Saturday, February 18, 2017


Dear Child,
    Your enemy, the devil, uses his long standing strategy to conquer My children.  Dividing them has always worked for him.  When he can divide them, whether it is a family, a nation, an organization, a church, a club, a governing body or a neighborhood, then he can conquer them because I can only do My works in a spirit of unity.  Division is the devil's tried and true strategy that began at the beginning of the world, with Cain and Able, and it has continued to work for him.  Jealousy, strife, envy, discord, anger, hatred, disagreements, rigidity, selfish ambition, domination, religious hypocrisy and political party factions are what My Holy Spirit warned My children are the fruit of the demonic spirit of division.  He even said where there is strife, there is every evil devilish work.  (Galatians 5;18-21; Proverbs 29:22; James 3:14-16)
   Yet, even with every warning that Jesus gave to My children and which Solomon gave and Paul, James, Peter, John and others of My prophets gave to My children, they still engage in divisive thoughts attitudes, words and actions toward My other children, using religious and political rhetoric to divide.  Divisive people say that they are protecting their nation, their churches and their political factions when they divide but all they are doing is conquering other people and causing further division when they hold to staunch, rigid beliefs.  If the division succeeds in conquering other people, eventually the dividers swell with pride when they succeed.  The next step is a fall to the depths of hell because pride goes before a big and deep fall.  Pride elevates ones self over other people which was the reason for the division in the first place, to diminish the importance of other people in your life by dividing and conquering others.
   My Holy Spirit told My children what I desire: that they make peace with everyone, not allowing the devil's division to rule their lives.  When you join with divisive actions, you reject My command to keep peace with everyone. (Romans 12:18-21) Keeping peace and striving for unity is to become peaceable, gentle, merciful, kind, good, loving, without partiality and hypocrisy.  (James 3:17-18; Galatians 5;22-26)
   It is only in an atmosphere of unity that I can do My pleasurable works of goodness to My children.  On the greatest day in the history of mankind when I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to make His dwelling place inside of  My children, they were all in one accord, in one mind, in unity with one another and with Me.   
If they had been divisive, My Spirit could not have fulfilled My promise to My children that I would live in them and be their God, leading and guiding them into all truth and onto the green pastures of life.    
   I cannot work where there is discord and division because evil spirits are in control, eager to divide and conquer My children by enticing them to enter into conflict with people as led by the will of the devil.   The spirits of hatred, division, strife, conflict, anger and discord are from the spirit of anti-Christ because they are opposite to the nature of Jesus Christ.  My children are blinded by political loyalty and religious division.  They listen to the emotional appeals of men instead of listening to My Holy Spirit who only teaches My nature of love, peace, mercy, goodness and kindness.
   You wonder why you, your family and your nation have no peace.  You had better consult your Instruction Book, the Bible.  You will find that you have either sown division, hatred, anger, division and discord lately in your life or you have bound yourself to a person or group of people who sow strife and division.  You have no peace if you are in unity with strife.  If you are in unity with strife, you are in unity with every evil demon from hell.
    If you keep peace with everyone when others around you are fighting with either weapons or words, you will be a light on the hill, a beacon to the world, saying that there is peace to be had and it is by doing what I admonished My children to do, which is to keep peace with everyone and to love and bless those who are considered your religious and political enemies.  When you bless them, they no longer are your enemies.  They become your friends and I can do mighty works for you because you have asked Me in an attitude of peace.
    Instead of dividing and conquering, My children must love, unite and sow peace.
    Jesus is the Prince of Peace.  In the earth My true children must become princes of peace, just like their Savior Jesus.  As He is, so are you in the world.
     Your Father of Unity and Peace              

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