Saturday, December 5, 2015


Dear One,
    We talked yesterday about the spiritual truth that I do not have unlimited authority in the earth over people because I gave them the gift of free will.  Only with their invitations and permission, which is called prayers, can I come into their lives and exert My authority over their circumstances and situations.  Otherwise, human beings have authority over their own lives, as given by Me at the creation of the world.  They have authority over the animals, the birds of the air, the fish in the waters, their plants, etc., everything created in the earth by Me. (Genesis 1:26-31) The only beings they do not have authority over are other human beings.
    Because I gave people authority over their world, even I do not have authority over anything in the earth without the invitation and permission of people.  That is called prayers.  Prayers are when people give Me the authority to do My mighty miracles in their lives.  If I had authority in the lives of people without their invitation, I would swoop into the earth and perfect everything, making it the utopia that I intended it to be in the beginning before the first man, Adam, innocently invited the devil into the earth to do his destruction. (Genesis 3)
     With the invitation and permission of My children I can come into their lives in the person of My Holy Spirit and I can take up residence there in a special place that I prepared for Myself at the beginning, which is their human spirits which I designed as the dwelling place of My Holy Spirit in the earth.  (II Corinthians 3:17)  Because of the authority I gave to people, I have to be invited into that special place.  I bring unlimited help into the lives of My children who issue an invitation to Me by their own authority.  I add My own powerful authority with the authority I gave them in the beginning.  A powerful, authoritative force in the earth is the result. (I Corinthians 6:17-20) What overcomes all evil in the earth is My sovereignty in those persons who ask for Me to join with them in governing their lives.  My power is the only force  that overcomes all evil and He cannot be defeated.  That is called being born of My Spirit, of which Jesus spoke. (John 3:1-6) From there on in the lives of those of My children who are born of My Spirit, My guidance is available, My truths are available, My power is available, My counsel is available, My protection is available, My revelations are available, My insights are available, My help is always available.   However, it is still the will of My children, when there is a need, to again invite Me into the situation to deliver My liberating power and authority over evil in their lives. Those children must add My authority to their own authority before they can easily access My help.  Those who are led by My Spirit are called My true children because they treasure My Fatherly help.  Their own limited authority is still not enough without My help. (Romans 8:13-14)
    All of that continues to be the only way to succeed in life, in every circumstance and in every situation, because of My authority and power that I add to the lives of My children who choose to receive My Spirit into their own spirits, giving Me authority in their lives over the works of evil.  (I John 3:8)  That is the only way for My children to have authority over the works of the evil in their lives is by incorporating My power and authority with their own authority in the earth, and then by their taking My advice.  (Romans 8:16-18)  When you are led by My Spirit, not by your emotions or your environment or your heritage or your education, only when you are led by My Spirit are you able to succeed in life and inherit all of My blessings that are available in My kingdom.  Jesus said when he cast out demons with the power of My Holy Spirit from the lives of My children, only then can My kingdom come into their lives.  So when you allow Me to rid your life of all demonic influences, which are called the works of the flesh, only then can My kingdom come into your life with all of its blessings. (Luke 11:20-23) 
    My children have to allow Me to be sovereign in their lives before I can work My mighty power in their troublesome situations.  Often My children erroneously boast that I am sovereign in the earth while they, themselves, do not allow Me to be sovereign in their own lives. They are powerless in their own abilities and yet they refuse to allow Me to be their powerful Father, the Father of Love. It grieves Me to be excluded from delivering My guidance and help to them.
    Become led by My Spirit in everything, giving Me unlimited authority in your life. When you do submit your will to Me, you will inherit My kingdom of blessings, which is the abundant life and soul peace. (John 10:10)
    Your Powerful, Loving Father

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