Sunday, December 6, 2015


Dear One,
    Just to remind you, prayers are an invitation for Me to bring My heavenly army of angels into your life to solve a problem for you. That is basically what prayers are.  There is also praise, but praise is the thankfulness of your heart being voiced by your mouth.  Both are necessary to summon Me and My helpers to enter into your predicament and bring our miracle working talents. 
    Many of My children do not get their prayers answered.  It is never from My heavenly perspective that there is a failure to receive the answers to your prayers.   When your prayers are not answered, you must investigate your own thoughts, attitudes and actions.  You must always check your thoughts, attitudes and actions toward your enemies.  Jesus was explicit about that part of the earthly settings which affects answered prayers.  He even said that if someone has something against you that you should go and make peace with that person and then make your gifts of prayers. (Matthew 23-24)  He said that you must forgive your enemies and do good to them. (Mark 11:25-26)  My Holy Spirit said that you must let no corrupt words come out of your mouth which would wound or injure the feelings of another person. (Ephesians 4:29-39)  Jesus also said that you must not strike back at a person who strikes you; but, instead, to seek peace in the situation. and you will be known as My children.(Matthew 5:38-42)  
    My Holy Spirit said through Paul that even if you pray in tongues, give your body to be burned for Me, give everything you have to the poor but don't have My love in your heart for everyone, that you receive NOTHING. (I Corinthians 13: That should be a rude awakening to you. 
     Those admonitions are not just rhetoric that you read and don't follow.  They are all clues on how to get your prayers answered expeditiously.  Jesus called them keys to My kingdom.  In other words, keys open the doors to treasure houses and My keys open the doors to answered prayers.  They are not mere manipulations to try to entice you to do My will in the earth.  They are actual keys to My kingdom of answered prayers. 
    Pay close attention to the following:  There are two spiritual kingdoms.  There is My kingdom of love.  There is also the devil's kingdom of death and destruction.  They are real.  They are both constantly in operation in the spiritual dimension around you.  When you are operating with the thoughts, attitudes and actions of the evil kingdom, then it is impossible for My angels and Me to enter into your dilemma and do our glorious work in your behalf because you have chosen to summon the evil kingdom into your life by your negative, judgmental and unforgiving thoughts, attitudes and actions.  We cannot work in situations where you are entertaining demonic spirits.  We cannot coexist with those destructive spirits.  So when My children come to Me in prayers and ask for My help in solving a problem but they are projecting the attitudes of the devil's kingdom, it is impossible for us to work because good cannot coexist with evil.  I threw the devil out of heaven because of his destructive plans and then the first man, Adam, invited him into the earth. I threw him out of heaven because good and evil cannot exist together.  They cannot ever exist together.
    My Holy Spirit amplified that truth through the prophet James when he said that good and evil should not proceed out of the mouths of My children.  He said that the mouth sets on fire from hell when negative, bitter words are spoken, summoning the spirits from hell to curse everyone around the speaker. I cannot work in that spiritual atmosphere. (James 3:10-18) It is an impossibility.  I cannot and will not subject My angels to destructive practices.  My Spirit was trying to teach you through James how to get your prayers answered by choosing good instead of evil.  
    My children summon My kingdom to work in their lives when loving, forgiving, gracious, uplifting and faith filled thoughts are present, when the same attitudes are projected and when like words are spoken from their hearts which edify others and bring grace to the hearer.  (Ephesians 4:29-30)  It grieves My Holy Spirit when My children speak corrupt words which set hell on fire, increasing evil in the world.
    I want to answer all prayers of all of My children in the earth, but they often make it impossible for Me to enter into their problems.  Isaiah said that it is your own destructive attitudes and actions that set up barriers around you which keep Me from entering your situation and answering your prayers.  (Isaiah 59:1-2)  Good cannot exist where there is evil. I cannot bring My angels into your troublesome situation to work My miracles when you continue to curse others instead of blessing them in your thoughts, attitudes and actions.  My kingdom of good and blessings cannot enter into a person's situation, no matter how much they pray, if the person persists in summoning the devil's kingdom of destruction into their lives by negative thoughts, attitudes and actions.  It is impossible. 
    It is never My choice not to answer prayers.  It is the destructive actions of My children that make it impossible. My children choose which kingdom they will glorify, either My kingdom from heaven or the evil kingdom from hell.
     This truth is why Jesus prayed that My will would be done on earth as it is in heaven.  This is why My Holy Spirit leads and guides My children into thoughts, attitudes and actions of love.  The reason is so that My children can receive the answers to their prayers which include all of My blessings of My own love toward them.  The expediency is determined by My children and either their Godly or demonic ways.
    My desire to answer your prayers is a trillion times more determined than your desire to have them answered.  You can read all of the books of My new covenant with My children and read what all of the prophets wrote about.  It was always thoughts, attitudes, words and actions, the ones which give accessibility  for My heavenly family to work in the lives of My children. 
    Think good thoughts, project loving attitudes, speak edifying words and do good works to others and you will find that My kingdom will easily be access in order to answer your prayers.
     Your Prayer Answering Father        

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