Monday, December 21, 2015


Dear One,
    People travel miles and miles to buy fruit from healthy fruit trees because of the nutritious quality of the produce. They know that fruit has vitamins and minerals that are necessary to maintain a healthy life and also have the ability to cure nutritional deficiencies.  Diseased fruit trees stand alone without attention because of the gnarled, ugly, nutritionally lacking fruit which is unappealing to the eyes as well as lacking in vitamins and minerals.  Very often, diseased trees are cut down in order to make room for new healthy trees which provide the orchard owner a more prosperous life.
    It is the same with the fruit of the mouths of My children.  Jesus described the difference between the two, the good trees that bring forth good fruit and the diseased trees that bring forth diseased fruit.  You have the opportunity to only bring healthy. loving, uplifting words into every situation, giving hope to people, giving faith to people, giving kindness to people, giving goodness to people, giving joy and happiness to people.  Jesus was very emphatic in saying that you know the nature of the tree by its fruit.  If your words and attitudes are filled with strife, anger, dissension, hatred, discord, disgust or hopelessness, then you are dispensing bad fruit into the world which will poison the hearers and bring negativity into their lives as well as your own life.   You create heaven or hell on earth by your words and attitudes.
     Jesus was not only concerned about the effect that your negative words and attitudes have on other people, He also said that the true nature of the tree is identified by its fruit.  In other words, if your words are negative and full of fear, you have revealed the true nature of your heart, that being fearful and filled with negativity.  It has not grown in My garden but has, instead, grown in the garden of destruction.   It is not a kind, pure, heart that has been purified by My Spirit and changed into My image.
     There are instances where My children have been purified, cleansed and delivered from the clutches of evil, having enjoyed freedom from the works of the devil but later those children have joined with false prophets who teach fear, war, pride, exclusion, domination, restrictive religion and divisive politics.  My children come into bondage again to fear from which they were delivered by the sacrifice of Jesus.  The prophet Paul warned that you should not be entangled again in the yoke of bondage.  He said that Jesus purchased your freedom and that you should walk in that freedom.  He said that bondage is known by its fruit, which is fear and strict accountability without being allowed a defense. (Galatians 5:1)  When you become bound again to religious laws you will experience bondage to evil spirits.   You know the false prophets by their fruit.  If fear of Me is taught, if fear is spread by false prophesies, if fear of other religions is taught, if fear of losing your freedoms are taught by men who call themselves by My name, disassociate yourself from their bondage or you will end up again in bondage to fear. (James 1:22-27)
     Jesus Christ purchased your freedom.  Be led by My Spirit and He will keep you free from the binding clutches of religion and divisive politics.  You will know them by their fruit.  If you eat their fruit, which are their words, you will become a diseased tree with diseased fruit.
     The words of My Holy Spirit are pure, liberating and have the power to make you  free from all fear and dread.
     All trees of righteousness bear fruit of righteousness.  Embrace My righteousness and you will bear My fruit of goodness and kindness..
     Your Father of Wisdom and Insight 

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