Sunday, December 20, 2015


Dear One,
    One of the admonitions in My Instruction Book is that you please do not grieve the Holy Spirit.  Why would I caution you about grieving My Spirit?  The ways I said that We are grieved is when My children who call themselves by My name speak bitter, negative, corrupt words from their mouths  We know that they are cursing their own lives for which Jesus died.  He died so that you might have the power to refrain from cursing your life and the lives of others with your words. (Ephesians 4:29-31)
    My children have My Spirit inside of them to lead them into only speaking words that edify themselves, edify others, and bring grace to the hearer.  There is creative power in your words just like there is creative power in My words, and We are grieved when My children choose to curse themselves with negative, angry words instead of blessing themselves with positive, loving words.  
     My Spirit went on to tell you what words grieve Us.  We are grieved with  bitter, corrupt, wrathful, angry, clamoring and evil speaking words because they are from hell, and I said that you should put them away from you, along with putting all malice away from you.  We know that those words will summon hell to work against you and We are grieved that you have chosen curses over My blessings which come from speaking loving, kind, gracious words.
     Choosing good over evil is not a one time thing when you choose to become born of My Spirit, sealed with My redemption.  That was your first choice in choosing sides in the war between good and evil, blessings and curses.  That choice allowed you to have the power of My Holy Spirit in your life to coach you into identifying thoughts, attitudes and actions which will curse you.  You still have to choose between thoughts, attitudes and actions which come from either Me or the devil.  Those choices present themselves every minute of the day to you. 
      My children who are led by My Spirit do not speak negative, corrupt words because they know the damage they do to their own lives and their families when they do.  When they do speak corrupt words, they have yielded to their own enemy of destruction and given him permission to curse their lives.
      Often My children who are young in Spirit will yield to their human emotions and speak negatively, just like the people I was addressing in Ephesus.  I corrected them and instructed them in My letter to them, cautioning them about the power of their words, which either summon heaven or summon hell to work in their lives.(Matthew 12:35-37)  Their lack of knowledge of My instructions through Jesus is the reason why they were neglectful in purifying their minds so that they would only speak words which build up and edify.  My guidance in this area is paramount to living the abundant life that I promised to My children.
     I said if you follow My instructions that you will be blessed in every area of your life, but if you continue following the urges of satan and speak bitter words you will be cursed in every area of your life.  (Deuteronomy 28; Romans 8:14-17; James 3:5-12) I taught it through Jesus, through Paul, through Peter, through John, through James, through My letter to the Hebrews. I taught it over and over again so that you would not miss this key to My kingdom.
     I am grieved when My children are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit but still speak negative, corrupt words that summon hell to invade their lives.   I love them with My whole heart, but I know that their neglect in taming their tongues are causing them to be condemned by their negative words.  I impress upon them that their words have cursed them, and they must turn from their bitterness and return to My attitudes of love for all people.
      Curses flood into you life when you follow the temptations in your mind to speak bitter, corrupt, angry, wrathful, domineering, destructive words.  Blessings flood into your life when you follow My guidance and only speak positive, loving, edifying, gracious words. 
      It's really very simple.  Choose good over evil in thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.
      Your Loving Father  

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