Sunday, December 13, 2015


Dear One,
    Do you lack wisdom relating to anything, whether it is wisdom relating to relationship problems, business problems, plumbing problems, structural problems, mechanical problems, addiction problems, education problems, health problems or problems in any other area of your life?  (James 1:5-8)  If you need to find solutions for every trying thing that adds stress to your life, ask Me for My wisdom relating to it. 
    I am your ultimate problem solver.  I created everything and everybody, so I know how to give solutions to every imaginable problem that My children encounter.  If you are unable to receive the entire solution in your mind, I will direct you to the person who has the complete, workable solution.
    I said that I would not leave you without comfort.  I said I would come to you through My Holy Spirit with the answer to anything that you lack.  Wisdom and insight are two of the things of which My children have the greatest need. (John 14:18)
    If you will check My instructions through James about your lack of wisdom, it was in relation to trials that come upon you.  Remembering that Jesus said that in the world you will have tribulation, but that you must rejoice because I overcame the devil and I will tell you how to overcome the trials that he places in your path of life.(John 16:33)
    Instead of worrying, fretting, spinning out of control emotionally, having poor me thoughts, getting mad or ranting and raving, My wisdom will come more quickly to your mind and the solutions will speedily be available if you will immediately rejoice that I have the solution to your problem. (James 1:2-4) 
    If you do react with fleshly emotional actions, your mind gets cloudy and unable to receive My wisdom.  But when you react with the spiritual principles of rejoicing and thanking Me for the answer to the problems, then your mind is clear and unencumbered, open to receive the wisdom that I so readily give to you.  In other words, worrying, fretting, ranting and raving put static between you and My solution to the problem.
    Train yourself to access My wisdom quickly by immediately praising Me for solutions when problems arise, rejoicing that I am your Father of wisdom with all of the answers to your problems, thanking Me repeatedly for My wisdom and guidance that I so willingly give.  In doing those things, you stay in communion with Me and allow My kingdom to work for you instead of accessing the devil's kingdom to work against you with your emotional ravings.  Wisdom will flow into your mind quickly when there is no emotional static to block it.
    James had great insight relating to how to receive My wisdom.  When the devil sends problems into your life, My Spirit even said that you will be blessed and fortunate when you endure the devil's trial of your faith if you will rejoice when the trial comes, seek for My wisdom, receive it and take My advice.   He said that you will receive the crown of life that is yours to receive.  A crown is placed on the head of a person who wins a battle.  The crown that I place upon your head identifies you as one who has overcome a trial by staying in communion with me; and as a result, blessings will flow into your life. (James 1:12)
     I said to rejoice in Me, and again I say rejoice. (Philippians 4:4)  I said to let rejoicing be abundant in your life.  Rejoicing binds you to My kingdom and My power.  When problems appear in your life, rejoice and be exceedingly glad that I have the solutions to your problems because I have free flowing wisdom available to all of My children.
     Your Solution Giving Father

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