Saturday, December 12, 2015


Dear One,
    Good parents are full of good parental advice, good guidance, beneficial teachings and constructive warnings about what is beneficial for their children to think and do and what is destructive for their children to think and do.  Good parents want their children to grow and be good citizens, good workers, good neighbors and good parents themselves.  So good parents are replete with their instructions and their own good words and actions. They know that they must be good examples of their own teachings. 
    It is the same in My precious family.  I give good parental advice to My children through My Instruction Book and also through My Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth.  It is through My Book and My Spirit that I give good guidance, beneficial teachings and constructive warnings to My children.  They are given to enhance the lives of My children, giving them keys to My kingdom of blessings.  The ones who follow My advice are the ones who are truly My children, because they are respectful children who know My voice and follow the words that I speak to them. Because they take advantage of My advice, My admonitions and My instructions, they find that the keys that I give to them are workable and effective, opening the doors to blessings for My children, just like the rewards that earthly parents have for their obedient children.
     We talked yesterday about how peacemakers are called My children and how often the ones who call themselves My children are not really identified as My children because they speak conflict, strife and war.  Yet they call themselves by My name and entice other people to follow them into family wars, neighborly wars, local wars, political wars and national wars.  Jesus said it is the people who do My will who enter into My kingdom blessings while in the earth. (Matthew 7:21)
     There is one primary, yet emphatic, word of warning that I gave to My children through Jesus and then My Spirit gave through every new covenant prophet that is completely ignored by people who call themselves My children.  My Holy Spirit said through Paul emphatically, "Let no" ..........  Those were the first two emphatic words that led to My Fatherly advice that followed.  "Let no" means for you not to let the following happen.  It means that, as an act of your will, that you do not let a particular thing happen, which follows.   The next two words of warning was "...... corrupt communication proceed from your mouth,,,,,,," (Ephesians 4:29)   Simply said, My Spirit warned you not to let any corrupt, mean, negative, strife filled, divisive, injurious words come out of your mouth.  The reason for that warning was the foundational teaching that Jesus gave, that by the words of your mouth you are justified, meaning you are identified as My child, and  by the words of your mouth you are condemned, meaning you are dentified as a child of the evil kingdom.  (Luke 12:36-37)  You sow seeds either into My kingdom by your words or you sow seeds into the kingdom of destruction by your words.
     My Holy Spirit encouraged you through the prophet Paul about what words that you should allow to proceed from your mouth.  He went on to say, "Only speak words to the use of edifying, that they may bring grace to the hearer."  He was saying to speak edifying words that build up My kingdom in the world, refusing to speak words that build up the kingdom of destruction in the world by speaking words of fear, hatred and anger.  
     He went on to instruct that you must only speak words that bring grace to the hearer, which include forgiveness and good will to everyone. Gracious words build up My kingdom in the world.  Corrupt words tear down My kingdom in the world.  How pitiful that My children tear down their own kingdom that contains all of My blessings that I have for them.
    The prophet continued by saying, "Grieve not My Holy Spirit by whom you are sealed by Me on the day of redemption," meaning that the blessings that I have for you are easily redeemed by you if you will not allow any corrupt communication to proceed from your mouth, but only speak those words which build up My kingdom and bring grace to the hearers. (Ephesians 4:30)  When you can follow that warning, you will easily redeem your blessings because your words will sow seeds into My garden of blessings.
     He proceeded to identify the corrupt words, "Let all bitterness and wrath, anger, clamor and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice; and be kind to other another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as I, for Christ's sake, have forgiven you." (Ephesians 4:31-32)
     It would benefit you to pay close attention to the,"Let no", the "Let all," the "Grieve not" and the "Be kind"  instructions as given by My Holy Spirit to you and to all My children.  Read them, memorize them, then follow them by an act of your will until uplifting, gracious words become your natural words of beauty, building up My dwelling place in your earth, which are the bodies of all My children who do My will in the earth.  When you can do this instruction, as given by Me through My Spirit, you will begin to inherit all of My gifts that it is My good pleasure to give to My children.  (Luke 12:32)
     I long to reward My children for their willingness to take My advice and by their refusing to be rebellious and self-serving.  I even tell you how to access your blessings, beginning with taming your tongue and only speaking words that build up My family and bring forgiveness and kindness to all people. (Hebrews 11:6)
     Your Rewarding Father of Blessings

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