Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Dear One,
    It is impossible to think about two things at one time.  You cannot entertain fear thoughts and at the same time praise Me in your thoughts and words.  It goes back to that spiritual principle of choosing either good or evil.  You can either invite the destructive, tormenting thoughts of fear into your mind or you can, instead, choose to immediately praise Me for the solution to the current problems, choosing to believe that I have the perfect solution.  When you choose to praise Me and to also rejoice that I not only can but I will enact the perfect events that produce a good result in your life, you are choosing good over evil. (Genesis 2:17)
    My children think that choosing good over evil is making a choice between sinning by breaking religious laws and not sinning by breaking religious laws.  That is only one facet of the spiritual principle of choosing good over evil.  The most productive choices of choosing good over evil is when you refuse to believe the fear images that the devil puts in your mind of destruction coming into your life and instead you choose at that instant to praise Me for the answers to your prayers.  That is also making a spiritual choice.   That is the exact reason why My Spirit told you to rejoice when trials of life come your way.  (James 1:2-4) If the first reaction you have is to rejoice that I have the perfect solution, to praise me for the solution and for My effective works in your behalf, applying patience to your mind, then you will definitely, without question, if you persists you will see the solution manifested in answer to your prayers. I said you would be lacking in nothing.   
    If, instead, you choose to believe the fear images put there by the devil,  persisting in dwelling upon them, then you have agreed with the images.  If you entertain the fear thoughts, the possibility of the destruction occurring increases because of your agreement with it.  Remember what a modern day prophet once said: the devil lays eggs in your mind and if you sit on them and hatch them, the baby is yours.   In other words, if your persist in thinking about the fearful, negative, destructive images in your mind, the end result is your own product of destruction.  BUT, if you will replace the fearful thoughts with rejoicing and praising Me for My solution, persisting in declaring your allegiance to Me instead of to the works of fear, then I can efficiently produce My desired result in your life, which is the solution to your problem. (II Timothy 1:7)
    An easier way is not to wait until problems rear their ugly heads, but to live in a constant state of rejoicing and praising Me for My goodness.   When you are thinking about, speaking about and praising me about My goodness toward you and all of My children, then when problems arise in your life, which always occurs, you are already rejoicing and praising Me so it is easy to continue to bypass fear thoughts and proclaim to Me and to the universe your loyalty to Me and My solutions. That profession of faith happens by your praising Me and rejoicing in Me.(Psalm 34:1)
     You have My Instruction Book with all of My promises to you.  You can use My words in My Book to defeat the fearful thoughts put in your mind.  That is what your brother Jesus did and it is effective every time against the devil. (Matthew 4:2-10)  The devil knows that I am more powerful that he.  When you declare My power as being more powerful than his and more effective in defeating his works, then he has to leave you because he knows that you cannot be manipulated by fear. (Matthew 4:11)  Fear is his only weapon against you because it is so effective.  It presents to your mind images of destruction and death.  My children fall for its lies more often than any other temptation because they think those thoughts are reality instead of a merely a temptation sent to entice you into being fearful so as to more easily defeat you. They are only images in your mind, not reality.  (John 16:33)
     Praise Me and rejoice in Me when fearful images invade your mind.  You can't think two things at once.  Choose to be on the winning team through praises for Me and rejoicing in Me.  I defeated the works of the devil through Jesus and I will defeat his works through My Holy Spirit in you. (Acts 1:4-8)
     Your Loving and Powerful Father

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