of judgment and condemnation.  Continuing in judgment of others results in your falling away from My guidance and blessings.  Not only that, but you are judged by the devil for the same thing that you accuse others of doing.  If you sow discord and strife instead of sowing peace, then you are perpetuating your own strife filled life because of the seeds that you have sown.  If you sow peace and forgiveness, then you perpetuate My kingdom living and you will have heaven on earth.
    Forgive the civil career criminals in your midst and forgive the spiritual career criminals.  Teach them to heed My words to love others as I love them and to forgive others as I forgive them.  When they do, then they will perpetuate love and forgiveness in the world because they are loved and forgiven.
    I never call you a career criminal and keep you out of My kingdom.  Your sins are forgiven because of the death and resurrection of Jesus and you will spend eternity with Me.  However, if you place yourself under old covenant laws and judge others by those laws, then you make yourself a spiritual career criminal and you are judged by the devil for not obeying all of those laws.  I said that those religious laws bring death but My Holy Spirit brings life.  Judging others by religious laws brings hell into your life on earth.  Loving others and forgiving others brings heaven into your life on earth.
    Choose blessings or choose curses.  If you choose My blessings you will live a life of love and forgiveness.  If you choose to judge and condemn others, you will be cursed in areas of your life, never coming to a place of rest.
    Strip off the old judgmental attitudes and put on love and forgiveness.
    Your Father of Mercy 

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