Friday, February 17, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    In the beginning Adam walked and talked freely with Me and he could see into the spiritual dimensions just as I do.  His days on earth were blessed beyond measure until he was deceived by the devil, who appeared to him as a snake instead of the destruction and death administering spirit that he is.  When Adam allowed the devil to invade the earth, he was cursed by the devil. One of the curses was that a veil was placed over his mind so that he, and other people after him, would be blinded to spiritual truths and be unable to see into the heavens around them.  Without the sight to recognize evil spirits, My children were easily ruled by the devil at his commands which are called temptations. 
    I devised a perfect plan which continues to work in the lives of many of My children who have yielded themselves to the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth.  My children who hear My voice and appreciate My visions and dreams are able to see into the spiritual dimensions and recognize the works of evil spirits for what they are, spirits sent from hell to defeat My children by enticing them to cooperate with him to destroy the earth which I created and labeled as good.  I managed to send My Son into the earth to redeem My children by His death and resurrection, and We sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to be received by My obedient children who desire My power for them to again become My obedient child with the might and power to overcome every evil spirit in the world. 
   My discerning of spirits is one of the gifts that comes from My Holy Spirit.  He reveals to My attentive children the evil spirits that are tempting them, the evil spirits that are operating in disguise, and He gives My children power over them.  He reveals the truth to you that there are spirits to which you must not bind yourself by dependency, allegiance, devotion and loyalty.(Matthew 16:19)   The truth of that teaching was amplified when Jesus identified some of the spirits as being the evil spirits operating in the Pharisees, the Saduccees, the scribes and the hypocrites.  He told you to beware of the words and actions of those people because if you are united with them that you will also receive the judgment and destruction of those spirits. Jesus could not be more specific when He said, "Beware of the teachers of the law."  (Luke 20:46-47)  He told his followers and he tells you that the woes of hell are on the religious and political teachers who teach religious laws that bind people and political laws that enslave people.  The Pharisees of the time were religious politicians and the scribes and Saduccees were religious teachers.  Jesus' warning is still in effect.  Jesus said to beware of them because they were hypocrites.  It is the evil spirits behind the religious leaders and political leaders that Jesus was warning against.
    Jesus was telling you that if you bind yourself in loyalty to the demonic spirits behind the teachers of religious and political laws that you will inherit their woes in your life. (Matthew 23:13-36)  He cautioned His followers not to swear loyalty to those teachers by swearing on anything in the temple.  You have heard people say that they swear on their mother's grave or on the life of their child.  Jesus cautioned that when you swear loyalty to anything in the earth that you are swearing loyalty to the demons that are operating in it.  In your mind and emotions you must not be loyal and in unity to anything that is of the flesh of people because demonic spirits operate in the flesh of people.
    When your devotion, loyalty and allegiance are to Me as you Father, as My child you will not swear loyalty to anything that is of the earth where the devil is the father of evil.  You must not bind yourself with loyalty to anything or you will be cursed by the evil spirits that are operating in that organization, that person, that political faction, that religious denomination or anything that is capable of doing evil.  You must choose who is going to be the lord of your life.  If you choose things of the earth to be your lord, then you will bind yourself to the evil spirits that operate in that group.  When you choose to be loyal to me, making Me the Lord of your life, then you are truly My child with the desire to bind yourself completely to Me.  You will become like Me, acting like Me because you intimately know Me.  You will recognize the evil that is operating in religious and political leaders and you will avoid the rhetoric that flows from their mouths.  You must forgive them for their spiritual ignorance but you must not yield to the venom of strife, the division, the disgust, the name calling, the hatred and the prejudice that they teach.  If you bind yourself to them, you will also inherit the woes of hell that they teach.
    With whom are you in unity?  Are you in unity with My love and peace or are you in unity with the devil's hatred and strife?  You know them by their fruit.  Eat My good fruit and live the abundant life.  Eat the fruit of hatred, division and strife and you will die spiritually first and then physically.
     Is the light in you My light which brings life to others or is the light in you religious and political darkness which brings death to others?  (Matthew 6:22-26)  There is enough darkness in your world.  People are hungry for My light.  When My light is in you, you light up the world and people are drawn to the light.  They will glorify me because they know that your light comes from Me.
    Your Light Giving Father

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