Monday, December 21, 2015


Dear One,
    People travel miles and miles to buy fruit from healthy fruit trees because of the nutritious quality of the produce. They know that fruit has vitamins and minerals that are necessary to maintain a healthy life and also have the ability to cure nutritional deficiencies.  Diseased fruit trees stand alone without attention because of the gnarled, ugly, nutritionally lacking fruit which is unappealing to the eyes as well as lacking in vitamins and minerals.  Very often, diseased trees are cut down in order to make room for new healthy trees which provide the orchard owner a more prosperous life.
    It is the same with the fruit of the mouths of My children.  Jesus described the difference between the two, the good trees that bring forth good fruit and the diseased trees that bring forth diseased fruit.  You have the opportunity to only bring healthy. loving, uplifting words into every situation, giving hope to people, giving faith to people, giving kindness to people, giving goodness to people, giving joy and happiness to people.  Jesus was very emphatic in saying that you know the nature of the tree by its fruit.  If your words and attitudes are filled with strife, anger, dissension, hatred, discord, disgust or hopelessness, then you are dispensing bad fruit into the world which will poison the hearers and bring negativity into their lives as well as your own life.   You create heaven or hell on earth by your words and attitudes.
     Jesus was not only concerned about the effect that your negative words and attitudes have on other people, He also said that the true nature of the tree is identified by its fruit.  In other words, if your words are negative and full of fear, you have revealed the true nature of your heart, that being fearful and filled with negativity.  It has not grown in My garden but has, instead, grown in the garden of destruction.   It is not a kind, pure, heart that has been purified by My Spirit and changed into My image.
     There are instances where My children have been purified, cleansed and delivered from the clutches of evil, having enjoyed freedom from the works of the devil but later those children have joined with false prophets who teach fear, war, pride, exclusion, domination, restrictive religion and divisive politics.  My children come into bondage again to fear from which they were delivered by the sacrifice of Jesus.  The prophet Paul warned that you should not be entangled again in the yoke of bondage.  He said that Jesus purchased your freedom and that you should walk in that freedom.  He said that bondage is known by its fruit, which is fear and strict accountability without being allowed a defense. (Galatians 5:1)  When you become bound again to religious laws you will experience bondage to evil spirits.   You know the false prophets by their fruit.  If fear of Me is taught, if fear is spread by false prophesies, if fear of other religions is taught, if fear of losing your freedoms are taught by men who call themselves by My name, disassociate yourself from their bondage or you will end up again in bondage to fear. (James 1:22-27)
     Jesus Christ purchased your freedom.  Be led by My Spirit and He will keep you free from the binding clutches of religion and divisive politics.  You will know them by their fruit.  If you eat their fruit, which are their words, you will become a diseased tree with diseased fruit.
     The words of My Holy Spirit are pure, liberating and have the power to make you  free from all fear and dread.
     All trees of righteousness bear fruit of righteousness.  Embrace My righteousness and you will bear My fruit of goodness and kindness..
     Your Father of Wisdom and Insight 

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Dear One,
    One of the admonitions in My Instruction Book is that you please do not grieve the Holy Spirit.  Why would I caution you about grieving My Spirit?  The ways I said that We are grieved is when My children who call themselves by My name speak bitter, negative, corrupt words from their mouths  We know that they are cursing their own lives for which Jesus died.  He died so that you might have the power to refrain from cursing your life and the lives of others with your words. (Ephesians 4:29-31)
    My children have My Spirit inside of them to lead them into only speaking words that edify themselves, edify others, and bring grace to the hearer.  There is creative power in your words just like there is creative power in My words, and We are grieved when My children choose to curse themselves with negative, angry words instead of blessing themselves with positive, loving words.  
     My Spirit went on to tell you what words grieve Us.  We are grieved with  bitter, corrupt, wrathful, angry, clamoring and evil speaking words because they are from hell, and I said that you should put them away from you, along with putting all malice away from you.  We know that those words will summon hell to work against you and We are grieved that you have chosen curses over My blessings which come from speaking loving, kind, gracious words.
     Choosing good over evil is not a one time thing when you choose to become born of My Spirit, sealed with My redemption.  That was your first choice in choosing sides in the war between good and evil, blessings and curses.  That choice allowed you to have the power of My Holy Spirit in your life to coach you into identifying thoughts, attitudes and actions which will curse you.  You still have to choose between thoughts, attitudes and actions which come from either Me or the devil.  Those choices present themselves every minute of the day to you. 
      My children who are led by My Spirit do not speak negative, corrupt words because they know the damage they do to their own lives and their families when they do.  When they do speak corrupt words, they have yielded to their own enemy of destruction and given him permission to curse their lives.
      Often My children who are young in Spirit will yield to their human emotions and speak negatively, just like the people I was addressing in Ephesus.  I corrected them and instructed them in My letter to them, cautioning them about the power of their words, which either summon heaven or summon hell to work in their lives.(Matthew 12:35-37)  Their lack of knowledge of My instructions through Jesus is the reason why they were neglectful in purifying their minds so that they would only speak words which build up and edify.  My guidance in this area is paramount to living the abundant life that I promised to My children.
     I said if you follow My instructions that you will be blessed in every area of your life, but if you continue following the urges of satan and speak bitter words you will be cursed in every area of your life.  (Deuteronomy 28; Romans 8:14-17; James 3:5-12) I taught it through Jesus, through Paul, through Peter, through John, through James, through My letter to the Hebrews. I taught it over and over again so that you would not miss this key to My kingdom.
     I am grieved when My children are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit but still speak negative, corrupt words that summon hell to invade their lives.   I love them with My whole heart, but I know that their neglect in taming their tongues are causing them to be condemned by their negative words.  I impress upon them that their words have cursed them, and they must turn from their bitterness and return to My attitudes of love for all people.
      Curses flood into you life when you follow the temptations in your mind to speak bitter, corrupt, angry, wrathful, domineering, destructive words.  Blessings flood into your life when you follow My guidance and only speak positive, loving, edifying, gracious words. 
      It's really very simple.  Choose good over evil in thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.
      Your Loving Father  

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Dear One,  
    Your most powerful enemy is not your neighbor, your family members, a member of another race, religion or culture.  Your most powerful enemy is not the gang member nor the people who live by the sword or gun.  Your most powerful enemy is your own tongue.  When your tongue is joined with satan in negative emotions, speaking destructive words, it is your worse enemy because you are declared justified as My child by your good words and you are condemned by your bad words.  That is what I said through Jesus.  (Matthew 12: 35-37)
    Yes, because you are made in My image with creative abilities, one of the members of your own body is used by the devil against you, either to curse your life and the lives of your family or to bless yourself and your family.  It is your very own tongue.  There is no other way that you bless your own life and the lives of your family members and there is no other way that you and your family members can be cursed except by your very own tongue in your very own mouth.
     My children think that curse words are only the words that include the word damn as well as words which are sexually viewed as being improper.  What you don't realize is that every word which is spoken in anger, wrath, rage, disapproval, strife, division, dissension, disgust and words that are demeaning, demoralizing and distasteful to others are curse words because they cause a negative reaction in the hearers.  Words either build up or they tear down.  They either bless or they curse.  There are no in-between words.
      Because attitudes produce spiritual energy, you are responsible for whatever attitude is produced in the lives of people who hear the words spoken from your mouth.  If your words produce negative attitudes in people, then you have sown seeds in the evil garden of life that produces destruction and those words will come back to curse you as well as the person you intended to curse by your negativity.  If your words are loving, kind, merciful, uplifting, forgiving and gracious, then you have built up and blessed My family and you will be blessed. 
      I wrote through Solomon that life and death are in the power of the tongue.   The words that you speak can bring life to yourself and others or they can bring emotional death to others and to yourself, depending upon whether they are negative words or positive words.   (Proverbs 18:21) Positive words build up and negative words tear down. 
     I said through Solomon that you eat the fruit produced by the fruit of your tongue, either having a blessed life or having a cursed life.  It was from that truth that Jesus said that a good tree brings forth good fruit and a corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit.  (Matthew 7:15-19)  He said that every tree that brings forth evil fruit is cut down by satan and cast into his fire of hell while they live, cursing their lives in every way.  I don't cut anyone down and curse their lives by causing them to speak words which curse themselves.  I always built up, not tear down.  But the devil uses My children against themselves.  The words that he whispers in your ear which are negative in any way will curse you if you speak what he wants you to speak. 
     I use My positive, kind words spoken in your ear and then spoken by you to others to build the abundant life that I promised to My children.  My words that I speak in your mind and then the ones that are spoken by you can only build up the hearers and produce wonderful results.  You are known by your fruits.  If your life is corrupted with bad situations, you must check out your words which you have spoken in the past.  Find where you have cursed yourself or your family by negative words and then begin to only speak positive, loving, kind, gracious words to rebuilt what your tongue, influence by the devil, tore down to your own detriment.  (James 3)
     People are not your problem.  All of your problems come from the devil who uses you and your tongue to curse your own life. (Ephesians 6:10-17)  He tempts you to defend yourself with injurious words and he tempts you to exalt yourself with prideful words while tearing others down in your path of life.  Then he tells you that are justified in your setting on fire hell itself to curse everyone.   The very first teachings by Jesus told you is not ever to defend yourself but if a person offends you that you turn the other cheek to allow the person to offend you another time.  He was saying to never strike back in thought, word or deed because of the creative power that you have. 
      My Spirit said to let me avenge you instead of your avenging yourself.  (Romans 12:19-21)  My Spirit said to overcome evil with good.  It works every time.
      Refrain from lending your tongue to the devil with which he wants to curse you.  The devil wants to use your creative power of your tongue to curse your life.  Lend your tongue to Me and My uplifting words which will bless you and your family.  My words always bless others and yourself.  My words are always kind, loving, merciful, forgiving, gracious and filled with good news.
      Your Father of Love  

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Dear One,
    My children should always speak rivers of joy in the earth.  Jesus said out of your bellies shall flow rivers of living waters and that He was speaking of the Holy Spirit.  (John 7:38-39) The words of My children need to be words that bring life to people instead of bringing death and destruction to the emotions and lives of others. 
    Negative words bring death.
    Negative words bring destruction.
    Negative words rob others of hope.
    Negative words spread fear because they originate in fear.
    Negative words pollute people and pollute the earth.
    Negative words cause diseases.
    Negative words cause anxiety.
    Negative words cause emotional distress.
    Negative words bring hell into the lives of people instead of bringing life..
    Jesus said that a good, healthy tree cannot grow bad fruit and a bad, diseased tree cannot grow good fruit. He said that you will know them by their fruit.  In other words, you know them by the words that proceed from their mouths. (Matthew 7:17-20)
     Diseased trees grow bitterness, strife, conflict, dissension, hopelessness, defeat, hatred, anger, pride and other ugly, pest eaten fruit. My children who spew forth those corruption words from their mouths will not be able to enter into the blessings of My kingdom while they live in the earth because they have sown seeds into the garden of hell, which is the garden of death and destruction.  I have given that truth many, many times in My Instruction Book and, in addition, My Spirit constantly speaks that truth to My children who have ears to hear. Their destructive, negative thoughts, attitudes and words have made it impossible for those of My children to inherit their blessings.  (Isaiah 59:1-4)  I am constantly speaking My encouraging, loving, living words to them but their negative barriers of strife have blocked My voice from being heard by them.
     Healthy trees grow love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience, faithfulness and self control.  Healthy people who are rooted in My love will speak loving, encouraging, uplifting, hopeful, faith-filled, gracious words which sow seeds into My garden of heaven, the garden of love and blessings.  I wrote over and over again in My Book to My children about the blessings that come from thinking upon, meditating upon, speaking and doing positive, loving actions toward others, emphasizing that when you do as I advised that My blessings will flow to you like the river of joy that flows from  the inner beings of My children who are rooted and grounded in My love, My peace and My joy.
     You know when you have spoken negative words because your gut feeling is that you have cursed other people and yourself with your negative attitudes and words.  When you do spew death-filled words out of your mouth, immediately change your thoughts and attitudes, apologize to the hearers of those words for spreading death instead of life, and begin to only speak words which edify the hearers.  That is called repentance.  Repentance is not falling on the ground prostate before Me with tears and regret.  Repentance is active, changing your ways from evil to good, changing from thinking and speaking negative words which curse others and yourself to only speaking words which will build up My kingdom of love in the world. 
     Rivers of joy proceeding from your mouth will sow seeds into My garden of joy which will produce plants which will, in return, bring joy back into your life.  When you choose to speak joyful words you have chosen to live a joyful life.  (Matthew 12:37)
     In this time of celebration, you should determine to do what My Spirit coaches you to do, let no corrupt communication proceed from your mouth but only speak words that edify the hearer and bring grace to everyone.  (Ephesians 4:29-32)   When you do that, you have chosen blessings over curses.
    Your Father of Blessings

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Dear One,
    It is impossible to think about two things at one time.  You cannot entertain fear thoughts and at the same time praise Me in your thoughts and words.  It goes back to that spiritual principle of choosing either good or evil.  You can either invite the destructive, tormenting thoughts of fear into your mind or you can, instead, choose to immediately praise Me for the solution to the current problems, choosing to believe that I have the perfect solution.  When you choose to praise Me and to also rejoice that I not only can but I will enact the perfect events that produce a good result in your life, you are choosing good over evil. (Genesis 2:17)
    My children think that choosing good over evil is making a choice between sinning by breaking religious laws and not sinning by breaking religious laws.  That is only one facet of the spiritual principle of choosing good over evil.  The most productive choices of choosing good over evil is when you refuse to believe the fear images that the devil puts in your mind of destruction coming into your life and instead you choose at that instant to praise Me for the answers to your prayers.  That is also making a spiritual choice.   That is the exact reason why My Spirit told you to rejoice when trials of life come your way.  (James 1:2-4) If the first reaction you have is to rejoice that I have the perfect solution, to praise me for the solution and for My effective works in your behalf, applying patience to your mind, then you will definitely, without question, if you persists you will see the solution manifested in answer to your prayers. I said you would be lacking in nothing.   
    If, instead, you choose to believe the fear images put there by the devil,  persisting in dwelling upon them, then you have agreed with the images.  If you entertain the fear thoughts, the possibility of the destruction occurring increases because of your agreement with it.  Remember what a modern day prophet once said: the devil lays eggs in your mind and if you sit on them and hatch them, the baby is yours.   In other words, if your persist in thinking about the fearful, negative, destructive images in your mind, the end result is your own product of destruction.  BUT, if you will replace the fearful thoughts with rejoicing and praising Me for My solution, persisting in declaring your allegiance to Me instead of to the works of fear, then I can efficiently produce My desired result in your life, which is the solution to your problem. (II Timothy 1:7)
    An easier way is not to wait until problems rear their ugly heads, but to live in a constant state of rejoicing and praising Me for My goodness.   When you are thinking about, speaking about and praising me about My goodness toward you and all of My children, then when problems arise in your life, which always occurs, you are already rejoicing and praising Me so it is easy to continue to bypass fear thoughts and proclaim to Me and to the universe your loyalty to Me and My solutions. That profession of faith happens by your praising Me and rejoicing in Me.(Psalm 34:1)
     You have My Instruction Book with all of My promises to you.  You can use My words in My Book to defeat the fearful thoughts put in your mind.  That is what your brother Jesus did and it is effective every time against the devil. (Matthew 4:2-10)  The devil knows that I am more powerful that he.  When you declare My power as being more powerful than his and more effective in defeating his works, then he has to leave you because he knows that you cannot be manipulated by fear. (Matthew 4:11)  Fear is his only weapon against you because it is so effective.  It presents to your mind images of destruction and death.  My children fall for its lies more often than any other temptation because they think those thoughts are reality instead of a merely a temptation sent to entice you into being fearful so as to more easily defeat you. They are only images in your mind, not reality.  (John 16:33)
     Praise Me and rejoice in Me when fearful images invade your mind.  You can't think two things at once.  Choose to be on the winning team through praises for Me and rejoicing in Me.  I defeated the works of the devil through Jesus and I will defeat his works through My Holy Spirit in you. (Acts 1:4-8)
     Your Loving and Powerful Father

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Dear One,
    Fear is from hell.
    Fear is the power of the devil with the intent to enslave you to himself.
    Fear can kill you.  Ask any doctor and he or she will confirm it.
    Fear can injure your heart and your organs.
    Fear can cause you to react with perverted emotions which will cause you to injure others.
    Fear can ruin relationships when fear is used to control.
    Fear can pollute families when fear is used to punish children.
    Fear of Me taught by pastors, teachers, preachers and other religious leaders causes My children to shrink from me rather than rush to me to receive My love.  If a religious leader teaches any kind of fear, whether fear of end times, fear of punishment, fear of condemnation, fear of judgment, fear of anything connected with me, that leader is in error and he or she has no revelation of My true character, which is love. My children must run from those false prophets in order to avoid the curses caused by the demon of fear.  (Matthew 7:15-20; Romans 8:15-17)
    I said that I did not give you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. (II Timothy 1:7) In that revelation from My Spirit as given through Paul, I identified fear as a spirit.  Fear is a demonic spirit from hell used by the devil to enslave you to himself and his kingdom of destruction.  Fear is not from Me.  It is from hell.
    A wise man once said, by revelation from Me, that the only thing to fear is fear itself.  He knew the power of fear and what fear can do to My children, kill them, maim them, destroy them, cause them to kill one another, cause them to become reclusive, and cause them to come under the control of others who do not know Me.
   Other people who use fear to control masses of people are politicians who use fear to manipulate My children.  They use fear of your losing control of your money, your rights, your religion, your freedom, your country, your weapons and your reputation of being powerful and in control.  Yet My children adopt their fears and become enslaved to fear rather than free as they promised if you follow them.  Those of My children will not enter into the benefits of My kingdom of love because they have bound themselves to the spirit of fear, initiated by the devil in order to enslave them. They have lost their freedoms to the devil because of fear rather than becoming free, as was promised.
    I am the only Father who can make you free.  I give you the power to become free from the spirit of fear that was introduced into your life by religion and politics, just like it was in the days when Jesus walked the earth.  He told the religious and political leaders that they inherited woes and curses instead of inheriting freedom and love which come only from Me. 
    I give you My love, which is what you seek.  The only place to find unconditional love is in Me because I am Love.  (John 3:16-18; John 5:42; Romans 5:5-8; I John 4:8)
    I said that there is no fear in love because perfect love casts out all fear.
( I John 4:18-21) With a revelation of My love for you and for everyone, you have a sound mind because you do not allow fear to pollute your calm emotions.
     Fear has torment.  My children who are perfected in My love do not listen to fear, do not speak fear, do not yield to fear; but they do cast fear out of their minds when it tries to enter and disturb their peace.
     My true children spread peace in the world.  They do not spread fear and torment.  You know them by the fruit of their mouths.  If you follow religious leaders and political leaders who speak fear, you will lose your benefits of being My child because you have joined with your demonic enemy through fear.
     If you have fear in your life, take My advice and ask My Spirit to reveal to you the height, depth, breadth and length of My love for you and for the whole world.  He delights in revealing My love to My children. 
     When you are rooted and grounded in My love for you, there will be no fear and you will be flooded with My blessings, more than you can dare think or imagine, according to the spirit of My love that is in you.  (Ephesians 3:14-20)
     Your Father of Love  

Monday, December 14, 2015


Dear One,
     It is by faith and patience that you inherit My promises to you. (Hebrews 6:12)
     It is by rejoicing and patience when trials come into your life that you will receive the crown of life, which is receiving your full inheritance that I have stored for you, all the answers to your prayers. (James 1:12)
     It is by letting patience have her full work that you will perfect and entire, wanting nothing. (James 1:4)
     Those promises should convince you that by applying patience to your prayers, rejoicing in faith that I have the solution to all of your problems, continuing in faith for however long it takes, that solutions to your problems will emerge and you will be blessed.
     I also said that all of My promises are yes and amen, so be it.  (I Corinthians 1:20) 
     Your continuing in faith is emphasized by your praying in the Spirit at all times and in all occasions, for it is through your praying in My Spirit that I speak the solutions to all of your problems which have been introduced into your life by the devil who tries your faith and patience. 
      Everything that comes upon you is common to other people.  The devil never has any new afflictions, problems, sins or iniquities,  He tempts My children again and again with the same temptations with which he tempted Jesus.  All of those temptations are to lead My children down the wide path that leads to destruction, whether it be temptations of the flesh, of the emotions, or of the mind.  Because they are only the same trials with individual faces, I have the solutions because I have led My children to succeed in defeating the problems and finding the solutions an infinite number of times.  I not only help you to bear up under the problem with patience, but I give the solutions.(I Corinthians 10:12-13)
     Patience is one of My characteristics, called the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  Patience is resident in you in the person of My Holy Spirit who resides inside of your Spirit and who delivers into your mind My wisdom and knowledge on how to defeat every problem that comes to destroy you and your faith.  When I said to let patience have her full work, I meant that you can reach into your spirit inside of your belly from which the rivers of living waters flow.  You can access My patience and apply it to every situation.  Your flesh is  the only part of you which is impatience.  Your spirit is filled with patience at all time because My Holy Spirit is always patient with you and others, so you must learn to apply My patience to every situation.  If you do, then you will be perfect, lacking in nothing. 
     Do you want that promise fulfilled in your life, that you will be perfect, lacking in nothing?   Then apply the patience of My Holy Spirit to every trying situation in order to allow Me time to work out every element necessary to meet all of your needs, wants and desires.  I am dealing with people who have wills of their own, just like you are.   The difference is that I know all of the intricacies necessary to work My power into every problem and trying situation. Trust Me, be patient, pray in the Spirit, walk in love with everyone, and you will be delighted with My answers to your prayers and solutions to every troubling situation.
     Your Problem Solving Father

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Dear One,
    Do you lack wisdom relating to anything, whether it is wisdom relating to relationship problems, business problems, plumbing problems, structural problems, mechanical problems, addiction problems, education problems, health problems or problems in any other area of your life?  (James 1:5-8)  If you need to find solutions for every trying thing that adds stress to your life, ask Me for My wisdom relating to it. 
    I am your ultimate problem solver.  I created everything and everybody, so I know how to give solutions to every imaginable problem that My children encounter.  If you are unable to receive the entire solution in your mind, I will direct you to the person who has the complete, workable solution.
    I said that I would not leave you without comfort.  I said I would come to you through My Holy Spirit with the answer to anything that you lack.  Wisdom and insight are two of the things of which My children have the greatest need. (John 14:18)
    If you will check My instructions through James about your lack of wisdom, it was in relation to trials that come upon you.  Remembering that Jesus said that in the world you will have tribulation, but that you must rejoice because I overcame the devil and I will tell you how to overcome the trials that he places in your path of life.(John 16:33)
    Instead of worrying, fretting, spinning out of control emotionally, having poor me thoughts, getting mad or ranting and raving, My wisdom will come more quickly to your mind and the solutions will speedily be available if you will immediately rejoice that I have the solution to your problem. (James 1:2-4) 
    If you do react with fleshly emotional actions, your mind gets cloudy and unable to receive My wisdom.  But when you react with the spiritual principles of rejoicing and thanking Me for the answer to the problems, then your mind is clear and unencumbered, open to receive the wisdom that I so readily give to you.  In other words, worrying, fretting, ranting and raving put static between you and My solution to the problem.
    Train yourself to access My wisdom quickly by immediately praising Me for solutions when problems arise, rejoicing that I am your Father of wisdom with all of the answers to your problems, thanking Me repeatedly for My wisdom and guidance that I so willingly give.  In doing those things, you stay in communion with Me and allow My kingdom to work for you instead of accessing the devil's kingdom to work against you with your emotional ravings.  Wisdom will flow into your mind quickly when there is no emotional static to block it.
    James had great insight relating to how to receive My wisdom.  When the devil sends problems into your life, My Spirit even said that you will be blessed and fortunate when you endure the devil's trial of your faith if you will rejoice when the trial comes, seek for My wisdom, receive it and take My advice.   He said that you will receive the crown of life that is yours to receive.  A crown is placed on the head of a person who wins a battle.  The crown that I place upon your head identifies you as one who has overcome a trial by staying in communion with me; and as a result, blessings will flow into your life. (James 1:12)
     I said to rejoice in Me, and again I say rejoice. (Philippians 4:4)  I said to let rejoicing be abundant in your life.  Rejoicing binds you to My kingdom and My power.  When problems appear in your life, rejoice and be exceedingly glad that I have the solutions to your problems because I have free flowing wisdom available to all of My children.
     Your Solution Giving Father

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Dear One,
    Good parents are full of good parental advice, good guidance, beneficial teachings and constructive warnings about what is beneficial for their children to think and do and what is destructive for their children to think and do.  Good parents want their children to grow and be good citizens, good workers, good neighbors and good parents themselves.  So good parents are replete with their instructions and their own good words and actions. They know that they must be good examples of their own teachings. 
    It is the same in My precious family.  I give good parental advice to My children through My Instruction Book and also through My Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth.  It is through My Book and My Spirit that I give good guidance, beneficial teachings and constructive warnings to My children.  They are given to enhance the lives of My children, giving them keys to My kingdom of blessings.  The ones who follow My advice are the ones who are truly My children, because they are respectful children who know My voice and follow the words that I speak to them. Because they take advantage of My advice, My admonitions and My instructions, they find that the keys that I give to them are workable and effective, opening the doors to blessings for My children, just like the rewards that earthly parents have for their obedient children.
     We talked yesterday about how peacemakers are called My children and how often the ones who call themselves My children are not really identified as My children because they speak conflict, strife and war.  Yet they call themselves by My name and entice other people to follow them into family wars, neighborly wars, local wars, political wars and national wars.  Jesus said it is the people who do My will who enter into My kingdom blessings while in the earth. (Matthew 7:21)
     There is one primary, yet emphatic, word of warning that I gave to My children through Jesus and then My Spirit gave through every new covenant prophet that is completely ignored by people who call themselves My children.  My Holy Spirit said through Paul emphatically, "Let no" ..........  Those were the first two emphatic words that led to My Fatherly advice that followed.  "Let no" means for you not to let the following happen.  It means that, as an act of your will, that you do not let a particular thing happen, which follows.   The next two words of warning was "...... corrupt communication proceed from your mouth,,,,,,," (Ephesians 4:29)   Simply said, My Spirit warned you not to let any corrupt, mean, negative, strife filled, divisive, injurious words come out of your mouth.  The reason for that warning was the foundational teaching that Jesus gave, that by the words of your mouth you are justified, meaning you are identified as My child, and  by the words of your mouth you are condemned, meaning you are dentified as a child of the evil kingdom.  (Luke 12:36-37)  You sow seeds either into My kingdom by your words or you sow seeds into the kingdom of destruction by your words.
     My Holy Spirit encouraged you through the prophet Paul about what words that you should allow to proceed from your mouth.  He went on to say, "Only speak words to the use of edifying, that they may bring grace to the hearer."  He was saying to speak edifying words that build up My kingdom in the world, refusing to speak words that build up the kingdom of destruction in the world by speaking words of fear, hatred and anger.  
     He went on to instruct that you must only speak words that bring grace to the hearer, which include forgiveness and good will to everyone. Gracious words build up My kingdom in the world.  Corrupt words tear down My kingdom in the world.  How pitiful that My children tear down their own kingdom that contains all of My blessings that I have for them.
    The prophet continued by saying, "Grieve not My Holy Spirit by whom you are sealed by Me on the day of redemption," meaning that the blessings that I have for you are easily redeemed by you if you will not allow any corrupt communication to proceed from your mouth, but only speak those words which build up My kingdom and bring grace to the hearers. (Ephesians 4:30)  When you can follow that warning, you will easily redeem your blessings because your words will sow seeds into My garden of blessings.
     He proceeded to identify the corrupt words, "Let all bitterness and wrath, anger, clamor and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice; and be kind to other another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as I, for Christ's sake, have forgiven you." (Ephesians 4:31-32)
     It would benefit you to pay close attention to the,"Let no", the "Let all," the "Grieve not" and the "Be kind"  instructions as given by My Holy Spirit to you and to all My children.  Read them, memorize them, then follow them by an act of your will until uplifting, gracious words become your natural words of beauty, building up My dwelling place in your earth, which are the bodies of all My children who do My will in the earth.  When you can do this instruction, as given by Me through My Spirit, you will begin to inherit all of My gifts that it is My good pleasure to give to My children.  (Luke 12:32)
     I long to reward My children for their willingness to take My advice and by their refusing to be rebellious and self-serving.  I even tell you how to access your blessings, beginning with taming your tongue and only speaking words that build up My family and bring forgiveness and kindness to all people. (Hebrews 11:6)
     Your Rewarding Father of Blessings

Friday, December 11, 2015


Dear One,
     Every state in your nation has different laws.  Every city and county in your state has different municipal laws.  Every country in your world has different laws.  People of different ethnic backgrounds have different view on things, different inherited genes and different programming from youth.  So does that make people of one country, one state, one municipality more holy or more righteous than others? No.
    There are countries whose leaders refuse to go to war with any other country.  It's in the heritage, the background, the ethnic genes.  Because of their refusal to engage in wars, other countries do not challenge them to engage in conflict because it's a well known fact that they will never engage in conflict with any other country.  They are havens for peace. 
    Oh, that My children would be havens of peace and dispensers of peace in the earth.
    There are countries who are eager to go to war with other countries.  It's in the heritage, the background, the ethnic genes.  Because of their eagerness to engage in wars, other countries are eager to challenge them to engage in conflict because they know which countries are prone to be power hunger, wanting to be a world power.  And so it goes on and on and o, instead of peace being the goal of My children, war becomes their goal.  Certain countries are bullies, just like certain people are bullies because their leaders are bullies, wanting to have dominion over other people instead of having dominion over the demonic influences in their lives and in affairs of their countries. The products that bullies receive from the seeds they sow are destruction and death.  They sacrifice their young people to the demon of war and call it patriotism.  It should not be so in the world that I created by My love for all humanity.
    Oh, that My children who call themselves by My name would become havens of peace and dispensers of peace in the earth that I created to be a world of peace.
     Instead of peace increasing in the world when My Son, the Prince of Peace, died for the sins and wars of the people, the devil increased his power over people and over the leaders of countries.  When I prophesied that there would be wars and rumors of wars, I was telling My children that the devil was going to increase his influence and entice people to make more wars.  BUT, with the power of My Holy Spirit, I gave to My true children the instructions and the power to eradicate war from their lives, from their families, from their states, from their countries, but many refuse because of their love for power over other people instead of using My spiritual power to defeat the devil and his works.  They delight in sacrificing their children to the demon of war to be killed, maimed in body and mind, and as a result living defeated, meaningless lives, all in the name of patriotism.
    Patriotism is not righteousness, as is touted in some political parties in war loving countries.
    My children who make war their aim, killing and maiming My children who are made in My image,  do not know My instructions nor do they know My spiritual power that will defeat the demons who start and propagate wars. They only know the voice of the devil and they obey him.
    My instructions to My children through Jesus, Paul and James were that your citizenship is not even in the earth, but it is in My kingdom of heaven, the spiritual country of peace.  Your battle is never with people but with demonic spirits in the spiritual dimensions around you. Yet my children make war with their local neighbors or their neighbors of other countries, making them their enemies, much to My dismay.
    Peace on earth is My desire for the earth.  Make it your desire, keep peace with everyone, and live the abundant life that I promised.
    Your Peace Loving Father 

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Dear One,
     Jesus spoke for Me in the earth besides dying and being resurrected to save the entire world.  His words were My words and His works were My works.  He said that He only said what He heard Me say and He only did what He saw me do.  If you believe that proclamation by Him, then you must also take His advice and do what He proclaimed were My thoughts, attitudes, words and actions in the world in order for you to successfully inherit My blessings while in the earth that I gave to people at the beginning. To be blessed is to be fortunate and to have what is desired.
    When Jesus taught His first teaching He taught on attitudes and the benefits to having My attitudes in the world.  (Matthew 5:1-11) He said that if you take His advice and follow His advice that you will be blessed in all that you do.  Then He described those attitudes, one of which is to be a peacemaker.  He even said that the peacemakers are known as My children.  He didn't say that those who call themselves by My name are called My children.  He said that those who make peace with others are called My children.  Remember that He is called the Prince of Peace.  He is the Prince of Peace, and I am the King of Peace. (Isaiah 5:6-7) That means that My children who make peace with everyone, every friend, every enemy,  all who are of other religions, people of other countries, nationalities and cultures and people who are of different political persuasions, making peace with everybody, they are called My children in the heavens.  He even said that it's easy to love and be at peace with friends, but it's the ones who love and make peace with their enemies who are the ones  called My children by My heavenly hosts and by Myself.  BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS FOR THEY WILL BE CALLED MY CHILDREN.
     Later Jesus said that there are people who cast out demons and heal the sick in My name who will not enter into My kingdom benefits while in the earth. (Matthew 7:21-22) Discerning by what He previously taught, He was meaning that those who are not peacemakers but still who do mighty works in My name will not enter into My blessings.  Those who sow strife and discord in the world, whether they call themselves by My name or not, will never inherit My promises that come from being at peace with everyone.   BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS FOR THEY WILL BE CALLED MY CHILDREN. (Matthew 5:9)
     Jesus only spoke My words, yet My children refuse to take My advice given through Him. They believe their politicians, their unwise preachers, their uninformed teachers and people who teach and preach the ways of the evil one instead of My ways.  Yet, they call themselves by My name.  They are born of My Spirit, yet they are led by the devil's voice of conflict in their flesh. They oppose everyone they call unbelievers but they don't believe My words or they would follow them. They are lambs led to the slaughter, even though they call themselves by My name.  They love to oppose others, strike back at others who strike them, hold religious and political grudges and arm themselves with weapons in order to defeat flesh and blood, people made in My image.  They forget what they do to the least of My children they do to Me.  They do the opposite from what I advised in order to be blessed, and they expect to be blessed just because they call themselves by My name.  Their attitudes and actions defy their allegiance.  They remain cursed instead of blessed and wonder why.  (Romans 13:12-14)   
    All the while it is a simple truth that the peacemakers are blessed and are called My children.  Strife, conflict, opposition, division and dissension are of your enemy, the devil, yet My children promote those actions and thus exempt themselves from My blessings.  The peacemakers are called My children and put themselves in the distributions channels where My blessings flow to them while in the earth. I want all people to be blessed.  Jesus died for it.  Yet, it is the ones who do My will who become blessed because they take My advice, not because I pick and choose who will be blessed.  It's the peacemakers who are called My children because they do My will and they become blessed as a result.  They sow peace and inherit peace.  They sow love and inherit love.  They sow mercy and inherit mercy. BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS FOR THEY SHALL BE CALLED MY CHILDREN. (Matthew 7:21-27)
    If you want to be blessed and receive all of your inheritance that is reserved for you, then you will follow the prompting of My Holy Spirit and keep peace with everyone. (Galatians 6:9-10) My children who have attitudes of conflict will inherit conflict and destruction but My peacemakers inherit peace and blessings.
    You say you are a follower of Jesus?  If so, then you will follow His advice to be a peacemaker and be called My child.  (Matthew 5:9)
    Your Peaceful Father 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Dear One,
     To be blessed in your life with My goodness toward My children, you must realize that the seeds you sow are the plants you will receive back into your life. Sow to My kingdom of love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, patience, mercy and faithfulness and you will have like circumstances and situations to come into being in your life. Sow to the kingdom of destruction of strife, anger, division, conflict, bitter words, opposition, domination or political and religious rhetoric, and you will inherit the same circumstance and situations to come into being in your life. It all depends upon the thoughts, attitudes, words and actions you entertain, speak and do. I said by your fruits you will know them.  (Matthew 7:15-20)
     Jesus even described the different grounds upon which My children sow their seeds.  He identified one as being sown by the wayside, one on stony ground, one on thorny ground, one on good ground.  They are the same grounds as those on which My words are sown which yield fruit in season, some not at all, some 30 times more blessings, some 60 times more blessings, some 100 times more blessings.
     My Holy Spirit spoke through Paul that those who sow to their flesh, where the devil tempts them and My children often yield to him, they will not inherit My kingdom of blessings; but those who sow to My kingdom of love will inherit My blessings in every area of their lives.  My Spirit was speaking to Spirit filled, born again people, not unbelievers.  There were those in the body of Christ at the time of that writing who were sowing to the garden of evil but expecting to reap My blessings. My Spirit was cautioning them that it is impossible for them to reap their righteous inheritance if they continued to sow seeds into the garden of destruction.   In fact, He was very emphatic when He said, "Be not deceived," He knew that they were being very frivolous in their thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.  He emphatically said that I am not mocked but what a person sows he will also reap.  He wanted to bring attention to the truth of seed sowing and your  harvest being whatever seeds were sown.(Galatians 6:7-9)
    A sportsman cannot win a game if he temporarily plays on the side of his opponent.  My children cannot win in life, inheriting the promises that I promised to them, if they sow to the other team, the team of evil thoughts, words, attitudes and actions. It is impossible.  I taught again, again, again and again about this truth so that My children would understand the spiritual truth of sowing to My kingdom so that My blessings will flood into their lives.
    It will be to your good for you to arrest every negative thought that invades your mind, cast it into hell, dispensing it before it becomes an attitude because attitudes are emotions which emote either a good feeling or a bad feeling.  Feelings are energy, either good or bad energy, which My children disperse into their world.  Arresting every negative thought and casting it into hell will keep you from performing the negative actions that are imaged in your mind, ones which will curse your life with destruction, which was the object of the devil when he gave you the negative thought.
     I give to My children the power of My Holy Spirit to be able to resist the devil, to tell him "go to hell" when he tempts you.  I said to submit yourself to Me, to resist the devil and he will flee from you.  Capture his evil thoughts when they invade your mind, cast them into hell, as was demonstrated by Jesus.  (James 4:7-9) When you do, you choose My ways instead of his evil ways.
     Your Power Giving Father   

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Dear One,
    Jesus said that by your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned. (Matthew 12:36-37) That should give you a powerful revelation of how important your words are.  He also said that you give an accounting for your idle words.  He could not be more emphatic that you either sow to My kingdom of life or you sow to the evil kingdom of destruction and death. He only spoke the words that I told Him to speak. He said it's safe only to say yea or nay because sometimes what you say comes from hell and sows seeds into hell which will produce curses in your life. (Matthew 5:37)
   James also said that you should refuse to swear, that your words should be yea or nay so that you will not fall into condemnation. (James 5:12) James knew that the mouth is the member of the body that causes more problems than others because it speaks from My heaven sometimes and then sometimes it speaks from hell. He said it sets on fire hell itself, stoking the embers of satan so that they burst into flames and curse you.  (James 3:7-12 James 4:11-12)
    Jesus told the Pharisees that they were of their father, the devil. when they spoke words of judgment and condemnation about Him, adding to their own burdens. (John 8:44-49)  David knew this truth, because he prayed that the words of his mouth would always be acceptable to Me.
    I have sent this message through modern day prophets who coach people to think positively and speak positively, always speaking words that edify   themselves, build up others and enhance their circumstances.   (Ephesians 4:29-30) Yes, they are prophets who know the truth of the power of words, that words either sow seeds in heaven or in hell.  They put that truth in acceptable, wise words instead of religiously spoken words in order for the truth to be digested and become part of your daily practice.  There are many testimonies that confirm this truth, that relationships improve, prosperity increases, bad circumstances turn into good circumstances, conflicting situations turn into peaceful ones and happiness is the result.
    I created the world with words and you are made in My image.  You create your world by your words.  If you stoke the fires of hell by bitter words, then hell will send its curses into your life.  If you stoke the fires of the angels in My heaven by speaking loving, edifying, gracious words, you summon them to minister My goodness to you.  If you bless your enemies and do good to them, you send My angels, with My fire in their beings, to burn the evil out of your enemies.  (Matthew 3:11; Romans 12:19-20; Ezekiel 10:2-4 )
     When you are present in a situation where there is strife, let your words be limited to yes, no or preferably no words at all.  You do not need to justify your beliefs, your politics, your religion, your doctrines, your rights or your opinions.  That is when trouble starts, when you start to avenge yourself.  I said that I will avenge you.  I will prove the truth without your participation and it will be sweet, gentle vengeance which glorifies My ways.
     Your Father of Blessings

Monday, December 7, 2015


Dear One,
    My principles are standards that always produce a good result.  That is why I speak workable principles to My children.  Jesus spoke them in parables.  I speak them into your heart, leading you to do good to all people and by doing good to all people, including your friends and your enemies, you will access the blessings from My kingdom.  The principles that I teach always bring happiness and peace into your life. 
   Principles are not strict laws, like the earthly law of gravity, but My principles are good practices which bring good results.  The first principle that was taught by Jesus is that you should do to others what you want them to do to you.  That principle is basic and produces good things because people will do to you exactly what you do to them.  If you do evil things to people they will, in return, do evil things to you.  If you do good things to people they will, in return, do good things to you.   That is basic good advice and a sound principle.  
   You often say a person is a person of sound character meaning he or she operates in good, sound principles relating to other people which produces gracious actions shown toward himself or herself.  I desire that My children have good, sound principles toward others so that My children will reap the benefits of those good principles.  
   Jesus advanced to more detailed principles when He taught that you should love your enemies and bless them instead of cursing them.  He assured you that good results would happen if you take that advice. That principle is an extension of the first one of doing to others what you want done to you.  In furthering that truth He included that you should have loving, beneficial thoughts, attitudes and actions toward your enemies where previously it was taught to return evil for the evil done to you, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.  An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth resulted in maiming and often even death.
   The principles that Jesus taught were contrary to the religious teachings of the day.  His teachings are My workable principles of how to treat your enemies as well as your friends.  He knew that in blessing your enemies, doing good to them and  praying for them, that their hearts will be turned toward you because your good deeds toward them will send My angels to minister to their minds, changing them from doing evil to doing good toward you. (Matthew 5:38-48; Romans 12:20)
    All of My principles produce good results because they teach you how to treat people.  How you treat them will result in how you are treated.  Jesus taught that acting out of love toward your enemies will activate My kingdom to minister My goodness to them which will certainly cause your enemies to be at peace with you.  By returning good for evil done to you, you are incorporating My help in the matter because you are summoning My angels to enter the situation and change it into having good results for everyone involved.   However, if you return evil for evil done to you, you summon the kingdom of hell to continue the work they started in the situation, multiplying the evil which will result in destruction and death. (Galatians 6:8-9)
     My principles work and produce fantastic results every time.  They all relate to how you treat people.  Treating them as I treat you and how I treat all people will result in heavenly blessings for you and for them.  My principles come from the spiritual law of sowing and reaping.   If you sow seeds of love you will receive plants of love from others. (John 13:34-35)  If you sow seeds of anger and strife with others, you will grow plants of destruction in your life.  That spiritual law of sowing and reaping was instituted by Me at the beginning which related to sowing specific fruit seeds and that you will grow the same fruit plants or trees.  It relates also to thoughts, attitudes and actions.
    There are scientific principles that work every time.  There are spiritual principles that work every time.  The principle taught by Jesus that how you treat others is how you will be treated are sound and 100% effective.  His principle that how you treat your enemies will result in either being blessed or cursed are sound and 100% effective.
     Follow My principle and advice and you will be surrounded by love and experience peace in your mind.
     Your Principled Father 

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Dear One,
    Just to remind you, prayers are an invitation for Me to bring My heavenly army of angels into your life to solve a problem for you. That is basically what prayers are.  There is also praise, but praise is the thankfulness of your heart being voiced by your mouth.  Both are necessary to summon Me and My helpers to enter into your predicament and bring our miracle working talents. 
    Many of My children do not get their prayers answered.  It is never from My heavenly perspective that there is a failure to receive the answers to your prayers.   When your prayers are not answered, you must investigate your own thoughts, attitudes and actions.  You must always check your thoughts, attitudes and actions toward your enemies.  Jesus was explicit about that part of the earthly settings which affects answered prayers.  He even said that if someone has something against you that you should go and make peace with that person and then make your gifts of prayers. (Matthew 23-24)  He said that you must forgive your enemies and do good to them. (Mark 11:25-26)  My Holy Spirit said that you must let no corrupt words come out of your mouth which would wound or injure the feelings of another person. (Ephesians 4:29-39)  Jesus also said that you must not strike back at a person who strikes you; but, instead, to seek peace in the situation. and you will be known as My children.(Matthew 5:38-42)  
    My Holy Spirit said through Paul that even if you pray in tongues, give your body to be burned for Me, give everything you have to the poor but don't have My love in your heart for everyone, that you receive NOTHING. (I Corinthians 13: That should be a rude awakening to you. 
     Those admonitions are not just rhetoric that you read and don't follow.  They are all clues on how to get your prayers answered expeditiously.  Jesus called them keys to My kingdom.  In other words, keys open the doors to treasure houses and My keys open the doors to answered prayers.  They are not mere manipulations to try to entice you to do My will in the earth.  They are actual keys to My kingdom of answered prayers. 
    Pay close attention to the following:  There are two spiritual kingdoms.  There is My kingdom of love.  There is also the devil's kingdom of death and destruction.  They are real.  They are both constantly in operation in the spiritual dimension around you.  When you are operating with the thoughts, attitudes and actions of the evil kingdom, then it is impossible for My angels and Me to enter into your dilemma and do our glorious work in your behalf because you have chosen to summon the evil kingdom into your life by your negative, judgmental and unforgiving thoughts, attitudes and actions.  We cannot work in situations where you are entertaining demonic spirits.  We cannot coexist with those destructive spirits.  So when My children come to Me in prayers and ask for My help in solving a problem but they are projecting the attitudes of the devil's kingdom, it is impossible for us to work because good cannot coexist with evil.  I threw the devil out of heaven because of his destructive plans and then the first man, Adam, invited him into the earth. I threw him out of heaven because good and evil cannot exist together.  They cannot ever exist together.
    My Holy Spirit amplified that truth through the prophet James when he said that good and evil should not proceed out of the mouths of My children.  He said that the mouth sets on fire from hell when negative, bitter words are spoken, summoning the spirits from hell to curse everyone around the speaker. I cannot work in that spiritual atmosphere. (James 3:10-18) It is an impossibility.  I cannot and will not subject My angels to destructive practices.  My Spirit was trying to teach you through James how to get your prayers answered by choosing good instead of evil.  
    My children summon My kingdom to work in their lives when loving, forgiving, gracious, uplifting and faith filled thoughts are present, when the same attitudes are projected and when like words are spoken from their hearts which edify others and bring grace to the hearer.  (Ephesians 4:29-30)  It grieves My Holy Spirit when My children speak corrupt words which set hell on fire, increasing evil in the world.
    I want to answer all prayers of all of My children in the earth, but they often make it impossible for Me to enter into their problems.  Isaiah said that it is your own destructive attitudes and actions that set up barriers around you which keep Me from entering your situation and answering your prayers.  (Isaiah 59:1-2)  Good cannot exist where there is evil. I cannot bring My angels into your troublesome situation to work My miracles when you continue to curse others instead of blessing them in your thoughts, attitudes and actions.  My kingdom of good and blessings cannot enter into a person's situation, no matter how much they pray, if the person persists in summoning the devil's kingdom of destruction into their lives by negative thoughts, attitudes and actions.  It is impossible. 
    It is never My choice not to answer prayers.  It is the destructive actions of My children that make it impossible. My children choose which kingdom they will glorify, either My kingdom from heaven or the evil kingdom from hell.
     This truth is why Jesus prayed that My will would be done on earth as it is in heaven.  This is why My Holy Spirit leads and guides My children into thoughts, attitudes and actions of love.  The reason is so that My children can receive the answers to their prayers which include all of My blessings of My own love toward them.  The expediency is determined by My children and either their Godly or demonic ways.
    My desire to answer your prayers is a trillion times more determined than your desire to have them answered.  You can read all of the books of My new covenant with My children and read what all of the prophets wrote about.  It was always thoughts, attitudes, words and actions, the ones which give accessibility  for My heavenly family to work in the lives of My children. 
    Think good thoughts, project loving attitudes, speak edifying words and do good works to others and you will find that My kingdom will easily be access in order to answer your prayers.
     Your Prayer Answering Father        

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Dear One,
    We talked yesterday about the spiritual truth that I do not have unlimited authority in the earth over people because I gave them the gift of free will.  Only with their invitations and permission, which is called prayers, can I come into their lives and exert My authority over their circumstances and situations.  Otherwise, human beings have authority over their own lives, as given by Me at the creation of the world.  They have authority over the animals, the birds of the air, the fish in the waters, their plants, etc., everything created in the earth by Me. (Genesis 1:26-31) The only beings they do not have authority over are other human beings.
    Because I gave people authority over their world, even I do not have authority over anything in the earth without the invitation and permission of people.  That is called prayers.  Prayers are when people give Me the authority to do My mighty miracles in their lives.  If I had authority in the lives of people without their invitation, I would swoop into the earth and perfect everything, making it the utopia that I intended it to be in the beginning before the first man, Adam, innocently invited the devil into the earth to do his destruction. (Genesis 3)
     With the invitation and permission of My children I can come into their lives in the person of My Holy Spirit and I can take up residence there in a special place that I prepared for Myself at the beginning, which is their human spirits which I designed as the dwelling place of My Holy Spirit in the earth.  (II Corinthians 3:17)  Because of the authority I gave to people, I have to be invited into that special place.  I bring unlimited help into the lives of My children who issue an invitation to Me by their own authority.  I add My own powerful authority with the authority I gave them in the beginning.  A powerful, authoritative force in the earth is the result. (I Corinthians 6:17-20) What overcomes all evil in the earth is My sovereignty in those persons who ask for Me to join with them in governing their lives.  My power is the only force  that overcomes all evil and He cannot be defeated.  That is called being born of My Spirit, of which Jesus spoke. (John 3:1-6) From there on in the lives of those of My children who are born of My Spirit, My guidance is available, My truths are available, My power is available, My counsel is available, My protection is available, My revelations are available, My insights are available, My help is always available.   However, it is still the will of My children, when there is a need, to again invite Me into the situation to deliver My liberating power and authority over evil in their lives. Those children must add My authority to their own authority before they can easily access My help.  Those who are led by My Spirit are called My true children because they treasure My Fatherly help.  Their own limited authority is still not enough without My help. (Romans 8:13-14)
    All of that continues to be the only way to succeed in life, in every circumstance and in every situation, because of My authority and power that I add to the lives of My children who choose to receive My Spirit into their own spirits, giving Me authority in their lives over the works of evil.  (I John 3:8)  That is the only way for My children to have authority over the works of the evil in their lives is by incorporating My power and authority with their own authority in the earth, and then by their taking My advice.  (Romans 8:16-18)  When you are led by My Spirit, not by your emotions or your environment or your heritage or your education, only when you are led by My Spirit are you able to succeed in life and inherit all of My blessings that are available in My kingdom.  Jesus said when he cast out demons with the power of My Holy Spirit from the lives of My children, only then can My kingdom come into their lives.  So when you allow Me to rid your life of all demonic influences, which are called the works of the flesh, only then can My kingdom come into your life with all of its blessings. (Luke 11:20-23) 
    My children have to allow Me to be sovereign in their lives before I can work My mighty power in their troublesome situations.  Often My children erroneously boast that I am sovereign in the earth while they, themselves, do not allow Me to be sovereign in their own lives. They are powerless in their own abilities and yet they refuse to allow Me to be their powerful Father, the Father of Love. It grieves Me to be excluded from delivering My guidance and help to them.
    Become led by My Spirit in everything, giving Me unlimited authority in your life. When you do submit your will to Me, you will inherit My kingdom of blessings, which is the abundant life and soul peace. (John 10:10)
    Your Powerful, Loving Father

Friday, December 4, 2015


Dear One,
     After I created the earth and gave dominion over it to people, the only limited dominion I gave them was authority over other people.  Because of the free will that I gave to all people when I created Adam, who the first human creation, every person has the right to make his or her own decision, make his or her own choices.  No person has dominion over another person.  I do not even have dominion over My children. (Genesis 1:26-31)
     However, when My children come to Me for My advice, My wisdom, My insight and My help. then I am able to enter into their lives and perform My miraculous works.  Not until then do I have the authority to exert My will upon them.  Through the spiritual being of My Holy Spirit in their lives I have the equipment and means by which to intervene and communicate My own will so they will not be left comfortless, without the necessary instructions and guidance to lead a successful and happy life.  But, still, My children must come to Me before I can legally enter the situation and offer My help. (Matthew 11:28-30)
     My children believe that I am sovereign in the earth.  That is not true.  Think about it, if that were true I would not allow any sin, trespasses, no wars, no injuries, no sickness and no conflict.  Because of My gift of free will to My children at creation,  I cannot usurp the authority of individuals in their lives to make their own choices.  I did not want puppets when I created people.  I wanted human beings created in My own image with free will as well as intellect and emotions.   Because of My own limited dominion in the lives of My children at the beginning, the first man followed the temptations of an alien spirit, the devil, and obeyed him instead of taking My advice and refusing to follow his evil temptation.  That was the beginning of the choice between good and evil, blessings and curses. (Genesis 2:15-17)
     When My children want to exert dominion over other people, it is not from My prompting.  It is from the evil alien spirit who invaded the earth at the permission of the first man, Adam.  I gave people authority over every living creature and every growing thing except other humans.  So when dominion and control of others is sought, it is from hell, not from Me in My heaven.  What one person does to another person in hatred, anger, disgust, conflict, strife, dissension, vengeance and other acts of control, they are doing those things in obedience to the devil, who is the spirit of anti-Christ, tempting them to take dominion over others, which is not what I commissioned them to do at creation.  Taking control over the life of another person is not Godly but it is demonic. (Galatians 5:19-21)
     Some men try to dominate their wives and some wives try to dominate their husbands.  Some parents dominate their children instead of guiding them and teaching them.  Some children try to dominate their parents by rebelling against them.  Some people cruelly dominate their domestic animals instead of treasuring them as companions.  Some bosses dominate their workers by requring more of them than is humanly possible, making slaves of them.  Some politicians and religious leaders dominate their followers by fear and negative rhetoric.  All of those attitudes and actions are contrary to My commission at the beginning when I told the first man to have authority over the earth and all of its animals and birds and oceanic creatures.  I did not give them permission to dominate and control other humans.  I do not have control, so why would it be My will for you to dominate others?  Every human has a free will to make his own choices and I cannot override that commission made at the beginning.  HOWEVER, if My children come to Me for My guidance, wisdom, insight and help in making wise decisions, I am eager and ready to come into every situation to lead and guide My children to effective solutions. (John 16:13-15)
     Godly guidance is not domination and gracious tutoring is not cruel and forced programming.  My guidance and tutoring are given to benefit the person instead of given to force obedience.  All domination that is detrimental to any of My children because of negative thoughts, emotions, attitudes or actions is from hell and not from Me. (Romans 2:4)
     My guidance and tutoring is loving, gentle, insightful, comforting, protective and beneficial to My children.  My guidance heals and brings liberty by freeing people from the clutches of evil and My tutoring benefits My children in every way.  (II Corinthians 3:17)
     I never dominate My children and My children must not yield to the temptation to dominate their own children or others.  I repeat: Guidance is not domination. 
     My ways are always loving, kind, merciful  and good.  If you will make My ways your own ways, you will experience the abundant life that I desire for you.
     Your Father, the Spirit of Truth

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Dear One,
     When I used Abraham as an example of faith I said that he didn't struggle with unbelief but he believed that what I had promised I would perform. He merely believed Me and it was counted to him as righteousness, meaning that he put himself in a position to receive My blessings and favor. (Romans 4:3)
      Anyone who believes Me and believes My principles, which are My spiritual laws of liberty from the effects of evil, he or she will inherit all of My provisions.  I promised that those who love others as I love them will receive love in return, that those who sow peace will receive peace in return and be called My children, that those who sow goodness will receive goodness in return, that those who sow kindness will receive kindness in return, that those who are patient with others will receive patience in return, that those who are faithful will receive loyalty in return, that those who are merciful to others will receive mercy in return.  Love and its outgrowths are what are ingrained in all of My principles of successful living. (John 13:34; I Corinthians 13:4-7)
      The spiritual principle that I put into effect since the foundation of the world of sowing and reaping will never end.  Strawberries will still produce strawberries, love will produce love, strife will produce strife, kindness will produce kindness, hatred will produce hatred, peace will produce peace, vengeance will produce vengeance, turnips will grow turnips, mercy will produce mercy and on and on.  It is impossible to be at odds with someone and receive favor with that person in return.  The effects are from different kingdoms.  There are still two spiritual kingdoms, My kingdom and the kingdom of satan.  Every thought, attitude, word and action that is sown in the earth will summon either My kingdom or the devil's kingdom to grow that same plant and reproduce it into the life of a person.  It is so simple but My children take leeway and sow into the devil's garden but expect Me to bless them.  It is impossible because of the spiritual principle of seed sowing.
       My children should be stumbling all over themselves in an effort to love others as I love them instead of being prejucicial, narrow minded, filled with strife and conflict.  Instead of being peaceful and thus being called My children, many are warmongers, thinking they are defending Me.  They don't know the scriptures nor do they know My power.  (Matthew 22:29) Just because they call themselves by My name does not qualify them for their inheritance.  Their thoughts, attitudes and actions speak louder than their mere profession of faith.  I don't cut anyone off from My goodness. They cut themselves off from their blessings by their vengeful, hateful, judgmental attitudes which they retained from the old, unredeemed flesh.  They forget that the first thing Jesus taught about was being of My loving attitudes, speaking gracious words and always doing good to everyone in order to inherit My blessings. 
    The prophets of My love covenant with people have taught over and over the same things that Jesus taught, that you will reap what you have sown, that if you sow to the kingdom of destruction you will reap destruction but if you sow to My kingdom of love that you will reap My blessings of love from others in every form.  (Matthew 13:24-36; II Corinthians 9:6; Galatians 6:7-10; Galatians 5:16-25)
    My love never ends for the ones who sow to the garden of destruction.  I love them unconditionally.  But their desire to be loved by other people while in the earth hinges on their loving others as I love them because of the principle of seed sowing and harvest.  I give to you and all of My children My Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Love.  He will love others through you as I love you.  I gave you My power of love and I gave you My Instruction Book for you to check your spiritual constitution and by-laws.  You have everything necessary to carry out My love in the earth. Those who do so, will sow to My kingdom of love and reap the benefits of My blessings.
     It is those who do My will who inherit My promises because of the principle of seed sowing. (Matthew 7:21)
    Choose to believe My words and sow to My kingdom of love.   Then you will  reap the blessings of My love.
     Your Loving Father

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Dear One,
    My children must identify to themselves whom they are glorifying with their words.  Are they glorifying the works of evil or are they glorifying My good works in the earth?
    When My children speak regularly about the evil that is causing their emotions to be unstable, they are glorifying the works of the devil.  In order to eventually see the answers to their prayers, what is necessary is that they glorify My works by speaking My promise relating to the situation, speaking their confidence in Me, speaking the good things that are not yet evident as though they already were manifested.  That is what Abraham, the father of faith, did.  He believed what I promised and his confession of it was what brought it into being. His belief and confession of My promise is what allowed Me to carry out My promise because he was speaking confidence in Me instead of confidence in the works of the devil which were already evident in his life.
    Conversely, the same is true about the kingdom of evil.  When My children refer to the devil's works in their lives, they are glorifying evil works and giving more power to those evil works.  In fact, they multiply evil works in their lives, bringing more and more curses into being.  Whose works you glorify by your thoughts, attitudes and words is whose works you are inviting to do more works in your life.   That is the principle behind My praise of Abraham when I wrote through My Holy Spirit that he spoke the things that were not as though they were.  I even said that he did not faint at My promise but was confident until the promise became reality. (Galatians 6:8-9)
     I coached you to lift your drooping hands and strengthen your week knees and make straight the path for your feet and strive for peace so that you will not fail to obtain My promises that come to you from My grace.  I told you not to let a root of bitterness enter into you and defile you which, has happened to many of My children when problems enter into their lives.  Instead of being determined to speak My promises, declaring their confidence in Me, they become bitter at the circumstances and start glorifying the works of evil by speaking about them instead of speaking their confidence in Me.   It is still the choice between good and evil.  You have the choice whether to glorify My works or glorify the works of the devil. 
    When you are determined that you will inherit My promises, as I promised, and you will only speak words of faith, you will inherit even more wonders than those for which you prayed.
    In which kingdom does your confidence lie, My kingdom of good or the kingdom of evil?
    I said to choose to believe, speak and glorify My works you will inherit My  promises, but if you choose to believe and glorify the works of evil, you will experience destruction.
    You can believe every one of My promises.  I said them and I will do them.  It hings on your belief in Me your belief in the evil that presents itself in your life.
    Choose My ways and live. Choose to speak only about My mighty works instead of the destructive works of tribulation in your life.  Glorify Me and My works and you will obtain the promises.
    Your Father Who Always Works in Your Behalf

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Dear One,
    What is the connection between joy and patience during tribulation?  Both are outgrowths of the dwelling of My Holy Spirit inside of My children.  (James 1:2-3)Jesus said there will always be tribulation in the world but to rejoice because He overcame evil in the world and with the power of My Spirit you can, too. (John 15:33)  It might not be instantaneous or even next week or next month, but with joy and patience you will overcome mightily, being more blessed than before.
     One way to overcome the evil temptations that come as tribulations in life is for you to always rejoice, choosing to have joy instead of a "poor me" attitude, having faith instead of fear. Rejoice in My power and My promises that you will overcome everything that the devil throws at you in an effort to defeat you.  When you rejoice, you are declaring to the universe that I am in control of the matter and that you have confidence that I will work My wonders in it.  (Philippians 4:4)
     Rejoicing during tribulation is cheering on My angels and Me like fans cheer on a sports team, even when the team is losing.  Rejoicing is a sign of confidence in Me instead of having confidence in the evil forces which caused the problem.  Your rejoicing multiplies the power available because you are in agreement with Me.  Rejoicing adds your Holy Spirit power to My power and then your success is established. (Matthew 18:19-20)
    Joy works patience in you because with joy you are saying that you are patient for the perfect end result, even if you have to suffer emotionally during the trial that was sent from hell.  The way to overcome the emotional suffering is by choosing to rejoice instead of yielding to why me, why did this happen, poor me and other fearful rhetoric.
    If you have trouble rejoicing, pick up your rejoicing song book called Psalms and read aloud David's rejoicing words when he was in a tough situation.  Sing his songs or make up your own overcoming songs, always giving praise to Me instead of giving praise to the devil by negative, pitiful thinking and speaking. Sing in the Spirit, which is your prayer language.  Those rejoicing words are perfect.
    A poor me, fearful and defeatist attitude cheers on the demonic forces, adding your confidence in their works instead of your confidence in My works.
    When I said that tribulation works patience I meant that My children can reach down inside of them and apply My patience to the situation, applying the Holy Spirit's patience to the situation.  Without bringing My patience into the situation you will yield to defeat, depression, fear and hopelessness.  But if you rejoice and apply patience to the situation you will remain in faith, hopeful and victorious. The end result will be that you will be wanting in nothing because you will be successful in the battle against evil.
    Joy and patience are your powerful weapons during a battle with your spiritual enemies who want to destroy you by first destroying your peace of mind.  You must choose to rejoice, choose to bring up from your inner being My patience and powerful joy, knowing that you will emerge more blessed than you were because you have seen Me at work in similar affairs. 
     Life is always a battle between good and evil.  Rejoice when evil rears its ugly head.  Your rejoicing is a deafening sound in the ears of the demons who think they are going to jolt you off of your confidence in Me by bringing tribulation into your life.  Deafen their ears by rejoicing in My abilities and My love for you.  They can't stand your confidence in My love and My power.
     Rejoice and continue to rejoice.  When you do, soon you will find yourself wanting in nothing because all of your prayers have magnificently been answered. (James 1:4)
     Your Father of Extreme Joy