Thursday, December 3, 2015


Dear One,
     When I used Abraham as an example of faith I said that he didn't struggle with unbelief but he believed that what I had promised I would perform. He merely believed Me and it was counted to him as righteousness, meaning that he put himself in a position to receive My blessings and favor. (Romans 4:3)
      Anyone who believes Me and believes My principles, which are My spiritual laws of liberty from the effects of evil, he or she will inherit all of My provisions.  I promised that those who love others as I love them will receive love in return, that those who sow peace will receive peace in return and be called My children, that those who sow goodness will receive goodness in return, that those who sow kindness will receive kindness in return, that those who are patient with others will receive patience in return, that those who are faithful will receive loyalty in return, that those who are merciful to others will receive mercy in return.  Love and its outgrowths are what are ingrained in all of My principles of successful living. (John 13:34; I Corinthians 13:4-7)
      The spiritual principle that I put into effect since the foundation of the world of sowing and reaping will never end.  Strawberries will still produce strawberries, love will produce love, strife will produce strife, kindness will produce kindness, hatred will produce hatred, peace will produce peace, vengeance will produce vengeance, turnips will grow turnips, mercy will produce mercy and on and on.  It is impossible to be at odds with someone and receive favor with that person in return.  The effects are from different kingdoms.  There are still two spiritual kingdoms, My kingdom and the kingdom of satan.  Every thought, attitude, word and action that is sown in the earth will summon either My kingdom or the devil's kingdom to grow that same plant and reproduce it into the life of a person.  It is so simple but My children take leeway and sow into the devil's garden but expect Me to bless them.  It is impossible because of the spiritual principle of seed sowing.
       My children should be stumbling all over themselves in an effort to love others as I love them instead of being prejucicial, narrow minded, filled with strife and conflict.  Instead of being peaceful and thus being called My children, many are warmongers, thinking they are defending Me.  They don't know the scriptures nor do they know My power.  (Matthew 22:29) Just because they call themselves by My name does not qualify them for their inheritance.  Their thoughts, attitudes and actions speak louder than their mere profession of faith.  I don't cut anyone off from My goodness. They cut themselves off from their blessings by their vengeful, hateful, judgmental attitudes which they retained from the old, unredeemed flesh.  They forget that the first thing Jesus taught about was being of My loving attitudes, speaking gracious words and always doing good to everyone in order to inherit My blessings. 
    The prophets of My love covenant with people have taught over and over the same things that Jesus taught, that you will reap what you have sown, that if you sow to the kingdom of destruction you will reap destruction but if you sow to My kingdom of love that you will reap My blessings of love from others in every form.  (Matthew 13:24-36; II Corinthians 9:6; Galatians 6:7-10; Galatians 5:16-25)
    My love never ends for the ones who sow to the garden of destruction.  I love them unconditionally.  But their desire to be loved by other people while in the earth hinges on their loving others as I love them because of the principle of seed sowing and harvest.  I give to you and all of My children My Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Love.  He will love others through you as I love you.  I gave you My power of love and I gave you My Instruction Book for you to check your spiritual constitution and by-laws.  You have everything necessary to carry out My love in the earth. Those who do so, will sow to My kingdom of love and reap the benefits of My blessings.
     It is those who do My will who inherit My promises because of the principle of seed sowing. (Matthew 7:21)
    Choose to believe My words and sow to My kingdom of love.   Then you will  reap the blessings of My love.
     Your Loving Father

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