Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Dear One,
    What is the connection between joy and patience during tribulation?  Both are outgrowths of the dwelling of My Holy Spirit inside of My children.  (James 1:2-3)Jesus said there will always be tribulation in the world but to rejoice because He overcame evil in the world and with the power of My Spirit you can, too. (John 15:33)  It might not be instantaneous or even next week or next month, but with joy and patience you will overcome mightily, being more blessed than before.
     One way to overcome the evil temptations that come as tribulations in life is for you to always rejoice, choosing to have joy instead of a "poor me" attitude, having faith instead of fear. Rejoice in My power and My promises that you will overcome everything that the devil throws at you in an effort to defeat you.  When you rejoice, you are declaring to the universe that I am in control of the matter and that you have confidence that I will work My wonders in it.  (Philippians 4:4)
     Rejoicing during tribulation is cheering on My angels and Me like fans cheer on a sports team, even when the team is losing.  Rejoicing is a sign of confidence in Me instead of having confidence in the evil forces which caused the problem.  Your rejoicing multiplies the power available because you are in agreement with Me.  Rejoicing adds your Holy Spirit power to My power and then your success is established. (Matthew 18:19-20)
    Joy works patience in you because with joy you are saying that you are patient for the perfect end result, even if you have to suffer emotionally during the trial that was sent from hell.  The way to overcome the emotional suffering is by choosing to rejoice instead of yielding to why me, why did this happen, poor me and other fearful rhetoric.
    If you have trouble rejoicing, pick up your rejoicing song book called Psalms and read aloud David's rejoicing words when he was in a tough situation.  Sing his songs or make up your own overcoming songs, always giving praise to Me instead of giving praise to the devil by negative, pitiful thinking and speaking. Sing in the Spirit, which is your prayer language.  Those rejoicing words are perfect.
    A poor me, fearful and defeatist attitude cheers on the demonic forces, adding your confidence in their works instead of your confidence in My works.
    When I said that tribulation works patience I meant that My children can reach down inside of them and apply My patience to the situation, applying the Holy Spirit's patience to the situation.  Without bringing My patience into the situation you will yield to defeat, depression, fear and hopelessness.  But if you rejoice and apply patience to the situation you will remain in faith, hopeful and victorious. The end result will be that you will be wanting in nothing because you will be successful in the battle against evil.
    Joy and patience are your powerful weapons during a battle with your spiritual enemies who want to destroy you by first destroying your peace of mind.  You must choose to rejoice, choose to bring up from your inner being My patience and powerful joy, knowing that you will emerge more blessed than you were because you have seen Me at work in similar affairs. 
     Life is always a battle between good and evil.  Rejoice when evil rears its ugly head.  Your rejoicing is a deafening sound in the ears of the demons who think they are going to jolt you off of your confidence in Me by bringing tribulation into your life.  Deafen their ears by rejoicing in My abilities and My love for you.  They can't stand your confidence in My love and My power.
     Rejoice and continue to rejoice.  When you do, soon you will find yourself wanting in nothing because all of your prayers have magnificently been answered. (James 1:4)
     Your Father of Extreme Joy

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