Monday, December 7, 2015


Dear One,
    My principles are standards that always produce a good result.  That is why I speak workable principles to My children.  Jesus spoke them in parables.  I speak them into your heart, leading you to do good to all people and by doing good to all people, including your friends and your enemies, you will access the blessings from My kingdom.  The principles that I teach always bring happiness and peace into your life. 
   Principles are not strict laws, like the earthly law of gravity, but My principles are good practices which bring good results.  The first principle that was taught by Jesus is that you should do to others what you want them to do to you.  That principle is basic and produces good things because people will do to you exactly what you do to them.  If you do evil things to people they will, in return, do evil things to you.  If you do good things to people they will, in return, do good things to you.   That is basic good advice and a sound principle.  
   You often say a person is a person of sound character meaning he or she operates in good, sound principles relating to other people which produces gracious actions shown toward himself or herself.  I desire that My children have good, sound principles toward others so that My children will reap the benefits of those good principles.  
   Jesus advanced to more detailed principles when He taught that you should love your enemies and bless them instead of cursing them.  He assured you that good results would happen if you take that advice. That principle is an extension of the first one of doing to others what you want done to you.  In furthering that truth He included that you should have loving, beneficial thoughts, attitudes and actions toward your enemies where previously it was taught to return evil for the evil done to you, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.  An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth resulted in maiming and often even death.
   The principles that Jesus taught were contrary to the religious teachings of the day.  His teachings are My workable principles of how to treat your enemies as well as your friends.  He knew that in blessing your enemies, doing good to them and  praying for them, that their hearts will be turned toward you because your good deeds toward them will send My angels to minister to their minds, changing them from doing evil to doing good toward you. (Matthew 5:38-48; Romans 12:20)
    All of My principles produce good results because they teach you how to treat people.  How you treat them will result in how you are treated.  Jesus taught that acting out of love toward your enemies will activate My kingdom to minister My goodness to them which will certainly cause your enemies to be at peace with you.  By returning good for evil done to you, you are incorporating My help in the matter because you are summoning My angels to enter the situation and change it into having good results for everyone involved.   However, if you return evil for evil done to you, you summon the kingdom of hell to continue the work they started in the situation, multiplying the evil which will result in destruction and death. (Galatians 6:8-9)
     My principles work and produce fantastic results every time.  They all relate to how you treat people.  Treating them as I treat you and how I treat all people will result in heavenly blessings for you and for them.  My principles come from the spiritual law of sowing and reaping.   If you sow seeds of love you will receive plants of love from others. (John 13:34-35)  If you sow seeds of anger and strife with others, you will grow plants of destruction in your life.  That spiritual law of sowing and reaping was instituted by Me at the beginning which related to sowing specific fruit seeds and that you will grow the same fruit plants or trees.  It relates also to thoughts, attitudes and actions.
    There are scientific principles that work every time.  There are spiritual principles that work every time.  The principle taught by Jesus that how you treat others is how you will be treated are sound and 100% effective.  His principle that how you treat your enemies will result in either being blessed or cursed are sound and 100% effective.
     Follow My principle and advice and you will be surrounded by love and experience peace in your mind.
     Your Principled Father 

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