Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Dear One,
     There is a big difference between thoughts and attitudes.  Attitudes have power where thoughts are mere images in your mind.  Attitudes show on your face and in your mannerisms either the negative or positive power that is derived from thoughts.  For instance, a thought from the past surfaces in your mind, an image of a particular incident of being injured physically or emotionally by another person.  A negative attitude can develop as a result of allowing the image to remain in your mind until the same thought grows into anger or hatred for the person behind the incident.  There is always a choice that you have of whether to forgive the person by offering mercy to the person, thus inheriting blessings from My heaven, or whether you choose to let the thought fester in your mind until anger is rekindled and empowers your attitude with vengeance by your planning in your mind what you should have done to return evil to the person or what you would like to do in the future to return evil for evil to the offender. 
    If you choose to extend mercy and forgiveness to the person, like I extend mercy to you, it will clear your mind and body of all vengeance and your health will not be affected negatively.  If you choose to let the toxic attitude of anger take over your mind, that attitude will grow to the place of causing your endocrine system to throw toxic chemicals into your mind and body, bringing injury to yourself instead of actually injuring the offending person as you imaged in your mind.
    Attitudes are powerful.  Through Jesus I told you that being angry with someone is just as dangerous for you as killing someone because a person who becomes angry will be in danger of being taken before the council of the devil and whoever reacts with angry words will be in danger of hell itself.  (Matthew 5:23-27)  The attitudes that develop in a person because of angry thoughts will experience problems with health, problems with relationships, problems in society and problems in courts of law.  In teaching you about attitudes, I was trying to coach you on how to avoid the curses of hell which come upon you when bad attitudes consume you.  I forgive you immediately because Jesus died for the sins of the whole world, but the devil lies in wait to feed negative images and attitudes into your mind so that he can accomplish what he has always wanted to do, destroy you.   Anger is his most effective weapon in his arsenal with which to trap you into having his negative attitudes which flood your life with his curses.
     My children think they are entitled to be angry when someone opposes them.   Because of free choice, you have the freedom to choose to be angry, but when having such an attitude you must know that you will also inherit the curses of destruction from the devil. 
    My way is for you to forgive, to release the person from any attitude of vengeance, to extend mercy to the person and allow Me to avenge you.  Remember that when you allow Me to avenge you, everyone wins.  (Romans 12:18-21)
    My children must learn My ways.  They are neither your ways nor the devil's ways.  (Isaiah 55:8-12) Anger begets anger and multiplies the consequences of sin in every situation where anger is allow to reign.  If thoughts are allowed to become angry attitudes, then anger reigns and you have allowed the devil to be god in your life.   My ways of love and forgiveness always bring My blessings into your life and into the life of the person who opposes you.  When you return good for evil done to you, you further My blessings in the earth and in the lives of your enemies.  Peace, love and joy reign in the earth. 
    Let there be peace on earth by only allowing peaceful thoughts into your mind.
    Your Father of Peace    

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Dear One,
    You must know that there are two spiritual kingdoms which influence actions in the earth, My kingdom of blessings and the devil's kingdom of curses.  That truth is found in My Instruction Book in Genesis 2:15-17; 3:16-19.  My desire was that the first man would not listen to the devil's temptations and yield to them, allowing the devil into the earth to curse all of humanity and also curse the earth.  But, he did, and all of humanity began to be engaged in a war between good and evil, obeying evil temptations from hell on one hand which separate My children from Me and then obeying My guidance from My heaven on the other hand after returning to Me.
     I sent My Son Jesus into the earth to die for the evil attitudes and actions of people because the devil institutes the punishment of destruction for the sins that My children commit, as led by the devil's own temptations.  Jesus paid the price of the devil's judgment by dying for all of My children so that death and destruction would not be in their futures.  Judgment comes from the devil.  Salvation and mercy come from Me.  (John 12:17)
     Jesus and I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to empower My children with My supernatural power to resist the devil and to have dominion over him and his works in the earth, just like Jesus did.  (I John 3:8)  That is the only means by which people can conquer evil in the earth is with My Holy Spirit's power.  Religious laws cannot do it and philosophies cannot do it.  Only My Holy Spirit can take spiritual authority over the devil and his works because the devil is an evil spirit.  
     The problem is that My children do not realize that the devil works in them, causing them to bring curses upon themselves and the earth through their thoughts and attitudes, words and actions.  Pay attention to this truth:  ATTITUDES ARE THOUGHTS THAT HAVE EMOTIONAL POWER BEHIND THEM.  The power can be the power of love or the power of anger and hatred.  For instance, a person might see someone commit an illegal act and merely think that it is against the law.  BUT, when that observer begins to judge the lawbreaker, condemning the lawbreaker and shaming the lawbreaker, then the observer has passed out of My kingdom of blessings into the devil's kingdom of curses, and curses of some sort will happen to cause destruction in the life of the observer later on.  When the attitude of judgment began to develop in the mind of the observer of the law being broken, the observer had passed from My abundant life into the devil's death and destruction.  The thoughts in the mind of the observer became a demonic attitude of judgment and condemnation, and so the person joined with the devil's kingdom which brings destruction and death.  If the observer of the lawbreaker had instead accepted My attitude of mercy into his or her mind, having thoughts that the law breaker might need food to feed his children or need money for medicine for a sick child, then the observer would remain in My kingdom of love and blessings because he or she refused the evil temptation to judge the lawbreaker.  I said do not judge or you will be judged.  (Matthew 7:1-4)  Remember that it is the devil who tempts you to judge and then judges you with the same judgment, bringing destruction into your life.  
     The observer can maintain an attitude of peace and mercy, but still call the civil authorities to report a crime.  The difference between whether the observer sows seeds into My kingdom of mercy and forgiveness or into the kingdom of judgment and condemnation is his attitude.  Attitudes are powerful.  They are either the demonic power of judgment and condemnation or they are the loving power of mercy and forgiveness from Me.       
    Jesus made it clear when He said that you have heard it said that you should not kill, but He said that when you are angry with anyone that you are in danger of the judgment of the devil.  (Matthew 5:21-26)  When you allow the attitude of anger to enter your mind, you have passed from thoughts and attitudes of mercy and forgiveness, which are from Me, and you have entered into the attitudes of anger, hatred and resentment which are from the devil.  He said that you will be liable for the fires of hell to afflict you if you become angry, and you will have to pay the last penny that you have to the devil's court if you do not settle matters quickly, returning to thoughts of mercy and forgiveness for the lawbreaker.
     You constantly either sow toxic seeds into the devil's kingdom of destruction by accepting his toxic attitudes into your thoughts or you constantly sow beneficial seeds into My kingdom of mercy and forgiveness by accepting My attitudes of peace into your thoughts.  In His teachings on the Beatitudes when He coached you to be of these attitudes, Jesus told you to be meek, pure in heart, merciful, humble, peacemakers, and seekers of righteousness, never returning evil for evil. (Matthew 5:3-11)
     Make peace, mercy and forgiveness the constant attitudes from the power of My love which flows from you and you will always dwell while in the earth in My kingdom of love which overflows with blessings. 
     Your Father Who Forgives All Sins  

Monday, December 19, 2016


Dear One,
     Seeds have life in them that are long-living, surviving forever.  There have been seeds discovered that were saved before Jesus walked the earth, and those seeds still grow plants when they are planted in the ground.  There are injurious seeds in spoken words that are planted within the minds of people through experiences that never leave their resting place in the egos of people. They continue to shape the personality and character of a person unless they are dug up and replaced by other positive experiences or words. 
    I created your world with My words and I continue to create with My words.  Because people are made in My image, their words and attitudes are creators in the minds of others, either creating positive attributes or negative attributes in the personalities and characters of people.  The words of a parent shape the personality of his or her children just as much as inherited family traits do.  Words are important in the lives of people, creating within their minds an image of what someone else thinks about them.  Words draw an image in the minds of people, either positive or negative, of either affirmation or degradation.  They present in the mind of a person the worthiness or unworthiness of his or her existence. 
     If a parent or another person in authority demeans a child, then that child will always carry an image of himself or herself as either worthy of honor and respect or unworthy of honor and respect.  All of the actions of a person who considers himself or herself worthy of love and respect will love and respect others.  All of the actions of a person who considers himself or herself unworthy of love and respect will never love and respect others because he or she will always want to pull down others to his or her own level of unworthiness.  It's very simple and I explained it when I said that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth will speak. (Matthew 12:34-35)  If a person feels unworthy of respect and honor because of childhood images of himself or herself placed in the mind, he or she will label other people as unworthy also.  There is no storage of worthiness from which positive, affirming words can emerge from the heart of the person who feels unworthy because of childhood experiences and programming.
     Words and attitudes are important even in the minds of adults and children.  If you sneer at a person who is homeless, unclean, disabled or socially unacceptable, you have damaged the self image of the person and he or she will feel unworthy of love and respect.  That image will be portrayed to other people through that person's  attitudes and mouth.  Also, if you smile at a person, affirm with words and attitudes a person who is homeless, disabled, socially unacceptable or unclean, you elevate that person in his or her own eyes and a feeling of worth will overpower the person. 
     I came to earth in the person of My son Jesus in order to save the very people who consider themselves unworthy of the respect and honor of others.  They are the people for whom I died and sent My Holy Spirit to reprogram their self images with My affirmative words of their worth.  Yet, some of My children continue to treat the less fortunate as less than human, the dregs of society.  The seeds that My children sow toward the people they shun will return to them and they will wonder why someone was unkind to them.  Seeds have longevity.  What you sow you will reap.  I didn't say you might reap what you sow.  I said you will reap what you sow.  (Galatians 6:7-9)
     Sowing and reaping was a spiritual principle that I instituted when I created people and put them in a garden called earth.  It is eternal.  I meant it for good, to further My love in the world.  My children must determine to always sow good seeds in the lives of others because in doing it they are sowing seeds into their own lives.
     I constantly affirm and validate your existence into your mind.  It is your obligation to affirm and validate the existence of everyone.  When you do, you perpetuate My love in the world. You can rebuild the self image of a person by your kind, loving, affirming words to a person who suffers from the curses of poverty, failure, misfortune, diseases or accidents.
     I let you know that you are the apple of My eye.  Let others know that they are the apple of your eyes.  You elevate their self image in their own eyes when you do, thus fulfilling the spiritual laws of the love of Christ.  
     Your Father of Validation 

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Dear One,
     You must listen carefully to this truth:  You were placed in a garden in the earth at the beginning of time, a garden which only grows plants from the seeds that are sown in it. (Genesis 2:8) There are no other plants which can grow in your life except the plants from the seeds that you sow.  That principle is called sowing and reaping.  From the beginning the first man whom I created could only plant good seeds because there was no evil in the world.  But when the first man refused My guidance to never listen to the temptation of an evil invader, when he listened to the lies of satan he allowed evil to come into the world. The evil temptations of satan are always couched in a little good so as to deceive people into believing that the evil seeds that the devil plants in the minds of My children will not bring curses into their lives.  (Genesis 2:17) So all of humanity, since Adam's rebellion in the garden, has inherited the ability to sow either seeds of evil in the earth from the devil which will grow destruction and death or they will sow seeds of good in the earth from Me which sow love and peace.  Your successes or failures in life will depend upon the seeds that you sow.
     After Adam's disobedience, humans sowed more bad seeds in the earth than good seeds, cursing the entire earth.  So I sent a Savior into the earth in human form, My Son Jesus, to destroy all of the evil plants that had been grown in the lives of My children by their obeying the voice of the devil instead of their obeying My voice of goodness and kindness.  Jesus accomplished His mission, died as a result of the  bad seeds that had been planted by everyone as influenced by evil from the beginning of time and he died for the bad seeds that would be planted by people in the future. (John 1:20; John 3:16-17)  He died, was killed by the bad toxic plants that people had sown, and He was resurrected from the dead by the power of My very own Spirit.  I send My Spirit into the lives of those people who choose My ways, and He brings My power into their lives, the spiritual ability to overcome the temptation to sow bad seeds, giving them the ability to only sow good seeds into their garden that I gave to them, called earth.
     My children still have the choice to choose between good and evil.  Even though many of My children have My Holy Spirit's power to refuse to do evil, they are often deceived into following the temptations to again sow evil seeds into the earth, giving the devil permission to curse their own lives with evil plants of destruction.
    I wrote to My children a firm warning when I said, "Do not be deceived.  A person reaps what he sows.  Whoever sows evil seeds will reap destruction from hell, and whoever sows good seeds from the guidance of My Spirit of goodness will reap the goodness and kindness that comes from My Spirit of Life." (Galatians 6:8-10) It's the same admonition and warning that I gave in the beginning to the first man, that what you sow you will eventually reap.  That truth is why I told you through the mouth of Jesus that you must never return evil for evil done to you, multiplying the spreading of evil seeds into your garden and causing destruction in your life.   I told you to do good to those who do evil to you, for in sowing good seeds you overcome the evil that the devil intended to pour upon your life,   Good always overcomes evil.  (Matthew 5: 21-26; 38-48; Romans 12:18-21)   Evil cannot stand up against My good thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.  It has to wither away like the dead worm that it is because you have not given life to it by furthering its evil in your garden.
     James wrote wise words to you about the power of your words.  He knew that the seeds you sow from your mouth in scorn, envy, jealousy, anger and strife will grow evil plants in your life and you will not live the kingdom life that I desire for you in your garden of life. (James 3)
     Again I tell you:  Do not be deceived.  The seeds you sow in your garden of life will either grow plants that will destroy you or you will sow My seeds of love in your garden of life and have kingdom living in the earth.  It is your choice.  I have given you the power of My Spirit, with His ability and power to only sow good seeds in your garden of life.  My Holy Spirit is your advocate, the One who distributes My kingdom blessings into your life.  Listen to His guidance and live a blessed life while in the world.  (II Peter 1:3-4)
     This is the good news of the gospel.
     Your Father of Goodness and Blessings

Saturday, December 17, 2016


Dear One,
    My children must learn how to respect every person in the earth for the core value of the person, which is what I honor as being part of Me because all life comes from Me.  The outward flesh, called the body and mind, is only a covering for the real person, which is the spirit of the person. So when I said to honor and respect everyone, parents and those in authority over you, even criminals, lawbreakers and those whom religious people call sinners, I was telling you to respect people for the part of them which came from Me at the beginning of their life, their spirit. 
     In your courts of criminal and civil law a lawbreaker is treated with respect and honor by those in authority because of presumed innocence.  Even after being declared guilty, the accused person is treated with respect and honor as a person whose outer flesh has broken the law, but the inner man still deserves respect and honor.
    The same is true in political and religious venues.  Even if those in authority might be corrupt, demeaning, filled with judgment and condemnation, cruel, dishonest and inept, My children should treat them with respect because of the offices of authority that they hold.  Their core value is still worthy of your respect and forgiveness, even if their flesh is guilty of performing less than virtuous activities.  The reason for this advice is so that you will not become bitter, unforgiving, judgmental and condemning of people and sow like seeds which return to you and make your own flesh of the same state of uncleanness as the corrupt authoritarian.  When you forgive the person in authority for being less than perfect, just as you are, then you release yourself from the judgment of evil attitudes returning to you and cursing your life. (Matthew 6:14)
     Jesus said that you are condemned by your words and you are sanctified, or made clean, by your words. (Matthew 12:37) You must always choose words which honor and respect everyone so that you will sow seeds of honor and respect and thus receive honor and respect in return.  When you honor and respect a person who, by all outward actions, deserves no honor and respect, you are honoring Me because I said what you do to the people who deserve the least respect and honor, you do to Me.  In doing those actions of honor and respect you are doing what I commanded, which is to love others unconditionally as I love you.
     You know that I said that all humans have fallen short of the mark of perfection which I want all of My children to attain so that they will attract to themselves the inheritance of blessings while in the earth that I have stored for them.  I said all men have fallen short of My glory. (Romans 3:23)  If a virtuous person disapproves of another person and judges that person for falling short of My desired mark of perfection of love, then the virtuous person, because of his or her judgment, has crossed over into the area of evil which mimics the actions of the devil and his kingdom. The formerly virtuous person becomes tainted with evil just like the people he or she judged and condemned for being imperfect. (Matthew 15:19)  The formerly virtuous person must then return to his or her virtuous life with loving thoughts, loving attitudes, loving words and loving actions in order to be restored to My family of blessings that come from having the same thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions as the people in My family's kingdom of love.  Such is the story of the prodigal son.
     Now you understand why I have coached and admonished My children not to join with their enemy, the devil, in carrying out his will in the earth or they will inherit his curses.  Judging and condemning others, even if the judgment is based upon other people breaking apparent laws and statutes, that action of judging will cause you to land in the same cesspool of curses as the people whom you judge and condemn and you will pass over from life to death, from blessings to curses.  (Matthew 7:1-5) This truth is the reason why I talk so much about mercy and forgiveness, because I have mercy on the lawbreaker and sinner and I forgive all sins, iniquities, transgressions and acts that fall short of My glory.  When you judge others instead of forgiving them, you jump right into the same cesspool of judgment of the devil and you will inherit the same judgments that the person who committed evil actions inherits.  If you will forgive them, then their sins, iniquities and transgressions are forgiven, your sins are forgiven, and you will stay in the flow of the river of blessings that I send perpetually to My children.  (John 20:21-23)
      Honor all people and respect them by granting love and forgiveness to them, just like I do to you.  When you are able to let the flow of love continue to flow from you, you will win the spiritual lottery of living a life blessed by My kingdom while in the earth and also in the heavens to come.  Heaven and earth are connected.  I said that to which you bind yourself on earth will bind you to the same spiritual dimension in heaven.  As I am forgiving in heaven, you must be forgiving on earth with the power and ability of My Holy Spirit.  When you are love, as I am Love, then peace, joy and goodness minister to you all the days of your life. (Psalm 23)
      Honor others just like you honor Me and I honor you.
      Your Father of Forgiveness and Mercy

Friday, December 16, 2016


Dear One,
    My children, without recognizing it, are human conduits through which flow either blessings or curses into the earth.  They are either conduits of love which flow from Me or they are conduits of hatred which flow from hell.  My love perpetuates peace, kindness, mercy, goodness, graciousness, joy, faith, patience and forbearance in the earth, blessing people and the earth with My glory. (Galatians 5:22-26) I have no other distributing agents in the earth, other than My angels who only work in unity with My will and the wills of My chidren.  I gave the earth to My children in the beginning and everything that comes into the earth must come through the permission of My children. (Genesis 1:26-31) That is why My Son Jesus had to come into the earth in the body of a human being, so that He would have a legal right to restore My kingdom power in the earth because He was Son of man/Son of God.  
     Evil had to have permission of My first human creation, Adam, before it could invade the earth and distribute its curses onto the earth and onto My children. (Genesis 3:13-19)  That is why the devil tempts My children, in order to manipulate them into joining with him in perpetuating his works of hatred, anger, division, discord, strife, killings, jealousy, envy, political factions, immorality and impurity in the earth. (Galatians 5:19-21)  Through Adam, the devil cursed the earth, the very earth that I gave to humans to manage and run like I run My heaven.  Through My children joining with the devil and obeying his temptations, the world that I created has become cursed instead of being entirely blessed.  (Deuteronomy 28)
     There is good news.  Jesus Christ died for the sins of My children and regained the authority of My children in the earth when He sent My Holy Spirit to live in My children with My own power, authority and dominion inside of them, the power to subdue the earth again and make it as the mirror of My heaven with blessings unimaginable to those who hear wisdom from Me and take My advice, creating heaven on earth as Jesus prayed. (Matthew 6:10)
     My children who are filled with My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit have the power to be the only conduits of My love into the earth that I created for them.  I cannot legally invade the world with My blessings unless I use My true children who are led by My Holy Spirit.  If I did, I would be evil instead of good because I would be reneging on My word that I gave at the beginning when I gave the world to My children.  I limited My power in the earth when I did that because I wanted My children to always be attentive to My words and obey them which will bring My blessings into their lives.  The only way that I can distribute My good works into the earth is through My children who hear My voice and take My advice.
    The devil cannot perpetuate his evil in the world without doing it through My children to whom I gave My legal permission to subdue the world.  That is why his temptations are disguised and have so much power over My children, because they are disguised in the minds of My children as their own thoughts instead of being thoughts straight from hell sent to allow evil to further curse the earth and curse the lives of My children.
     The good news is that Jesus Christ came into the earth to destroy the works of the devil and He sent My Holy Spirit into My children who believe.  He is the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead, and He gives My children the power to continue the work of Jesus and to destroy the works of evil in their lives and in the earth.  It all comes from hearing My voice which tells you how to strategically destroy the evil works in your life which curse you and perpetuate evil in the earth.
      My children must determine to be a conduit of love, mercy, peace and kindness in the earth for Me to overcome evil through them.  They must refuse to judge, condemn and distribute evil ignorantly through divisive political rhetoric and rigid religious laws.  I am neither the judge nor the one who condemns and divides.  The devil is the father of judgment and condemnation and through those attitudes he divides My children one from another, perpetuating evil.
      When love, peace, goodness, kindness and mercy flow through you as a  conduit, there is cleansing of your thoughts, attitudes, words and actions also.  It's called sanctification, causing you to inherit My kingdom benefits. 
      Your inheritance has been stored up from the foundation of the earth.  It's up to whose voice you obey, either Mine of the devil's, which brings either unimaginable blessings into your life or horrible curses into your life. 
      You can't serve two masters.  Chose to hear My voice and do My will, and I will be able to do exceedingly, abundantly more good in your life than you can dare think or even imagine.  I am your good Father. (Ephesians 3:20)
       Your Father of Blessings      

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Dear One,
    To know that you are greatly loved and dearly prized is the highest form of praise and validation.  It is the cry of every human heart in every human being.  It is the foundation of all emotional and mental stability.  I said through Jesus that I greatly loved and dearly prized the world and My children and that I gave My Son Jesus to die for the sins of the whole world to satisfy the cruel judgment of the devil so that My children would be free from judgment .  I said I sent My Son Jesus so that those who believe in Me would not perish but would have My supernatural life within them to equip them so that they will overcome every evil that lives in the world.  (John 3:16 amplified Bible)
    I also said that My greatly loving you and dearly prizing you motivated Me to give My Son for you and that He did not come into the world to judge, reject, condemn or pass sentence upon the world, but that through Him you would be saved from evil thoughts, attitudes, speaking and actions that are instituted by the devil.  (John 3:17)  I sent Jesus to rescue My children, not destroy them and judge them.  Yet, some of the religious teachers still teach that I will judge, condemn and reject people who are influenced to do evil in the world.  That is not good news.  That is not the true gospel. 
     The true gospel is that I greatly love and dearly prize everyone who walks around in the world, those who walked around in the world in the past, and those who will walk around in the world in the future. 
     I greatly love and dearly prize you.  I say it again:  I GREATLY LOVE AND DEARLY PRIZE YOU.  There is not one tiny iota of My being that rejects you.  There is not one tiny iota of My being that condemns you.  There is not one tiny iota of My being that judges you.  Jesus made that clear many times.  He said that I do not judge anyone and that He does not judge any human being.  However, He said He judged the devil because of the devil's harassment and temptation of My children which causes them to be estranged from Me so that they cannot inherit the blessings of My kingdom. I have never done any of the horrible things that some of My spiritually ignorant children have accused Me of doing.  In your world a person who does such cruel things would be jailed and even put to death.   Yet, I am accused by the spiritually ignorant of My own children of doing the cruelty.  They don't know Me. (John 8:15-16; John 5:22)
     When My children know Me and know My great love for them, they do not accuse Me of any evil thing.  They know that I am Love.  They know that I am their Loving Father.  They know that I am their Savior.  They know that I am their biggest admirer.  They know that I do not accuse them, harm them, reject them, destroy them or condemn them.  They know that all evil comes from hell and not from Me. 
     Your reaction to knowing My love for you is that you extend the same love to everyone you meet.  Let every person you meet know that they are greatly loved and dearly prized by you and they will feel greatly loved and dearly prized by Me.  Your loving affirmation of the value of their lives satisfies the hearts of My children who are starving for love and validation.  It will never pass away but it will stay with them forever.  True love from Me never dies.  It stays in the heart of the person who has received it for all of their lives. (I Corinthians 13)
     It is easy to give money to feed the hungry, which is from My love.  It is harder for the human ego to validate the life of another person by giving a compliment, an admiring smile, a kind word that creates value in the heart of the listener, an encouragement to the child of a stranger, or your sharing your admiration for a person who is hurting.  Those come from My love inside of you and are received by the recipient as validation for his or her life.  It thrills their souls and stay there forever.
     Love never fails.  It does works of which you have no knowledge.  Think about what My love has done for you.  It has transformed you.  Let your love transform others.
     Your Loving Poppa


Dear One,
     In My Instructions to My children under My old covenant with Abraham and his nation that came from his family, I told them to honor their fathers and mothers so that they would live long in the earth.  That commandment assumed that the parents were honorable people.  For instance, if the parents were robbers, then their children were released from the letter of the law in that commandment.  Honoring their parents' training to also be robbers would not result in the children having a long and rewarding life because of robbery being against the civil laws.  Honoring someone is contingent upon their being an honorable person, worthy of admiration and respect. 
    There are people whom you should honor because of their position even though it is not required of you to admire and reverence them if their character is not admirable.  Granting them your honor if their character is less than honorable can only be because of their elected positions.  Yet, it is not required that you admire that person whose character is not admirable.  In other words, if the character of a person is not in line with the fruit of goodness and kindness, then you need not bind yourself emotionally in loyalty or admiration to the person simply because of the position of honor that the person holds.  You can respect the position but not respect and honor the questionable personality of the person. 
     If you bind yourself to someone emotionally who is considered less honorable in character, you can bring curses upon your own life because to whatever or whomever you are bound on earth emotionally, you are also bound to the evil spirits in the heavens who influence the person.  You must be very careful to whom you give your emotional admiration.  The person who has questionable moral character does not deserve your emotional honor and reverence.  The position that the person holds deserves the honor.
    There are dissenters to whom you must honor by giving them the right to dissent, as your constitution does.  Grant them the grace to refuse to emotionally honor those in authority who have questionable moral character, those being the haters, the lustful sexual molesters, the people who sow discord, the people who divide and dominate, the people who rob from the poor, the people who destroy others for their own prosperity, and the people who refuse to grant hospitality to people who are displaced from their homes and their countries.  The most admirable dissenter who refused to honor the politicians and the religious leaders who had questionable moral character was My Son Jesus.  His teachings constantly questioned the moral character of the Pharisees, the scribes, the Sadducees and the hypocrites who were oppressing people at the time He ministered in the earth.  The people with questionable moral character at the time were the political and religious leaders.  Jesus told His followers at the time to beware of the words, the teachings and beliefs of the politicians and the religious leaders who heap burdens upon the poor and deny the same human rights to others that they enjoy.  He said if My children bind themselves emotionally to the people who oppress others, that My children will inherit the same woes of the oppressors.
    You must honor your fellow men by giving them the respect to believe what they choose to believe.  If their beliefs and character are of Me, then they will inherit My blessings.  If their beliefs and character are of the devil, then they will inherit curses.  I have given to all of My children free choice, the right to choose their destiny and their beliefs.  When their characters and beliefs are the same as My love, My goodness and kindness, then they will relish in My blessings.  When they choose the character and beliefs of the divisive politicians and the religious leaders, then they will inherit the devil's curses. 
     You must honor all people by giving them the right to choose life or death, blessings or curses without your judging them.   I do.  I have always granted free will to all of My children.  Those who choose destruction, death and curses need to eventually begin to honor Me and My beneficial ways, turning to me for healing for the diseases, the afflictions and the curses that came from binding themselves to oppressors, the divisive politicians who sow discord and rigid religious leaders who condemn and judge all of My children.    
     So you must give honor to the dissenters who oppose the oppression of politicians and religious leaders who are called by My name but don't know Me.   Remember that Jesus was the champion of dissenters at the time He walked the earth.  I gave Him honor and admiration, as did the needy and the poor.  Jesus called the oppressors at the time serpents, vipers, blind guides and hypocrites.(Matthew 23:13-33)  He said that they had bound themselves to hell and would inherit the curses of hell. 
     I told My children to pray for everyone who is in authority over you, the kings, the politicians, the religious leaders and your bosses so that you may lead a peaceful life in all goodness and holiness because I want all people to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth.  (I Timothy 2: 1-8)   I said FIRST OF ALL TO PRAY FOR THEM.  You don't have to bind yourself to them emotionally to pray for them so that they will be saved and come to know the truth that Jesus Christ is the mediator.  I said to pray for them, not that you honor them emotionally if their character is not in line with My character of love and peace.  Obey the laws of the land and thus you honor them for their positions of authority.
      Give honor to all people as My favorite children, especially the least of them in social status because in doing that you honor Me.  Elevate all people to the place of honor that I have for them, as My blessed children.
      Your Father Who Honors and Validates You                   

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Dear One,
    We talked about the bait that is necessary for a fisherman to attract fish to his or her fishing line in order to catch fish.  When you are a fisher of men, like I called My children to be, when attracting people to Me your bait must be full of promise, loving, merciful and peaceful.  Dead bait that is rotten with no life in it will repel the people.  That is why is it so important to listen to My Spirit and allow Him to tell you what words to speak to people when casting your fishing line into the life of a person who is in need. 
     The ministry words of religious people often repel the lost and cause them to reject the bait of condemnation, guilt, division and self righteousness, and rightfully so.  The real good news or gospel will draw all people to Me because of the promise that Jesus Christ came to earth to give to them a life of blessed living and to give it more abundantly than a person can even imagine.  (Ephesians 3:19-20)  I said that is My goodness that causes a person to repent, turn from his unfruitful life and receive My own, personal, loving and powerful life with new motivations and new promises. (Romans 5:17)  That is good news, the best news possible to ever come out of the mouths of My children.
     Any effort to convict people by identifying them as sinners will offend and repel them.  It is dead bait.
     Any effort to convict people by causing in them fear of judgment will fail because it is not My goodness that is preached.  When a person is brought to me by fear of judgment that person will experience a lifetime of fear.  Fear of death binds a person to the devil.  (Hebrews 2:14-15) It is the promise of My love and peace that is the effective bait that draws people to me.  It is the testimonies of My goodness toward you that will entice someone to have what you have, which is peace, love and joy.  Uplifting testimonies will draw all people to Me.   Fear of judgment will cause defeat and depression, pushing people right into the pits of depression and hell.
    Jesus said He did not come into the world to condemn the world and people, but that through Him they would be saved from the evils in the world. (John 3:17-18)  You must offer to the lost people My life of abundance of blessings as bait instead of religiously condemning them as sinners who need to be saved from My wrath.  I have no wrath for My creation.  I only have love for people and the world because I am Love.  It is My Love that the lost people need, not your condemnation and judgment.
     Perfect your bait before you decide to witness about Me.  Be sure that your life is a witness of My love, My kindness and My goodness,  and I will send people to you.  Love is the perfect bait for fishers of men.
     Your Father of Love and Joy

Monday, December 12, 2016


Dear One,
    When I told you through My Son Jesus that I wanted you to become fishers of men, I was not issuing a generic request.  There is much more involved in being a fisher of men. (Mark 1:16-17) Involved in the ministry of being a fisher of men is being able to hear My voice and then to heed My words.  As you remember, after Jesus was raised from the dead he appeared to his disciples where they were fishing.  The previous day they had caught no fish.  The next day Jesus appeared to them and told His disciples where to cast their net where there was a large school of fish.  The men were unable to lift the fishing nets because of the large number of fish.  Those men found out that being led by My Spirit is beneficial to them in every area of life.
     The same is true relating to being a fisher of men.  Think of the talents of a good fisherman.  He knows what bait to use on his line.  He knows what time of the day is the best time to fish.  He knows which fish are in which lake, stream or ocean and what their habits are.  My Holy Spirit knows those things about all people because He was instrumental in My creating them.  So in relation to being a fisher of men, there are different baits to use with certain people, different testimonies to use as efficient bait to encourage different people to be attentive to hear your testimonies, all which are brought to your remembrance by the words of knowledge of My Holy Spirit,  There are different habits and temperaments of people which are apparent and My Spirit knows what will entice a person to become excited about knowing Me.  That wisdom is given to you by My Spirit.  There are different beliefs in people and My Spirit knows what will convince an unbelieving person to seek Me and My righteousness.  My Spirit will reveal to you the right bait.  Fishing is an art and fishing for people is an art given to you by My Spirit relating to each person whom I impress you to tell the good news.
     Remember that the gospel, the good news, is My power that leads to salvation. (Romans 1:16-17) 
     When fishing, very often it takes a long time to entice a fish to grab onto your line.  It takes giggling the lure in front of him many times, being patient to let the bait do its work of attracting the fish to take the lure.  It is the same with people.  Often you need to display the testimonies that are lures to the person in incremental times, here a little, there a little, until the person is ready to receive My Holy Spirit into his or her life.  You must use patience and let Me do My work after you have done your work of giving a testimony to the person.  Praying in the Spirit for the person in your prayer closet enhances the power of My Spirit to make the words alive that were spoken through you to the person. Let My Spirit feed His faith into your testimony so that the person will want what you have told Him about, which is reliance upon Me, making Me Lord of his or her life.          
      All of that is to say that generic witnessing is rarely effective, which are those acts of witnessing that are neither ordained nor initiated by Me.  Jesus told His disciples that there were towns which are cursed with unbelief and that His disciples should refrain from ministering there.  If your witnessing is based upon religious practices, they are ineffective and cause people to run from you because of your being a religious person trusting in religious rituals and laws instead of your being a witness to My goodness which causes people to be drawn to Me, wanting to hear your living testimonies because they are real.
     Self proclaimed witnesses who are without personal testimonies never produce results.  When they teach fear, condemnation and guilt, they are not preaching the good news.  People with new and exciting testimonies of My goodness have no problem throwing their fishing lines out into the world as led by My Spirit, drawing people to Me.  (I Corinthians 1;31-2:1-5)
      I said in My Instruction Book, "How will they know if they do not hear, and how will they hear if you do not testify to them?"  (Romans 10:13-17)  My works among My children are not private, to only be enjoyed by the believer.  My works among My children are the bait on the end of the fishing line, calling My unbelieving children to come to Me for My healing and salvation.  Your testimonies are the convincing evidence to others that I am alive, that I am the Good Father who brings life and goodness to My children and that it is My pleasure to do so.
       Tell of the good news at every opportunity as led and sanctioned by My Spirit.
       Your Father of Goodness and Peace

Sunday, December 11, 2016


Dear One,
    There is no real benefit in allowing into your mind examples of murder, killings, abuse, hatred, angry words, angry actions, fear, belittling, domination, impurity and sexual pursuits, all which are sent out into the airwaves and called entertainment,   Those examples from hell are not entertainment. (Galatians 5:19-21) They are enticements for you to entertain thoughts from hell which are sent to program you to think such thoughts, plan such things in your mind which affect your attitudes, and do such abominable things to other people.  When you entertain such images and thoughts from hell, you are being programmed by the devil himself, programmed to do his will in the earth, whether being mobilized to carry out the actions or to do the opposite, which is to become so fearful that you shrink from life and are immobilized by fear, retreating from life and retreating from socializing with others in order to receive My love.
      If something called entertainment is not true, noble, admirable, excellent, praiseworthy, uplifting, pure, virtuous, encouraging, loving, peaceful and gracious, in other words good news, then don't even think on such things.  (Philippians 4:7-8) Don't allow toxic things to be fed into your mind or you will find yourself a slave to toxic thinking, toxic attitudes, toxic words and toxic actions.   Your human mind is a computer, equipped to efficiently process My words to you and store those principles there so that you will be programmed to think My thoughts and do My will in the world.  Your mind is not a cesspool for the attitudes of the devil.
     Because of the advancement of technology, the evil that in your world has more opportunities than ever before to enslave My children to fear, anger and hatred.  Many people fall into enslavement without realizing it because of the sheep's clothing in which the devil has clothed his temptations, making them acceptable and even desirable to My children.   Even the warnings that I gave to My children in My Instruction Book are unheeded and the warning regarding evil actions of which I alerted you are ignored.  I wrote many times that My children who listen to the words of the politicians will be cursed because of the angry, hateful rhetoric which they espouse.  The very word Pharisee means to divide and conquer, to separate and divide.  They were the politicians at the time that Jesus walked in the earth.  They were the people about whom Jesus warned My children, saying that if you listen to the words of the politicians that you will inherit their woes because the attitudes, words and actions of the politicians are already cursed with woes from hell.  (Matthew 18:7-9; Matthew 23:13-33)  Because My children have listened to them, they have been overcome with discord and there is no unity through which I can bring My blessings.  Instead, there are wars and killings, all in the name of national patriotism.
      Where is the loyalty of My children to My kingdom?  Where is the loyalty of My children to My message of love?  Where is the loyalty of My children to My words which instruct them to forgive and love their enemies instead of oppose and divide politically and religiously?  Where is the loyalty of My children to My message of good news instead of loyalty to the acts of greed and entitlement at a cost to the poor?  Where is the loyalty of My children to Me when they join with words of hatred and anger from politicians instead of speaking words of love and peace like I commanded them to seek and to speak?   Many of My children have left My family and joined with the woes of the politicians and religiously deceived leaders who have made bedfellows of the politicians.  (Luke 20:45-47)  They will find themselves surrounded with the woes of which I predicted long ago they will receive if they bind themselves to the beliefs of the politicians and the religious leaders.  Then they will come to Me, begging for Me to deliver them from their woes of which they so ignorantly agreed to inherit.  I will deliver them when they turn from their oppressive ways and return to My messages of loving people with My unconditional love, feeding the poor, refusing to scorn and mock, helping the oppressed go free, breaking every yoke of the devil instead of perpetuating them and also binding people to the evil yokes.  My children must put on My righteousness, My salvation, My truth and My love if they want My kingdom living in the earth.  (Isaiah 59)
     Instead of joining with the toxic rhetoric of the politicians, pray for My wisdom for them so that you might live in peace.  My activities deriving from love are to pray for someone instead of opposing them and maligning them.  Obey the laws of the land and pray for the leaders of your nation, the politicians, but do not bind yourself to them in theory or in philosophy,  Do not unite with their angry words and actions toward My other children or you will become eligible for the woes from hell that entice them to seek more and more dominating power.  (I Timothy 2: 1-5)
     Humble, merciful and loving words are the language of My family.  Seek only to hear words of My good news and seek to only speak them and you will find yourself living My kingdom life in the earth which I intended at the beginning.
     Angry politicians criticize undocumented people in their countries who do not know the national constitutions of the countries of the politicians, yet the politicians call themselves by My name and do not know My principles, statutes, precepts, spiritual laws, commandments or testimonies of My own family, My spiritual nation of love.  (Psalm 19:7-14)
     What a person thinks upon, that person will speak.  Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth will speak.  I said that by your words you are known as being My child, an inheritor of My treasure. I hear your words of love and bring My will into your life.  I also said by your negative words you are condemned.  The devil grabs your toxic words and bring his will into your life.  Your words identify to which family you belong, My family or the family of evil.  Your own words judge you.  Learn this lesson well.
     Your Father of Everlasting Peace and Love

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dear One,
    Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil and to save My children and the world from the curses of the devil. (I John 3:8; John 3:16)  In doing that, His sacrifice on the cross, His being raised from the dead and then sending My Holy Spirit to live in My children enabled me to send My kingdom to earth as it is in heaven on the day of Pentecost when My glory descended from heaven and became resident n the world.  (Acts 2:1-4)  From that day forth, My kingdom became available to all people who choose to seek Me.  (Matthew 6:33-34)  Kingdom living in the earth became a reality and is still a reality.
      Religious leaders at the time of Jesus' ministry in the earth did not recognize Jesus as My Son and did not accept His sacrifice as being from Me.  They cheated themselves and My other children of the joy and glory of living My kingdom life while in the earth, for which Jesus taught them to pray. (Matthew 6:9-10)  They limited My power in the earth and limited My revelations from being received by My children.
      Even today, religious leaders do not teach the true gospel, the good news of My kingdom coming to live in My children.  They teach merely being born of My Spirit, which makes them My child, but religious leaders rob My children of their inheritance of being baptized in My Holy Spirit which brings My kingdom into their lives and brings to My children their rightful inheritance according to My promise.  (John 3:5-6: John 20:21-23: Acts 1:4-5)   A partial gospel is not the full gospel.  Partial good news is not complete good news.  The full gospel gives My children the power to become My children and overcome the works of the devil in their lives just like Jesus did when He was baptized by My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 3:16-17)   He is the same Spirit who empowered Jesus during His earthly life and who raised Him from the dead.  (II Corinthians 4:14) The same Holy Spirit is available to My children to empower them to destroy the works of the devil.  That is good news to people who are suffering from the destructive works of evil . 
      The very people who have been entrusted with the good news have often robbed My other children of the full gospel, which is the entire good news that they don't have to be powerless over evil.   Instead of teaching the full gospel, the religious leaders endeavor to keep My children so busy serving the religious institutions that they are not able to seek Me and My righteousness, which is what My Holy Spirit does in the lives of My true children.   Those same religious leaders will be the first to make sure that breakers of the civil laws who rob people of their goods are persecuted.  Yet, those same religious teachers rob My children of the power to defeat the devil's work in their own lives.  
     It is not that I hid the truth of the full gospel from them.  It is written in their Instruction Book over and over and over, explained over and over again, even instructed by Jesus to seek My Holy Spirit.  Yet, the religious leaders would like to remove that truth from the Book of Instructions so that they no longer have dominating power over  My children.  Instead, when a child of Mine receives My Holy Spirit and is baptized in My Holy Spirit,  My Holy Spirit becomes the teacher in their lives, the Lord of their lives, instead of the religious leaders.  (I Corinthians 3:16; II Corinthians 3:17)
     I said that when My Spirit lives in a person that the person is free from the works of the devil and free from religious laws which give power to the devil.  The demon of religion has robbed My children in the past by placing a veil over the minds of My children and that same demon continues to rob My children of the truth of the power that I promised to My children which is the power of My Holy Spirit.   Consequently, many of My children are constantly harassed by the devil and robbed of their rightful inheritance given by Me to My children, which is the power and ability to destroy the works of evil in their lives.
      Kingdom living from Me while in the earth is available to My children.  Make sure everyone with whom you come into contact knows that truth.  When they know it, they will seek Me, My kingdom and My righteousness,
      I said the gospel is the power of God that gives you power to be saved from the works of evil in the world. (Romans 1:16) There is no partial gospel.  There is only the full gospel.  Notify the people who have been robbed of the knowledge of salvation and are cursed by evil.   
      Your Father of Power and Might Over Evil.

Friday, December 9, 2016


Dear One
    I said in My description of My character of unconditional love that unconditional love does not take into account a wrong that you suffer. (I Corinthians 13:5)  I do not make a list of naughty and nice thoughts, attitudes and actions which will be read to you at some time, making you account for the bad things that you did to other people.  Doing that is of the devil using the flesh of people, not of My Spirit.     
    Forgiveness means that you never harbor a wrong which has been done to you.  Instead, forgiveness means that you let it go, forgiving it and erasing it from your mind so that you will not be constantly resurrecting it and suffering the wrong action over and over and over again which can result in a flood of negative hormones in your body which will cause diseases.  Forgiveness, as instituted by Me, is beneficial to your mental health and physical health.
     The wrong that you suffered did not originate in the mind of the person who hurt you.  It originated in hell and was concocted by the devil to trap you into either seeking vengeance against the person who injured you or cause you to think about the injurious act constantly until you are either mentally, emotionally or physically ill.  If that happens, then the devil has won and his objective has been accomplished.  If you strike back at the person, then you have multiplied the works of the devil in the earth, giving power to him instead of defeating him.  When you do what I instructed you to do, which is to return good for evil done to you, then you have thwarted the works of the devil and good has overcome the evil that the devil intended to spread in the earth by using you. (Romans 12;19-21) You have the choice between being a manure spreader which curses your world or if you want to be a spreader of peace and love which blesses your world.
      Taking something into account means that you think about it over and over, thinking again and again about what you should have said or what you should do to avenge yourself; either that or reiterating in your own mind what was said or done to hurt you, thus reliving the suffering over and over again.  You either advance My kingdom in the world or you advance the kingdom of hell in the world with your choices.  When you choose to forgive, then you dispense My love and peace into the earth.(John 20:21-23)  When you choose to harbor the injury, you further dispense the devil's evil in the earth.
      The secret to releasing a person instead of retaining his or her action against you is that when you are emotionally, physically or mentally injured that you consider the real culprit, which is the devil.  I said that you never battle against flesh and blood but that your war is with the demons in the spiritual dimension. (Ephesians 6:12-18) Take the offending person's face out of the situation and replace it in your mind with the devil's image as being the offending party.  When you can do that, you will shift the blame from the person to the devil, hating the evil spirit who originated the situation and you will forgive the good person who was used by the devil to suck you into doing his work in the earth by tempting you  to return evil for evil.
      Know your enemy and know that people are never your enemy.  If someone opposes you or injures you in attitude, word or action by doing any manner of evil against you, you must remember that it is not the person but a spiritual being from hell who is trying to tempt you to do further evil in the world, thus bringing curses back upon yourself.  That demon is only using a person to deliver his evil into your life.  The person is only a deliveryman of the evil, not the instigator of it.  (Matthew 5:20-26; 38-48) Do good to the deliveryman and resist the temptation to return evil to him or her, letting the evil fall dead to the earth without accomplishing its evil deeds.
       I know it is a difficult admonition to never return evil for evil done to you.  My Holy Spirit is your strength and power who enables you to only return good for evil done to you.  I never take into account a wrong that a person does and My Spirit  can teach you how to spread the same grace in the world.  Knowing the identity of your enemy is the secret to kingdom living which I want you to have in the world.   
      Peter wrote that I have already given to you everything that is necessary for the abundant life and godliness.   He said that My Holy Spirit's power inside of you is the key. (II Peter 1:1-4) 
      Your Forgiving, Merciful Father  

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Dear One,
     In every earthly kingdom people want to be the greatest, the most influential, the most successful, the most powerful and the most revered.   It is the opposite in My kingdom.  In My family I said that the greatest in My family will be the servants of all.  However, there are still many people who, at the behest of the devil, want to be the most important in My family by other means, by domination, by performing more miracles, by prophesying, by ministering to the rich and powerful, by becoming wealthy by human standards at a cost to the poor, or by being politically advanced.  I said that those people would never enter into My kingdom while they live in the earth because the greatest must be a servant of all.
     In the parable told by Jesus about the king who separated the sheep from the goats, He told the people that there are children of mine who will receive their full inheritance prepared for them from the foundation of the world.  (Matthew 25:31-46)  He said that they are the people that when He was hungry that they fed Him, when He was thirsty they gave Him drink, when they were a stranger in their home or country that they took Him in, when He was unclothed they clothed Him, when he was sick they cared for Him, when He was in prison they came to visit Him.  
     They asked Jesus when did they do those things?  Jesus answered them and told them that whatever they do for the least of My children that they do to Me. 
     Jesus even said that the demons who influence people to be selfish, exclusive, selective, or religiously and politically important are the ones who are the goats, tempting people to do the will of the devil in the earth and they will be cast into hell.  Unfortunately, the people who have bound themselves to the devil by refusing to feed the poor, refusing to give drink to the thirsty, refusing to clothe the naked, refusing to accept strangers into their houses and countries, refusing to visit the people in prison and refusing to care for the sick, they will inherit the curses of the devil because they have bound themselves to him.  They will never inherit My kingdom blessings while in the earth because they neglected mercy, compassion, peace and love.
       My children who do all of the things that I instructed them to do out of mercy and compassion are the ones who inherit My kingdom blessings which I stored for them when I created the world.  Those people who don't honor My words will have to inherit the devil's curses because they are bound to him by theology, philosophy, belief and selfishness. (Matthew 5:19-20; Matthew 11:11; Matthew 18:1-5: Matthew 20:25-28)
      Those people who are bound to Me by My fruits of compassion and mercy will portray My character to others in the world and they will be identified as My children, inheritors of My family fortune.  When you serve love, compassion, validation, mercy and affirmation to the poor and the less fortunate, you are praising Me because I live in them.  What you do to the least fortunate people in the world, you do to Me.
       My kingdom living in the earth is opposite from the teachings of the religious and political leaders.  Their teachings and attitudes have always caused My children to become victims of the woes of the devil just like they did in the days when Jesus walked in the earth when He warned about the words and actions of the Pharisees, the scribes, the Sadducees and the hypocrites.  Yet, some of My children follow them down to the pits of hell by binding themselves to their teaching, inheriting their woes while expecting to be important in My family.   The narrow way that leads to kingdom living is to become a servant of all, just like My Son Jesus did.
      Your Father of Multiple Blessings

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Dear One,
     We talked about the commands to praise Me under the old covenant and how they were for the benefit of My children, getting their minds off of themselves and their troubles and getting their minds on Me and My solutions to their problems.  In switching the channel of their minds to Me, I was able to more quickly answer their prayers and lead them to solutions. 
     We also talked about the lack of commands under My new covenant of Love for My children to praise Me religiously because My covenant of the indwelling Holy Spirit allows Me to commune constantly with My true children who love Me and keep My words that I speak to them in their thoughts, spoken through My Holy Spirit.  The thoughts and minds of My children who are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit have truth being infused constantly into their thoughts by the spiritual umbilical cord of My Spirit.  There is no longer any need for ritualistic praises as under the old covenant before the coming of My Holy Spirit to dwell in the bodies of My children. 
      Jesus cleared this truth up when He walked in the earth and said that the time was coming when people would worship Me in Spirit and in truth. (John 4:23-24)   Being led by My Spirit and receiving truth from Him is the highest form of praise to Me.  Anyone can, of the flesh, choose to praise me ritualistically, but those who choose to hear My voice and take My advice are the people who worship Me in Spirit and in truth.  Jesus said that, if I were an ego maniac and if I desired, I could raise the rocks to be like Abraham and praise Me.  (Matthew 3:9)  He was saying that religious, ritualistic praises are not the praises that I desire.  
      One of the truths that Jesus taught on bringing honor to Me is for My children not to judge anyone by outward appearances, actions or speech, but to look on the spirit of the person like I do, discerning their need for My love.  That truth spoken by Jesus needs to be believed and acted upon by My children.  Continuing that truth, He said that what you do to the least of My children you do to me.
     I reiterate to you, when you celebrate the life of those of My children who have the least in monetary or social benefits by praising the person for his or her looks, his or her positive actions, his or her countenance or his or her virtues, you are praising his or her very existence by doing what I do to you.  I validate your life and I validate your spirit, soul and body.  When you praise a person by complimenting the person, acknowledging the person, noticing the person and validating the person, you are setting self serving attitudes aside and praising the part of people which I created, the spirit.  You are praising Me in praising the person because My life is in the person.   You are also delivering My love to that person whom you have validated, declaring the person's value in My eyes and in your eyes. 
    The reason why I did not instruct through Jesus that you should religiously praise Me under My covenant of the Spirit of Love is that when you are in tune with My Spirit He will instruct you to love the people who are unloved by society and you will be blessed in return.  Thanks and praise to Me will be from your spirit, not religiously from your flesh.  I will be blessed because you have honored Me through honoring the people who have the least benefits in the earth.  Those people feel inferior and they need someone to elevate their self images because they feel beneath everyone.  Merely your acknowledging their existence is often
enough to boost their moods, making them feel more valuable and eligible to receive My blessings because they no longer feel pitiful, but they feel validated. (Isaiah 58:6-9)
     Under My new covenant of the Spirit of Love, your praising others with validating words honors the downtrodden, the diseased, the disabled, the prisoners, the homeless, the widows, the orphans, the homosexuals, the crippled and the poor.  In honoring them, you honor and praise Me.  You feed their spirits and minds with My loving words.  When you share your wealth with them as well as sharing your heart, you are My true child.  ( Isaiah 58:10-14; Matthew 19:21)
      Validating the lives of people, praising them for their existence, honoring them with your words, puts self serving attitudes aside and makes you My true child because you have loved others as I love you.
      Practice giving honor to those who have the least benefits in your world and 
  you will praise and honor Me.
      Your Father Who Loves and Honors You             

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


 Dear One,
     There were changes related to My two covenants with My children.  In the old covenant with Abraham through which My Spirit eventually lived in the earth in the flesh of Jesus there were many religious and political laws which never accomplished what I wanted them to do because of the demonic influences upon the people.  In order for My children under that old covenant to focus their minds upon Me, I commanded them to praise Me.  That was the only way that I could get them to switch their focus from themselves and upon Me.  
    My instructions to praise me were never given to satisfy some ego maniacal need in Me.  My command to praise Me was for the benefit of My children, as all of My commands are.  When My children switched their thoughts from themselves to Me, I was able to get their attention on doing what I instructed them to do in order for them to have a rewarding life on earth by refusing to do the works of the devil.  All of that was a temporary fix until My Son Jesus came into the earth to die for the sins of the world and send My Holy Spirit to live inside of My children, giving them the power to do My will in the earth. (Acts 1:1-8)  My covenant with Abraham and his nation was over at that time. 
     My new covenant of the Spirit of Love began with new motivations, new commands, new instructions and new admonitions. (John 3:5-8) There were few commands for My children to praise Me under My covenant of the Spirit of Love because My Holy Spirit was given the task of bringing Me and My works to remembrance in the minds of My children.  Praises of the flesh, like under the old covenant, were less expedient because of the duties of My Spirit in the lives of My true children.  The works of My Holy Spirit through My children brought praises to the minds and mouths of My children as a natural and thrilling reaction to My miracles, My wisdom and My revelations.  Under My covenant of the Spirit of Love there is no need for Me to command praises for Me in order to get the minds of My children off of themselves and onto Me and My powers.  Because of My miraculous works in the lives of My children, genuine praises flow from the mouths of My children.  They never become forced praises merely from the mouths of My children.  They are genuine thanks to Me for My supernatural works in their lives.  Those praises are not from the flesh simply because My children are commanded to praise Me, but the praises from love are true and from their hearts as expressions of joy.(John 4:23)
     There are certain praises that I ask of My children who are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit.  Those praises are My kind and validating words that I want delivered from Me through you to the downtrodden, the disadvantaged, the poor, the disabled, the diseased and the unbelievers.  I want you to elevate those people in their own minds to the level of value that I have for them.  In your noticing them, complimenting them, ministering My love to them, validating their existence and communing with them, you are praising Me because I live in them.  You are telling them of My value for them.  They are the people to whom I said My kingdom belongs.  Remember, I said what you do to the least of My children you do to Me.  (Matthew 25;40) When you validate the life of a person by ministering My love and attention to him or her, you are honoring Me and praising Me because you are doing what I asked you to do, which is to love other people with My unconditional love. 
    Devaluing a person by judging, condemning, excluding, shunning, ignoring or ridiculing that person is dishonoring Me, robbing that person and Me of genuine praise which comes from validating the existence of everyone.  I am the Father of reconciliation and validation.  I have given to you the ministry of reconciliation and validation. (Romans 5:11; II Corinthians 5:17-20)
    My love has nothing to do with the works of the flesh of a person, whether you approve or disapprove of them.  My love looks beyond all of the fleshly sins of a person and sees the needs of the spirit of that person, the spirit that is in need ot being told its value in My eyes. (John 5:22-27; John 12:48)) When you treat a person of least social stature in the world with love and value, you are praising Me and honoring Me by doing what I asked you to do.
    I said if you love Me that you will keep My words.  That does not mean memorizing them and being able to quote them.  It means that you honor what I asked you to do, which is to love others as I love you and to forgive the sins of everyone, like I do for you. (John 13:34; John 20:21-23)
    Genuine praise is to validate the lives of other people the way that I validate your life.  When you validate the lives of the lost, they will seek Me.
    Your Father or Reconciliation and Validation                    

Monday, December 5, 2016


Dear One,
    In your world a person has to have an ID, an identification card, before the person can enjoy the benefits of the city, the country, the nation or an organization. The ID identifies the person as a legal resident of the nation or member of a group.  That ID entitles the person to all of the benefits and privileges that are afforded to them as members of a family, a nation or a society.  Without the ID there is no admittance to functions, no collections of benefits, no ability to own land, no right to vote and other privileges.
     In My family there are family traits which identify My children as belonging to My family so that My distributing agency of angels can deliver to them the benefits of being My children which include a multitude of My blessings, My peace of mind, an abundance of spiritual wisdom, the rest from labors that I promised and life everlasting.  My family traits are no mystery to My children because they are My character traits.  The most important established action that identifies people in the earth as being My children is My unconditional love shown to everyone, the same love with which I love them. (John 13:34) 
     Being without love for everyone, being selective of loving only the people who love you as the publicans and politicians do, loving only those who do what you believe is right, loving only those in your own clubs, your own organizations, your own neighborhoods and your own countries, having disparaging feelings toward the poor, the disadvantaged, the disabled, the ostracized people of your society and the diseased, all of those family traits I.D. you as being children of another father, the devil.  When delivering My family blessings, My angels have to pass over the people who have bound themselves to the devil by being prejudicial and judgmental because those are neither My personality, My character, nor My family traits. (Matthew 7:1-5)
     I do not champion the fact that My angels are unable to bless you when you are divisive, angry, hateful, bitter and filled with strife like your politicians and false religious leaders.  In fact, I grieve because I have taught you otherwise, to be loving, peaceful, merciful, kind, good, patient, faithful, joyful and long suffering with the shortcomings of others. (Ephesians 4;29-32) I have encouraged you to be conformed to My image and I have given to you the power to become the witnesses of My nature in the earth.  The power of My Holy Spirit gives to you My personality and you must endeavor to keep My character traits as your character traits, as your I.D.  Do not be led astray by the demons from hell who wait to invade your mind again and again with characteristics of evil by tempting you to act and react like themselves.  They tempt you in order to disqualify you as a recipient of My blessings just as they were thrown out of My heaven and disqualified to live with Me because of their evil actions.  They want you to be robbed of your inheritance of love and peace just like they were. (James 1:12-27)
       I have asked your before, "Who is your Daddy?"  If I am your Daddy of unconditional Love in the earth, then your actions and reactions will show it and you will be inclusive, exposing those people whom you consider your enemies to My life changing Love which converts them.  When you do, My angels will be able to bless you until your cup runs over. 
       If the devil is your daddy in the earth and you are judgmental, prejudicial, bitter, exclusive, heaping burdens upon people instead of relieving them of their burdens, being divisive, hateful and sowers of discord, then you will inherit what the devil promises which is destruction and death.
      Make sure that you allow My Holy Spirit to produce My personality traits in you of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and faithfulness.  When those traits of Mine become your identifying traits, then My angels in charge of blessing distribution will joyfully distribute to you an abundance of My benefits.    
     Your inheritance is already set aside for you.  My distributing angels are waiting for you to be identified as My child which only comes by the fruit that you allow to grow on your tree of life.  (Hebrews 1:4; Psalm 91:9-16) 
     A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a diseased tree cannot bear good fruit.  You are known by your spiritual fruit, identified by your thoughts, attitudes and actions. You are either blessed or cursed because of your spiritual fruit. Allow My personality traits to abound in you and you will find that you are blessed abundantly.  All of My heaven will rejoice with you.
      Your Father of Love and Blessings   

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Dear One,
    I have never excluded anyone from My family, My kingdom of heaven.  I intended for everyone to be included in My family of blessings when I created the world for My children.  The problem began when Adam allowed evil to enter into the world and that evil spirit began his demonic ministry of excluding people from being able to hear My instructions to them by placing a veil in their minds which rejected My loving and instructional ways.  So the father of exclusion is the devil, himself.  All exclusion comes from hell, not from Me and My heaven.  My love actions result in inclusion of everyone, bringing everyone into My family of love, never adopting the demons of exclusion and rejection which come from the snobbery of pride.
     You might think that I am excluding the rich when I say that it is difficult for the rich to enter into My kingdom.   I never exclude the rich.  It is the devil who causes them to be excluded because he tempts them to oppress the poor, to elevate themselves above others, to become rich at the expense of the needy and to even rob from the poor by political acts.   In other words, the seeds of exclusion that the rich sow in the earth, as led by the devil, will always exclude the rich from entering into My kingdom of love.  The rich who give away their wealth to the poor or sell the things that have made them wealthy by unrighteous means and give the proceeds to the poor have an easy time of entering into My kingdom living because they are free from the unrighteous mammon that had, in the past, bound them to the devil and his kingdom.  When they are free from obeying the devil, they find the narrow way to My kingdom.  That is why Jesus told the rich man who kept all of My commandments to sell what he had and give the proceeds to the poor in order to enter into My kingdom, because Jesus knew that the rich man had gained his wealth by oppressing others.  In binding himself to the devil's oppression of the poor, the rich man binds himself to the demons and their works.  (Matthew 19:16-28)  A person cannot have two masters.  When he is free from being bound to unrighteous mammon, he is open to My multitude of blessings to flow into his life.
      Again I say, I do not exclude anyone from My family of love.  I have already extended My kingdom to everyone in the earth.  It is the binding of a person to the works of the devil which causes him or her to be excluded from My family by his or her actions of excluding others from My love.  I said that My family belongs to the poor, the disabled, the oppressed, the sick, the widows and the orphans.  I never said that My kingdom belongs to those of My children who exclude others from their circle of friends, their church, their clubs or their country.  Exclusion is from hell and the people who exclude others also become excluded from My family blessings because they are displaying the devil's fruit.
     Treat everyone as if they have already been born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit.  It's called love, sharing My love with everyone. (John 13:34) Love the rich, love the poor, love the oppressed, love the free person, love the demon possessed, love the people who are free from the works of the devil, love the people who are bound to the works of the devil, love the people who have firm foundations, love those who have shaky foundations.  Love everyone as I love you. 
     Once you begin excluding anyone from anything, the temptations to exclude people will multiply and you will eventually judge everyone for their beliefs or their actions, excluding them from experiencing My kingdom benefits in their lives.  In excluding others, you exclude yourself from My blessings. 
     Include everyone as inheritors of My family love and My kingdom benefits.  It's not up to you to determine who is excluded and who is included by their own choice of whose kingdom they choose to give their loyalty.  Your ministry is merely to love others as I love you.  Anything else, such as determining the worthiness of anyone to receive My kingdom blessings, is none of your concern or business. 
    Your Loving Father of Inclusion

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Dear One,
    Many people in the earth descend from families who are known as the "haves", people whose ancestors were prosperous, skilled and motivated.  Those people were raised not only with necessities but also with luxuries. Their ancestors left financial legacies for them passed down from generation to generation.  They have no idea what it is like to be one of the "have nots."  In fact, they often judge the people who have not attained the success that brings wealth and prosperity as being lazy, unmotivated and "not able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps".  In doing that, the people who are advantaged are not only judging the poor but they are judging the generations of poor from the past who are part of the ancestors of the "have nots".  If the people who are considered the "haves" were saddled with the same generational curses of the "have-nots", they would also be categorized as having little in the way of financial security or even having nothing because generational curses of poverty will not allow a person to succeed in life.  That demon is determined to keep the poor categorized as unmotivated, lazy and considered by the rich as the dregs of society.
     My Son Jesus came into the earth to save the poor, the maimed, the disadvantaged, the disabled, the mentally and physically oppressed, the racially diverse; in fact, all of the people who are ostracized by the wealthy and the advantaged.  That is why I told Jesus to teach that the poor of material wealth and spirit are blessed because I will give to them My entire kingdom if they will become My child. (Matthew 5:3; Matthew 11:4-6) I said that it is almost impossible for the person of great wealth to enter into My kingdom living because their wealth is their god, their motivation for living. (Matthew 19:19-24)  The rich man who criticizes and judges the poor for being impoverished is destined for the devil to take all that the rich man has because the rich man belongs to the devil when he scorns the poor who have no control over the generational demon of poverty. The seeds of judgment sown by the rich man will reverberate back upon him, ushering in either mental poverty in the form of demonic mental oppression, physical poverty in the form of illnesses, unfortunate accidents which rob him of peace and tranquility, or spiritual poverty in the form of damaged personal relationships which cause him to be rejected, avoided or ostracized, all because of the seeds that he has sown in his arrogant unkindness toward the poor. 
     Sin has its own consequences. Oppression of the poor is a sin against Me because I said what you do to the least of My children you do to Me.(Matthew 25:40)  I do not punish the rich for oppressing the poor.  Their own sin of scorn for the poor will have its own devastating rewards and they are not pretty. It grieves Me to see the rich wallow in the plants that their seeds of judgment have sown.
    My true children operate from a different Spirit of Life than that which oppresses, ostracizes and oppresses the poor.  My true children give to the poor, bless the poor, pray for the poor, guide the poor onto the paths of financial security, encourage the poor to be productive, tutor them to be good managers, and provide for the children of the poor while they teach the parents how to become financially secure.  In other words, My true children solve the problems of the poor with My guidance instead of judging them and condemning them,
    I work through My true children to find solutions for the poor, the oppressed, the disabled, the sick and the disadvantaged.  It is the devil's method to judge them, criticize them and condemn them.  My true children are identified by their fruits of love, mercy, joy, peace, goodness, kindness and patience with the people who are under generational curses.
    As My child, you are called to love everyone as I love you, unconditionally and without judgment.
    Your Father of Solutions 

Friday, December 2, 2016


Dear One,
    You ask of Me the question of why I was so hard on politicians and religious leaders when I taught through Jesus.   I led you to research the meanings behind the words Pharisees, scribes, Sadducees and hypocrites.  You already knew the meaning of hypocrites, being people who appear squeaky clean on the outside, yet they are judgmental of others in their minds or they entertain lustful thoughts which make the inside of themselves destructive and deadly.  You understood completely why I warned you about the words that they teach and speak. 
    You researched the name "Pharisees" and found that the root word means to separate and divide and you found that the political factions that existed in the time that Jesus walked the earth were divisive, exclusive and self seeking.  (Psalms 32-10; Isaiah 1:4; Isaiah 3:11; Isaiah 5:20-24) You understood completely, then, why I warned you about the words that they teach because a house divided against itself will fall and be destroyed.  (Mark 3:25; Luke 11:17) If you bind yourself to a political party in philosophy and in theory, you are destined to be destroyed in your daily life, unsettled and divisive in every area, and you will never have peace and tranquility in your life, both which is what My kingdom of love promises.  You need to obey the laws of the land, but you should not make heroes out of political and religious leaders who seek to divide and conquer as their goal.
     You found in your research that I always combined the scribes and Pharisees in My list of woes which will come upon you if you hear their words and incorporate them into your life.  I told you to beware of their beliefs, their philosophies and their fervor driven words which appeal to your emotions, working you up into a hateful, angry frenzy against people of other political sects.  The scribes were the lawyers plus the political and religious law makers at the time of Jesus.  They made laws which oppressed people.  Instead of relieving the burdens of My children, they make more laws which exclude people, oppress the poor, neglect the widows and their children and they favor the rich whom I said will not enter into My kingdom living because of the way they treat the poor, the disabled, the elderly and the disadvantaged.  Their emotional, spiritual and mental houses will be destroyed and fail them, and you will suffer the same failures and destruction if you bind yourself to them. 
     I told you that your citizenship is in My family, My kingdom.  My keys open every door to My treasury which is stored for you.  (Matthew 16:19) I said to love your enemies, not demonize them; that you feed the poor, not oppress them; that you take care of the widows and orphans, not criticize them for not having a male provider; that you take strangers into your home, your city and your country, not ostracize them because of their diverse cultures and heritage; that you forgive your enemies and do good to them, not that you buy weapons to kill them.  The scribes make monuments that say not to kill, yet they make laws which put guns in the hands of all people in order to kill someone who takes their goods.  I said that if someone takes your coat that you should give them your cloak also, not kill them.  The scribes make laws which exclude the poor, the disadvantaged, the fatherless, the widows and the disabled people, the very ones whom I came to earth to save through the sacrifice of the life of Jesus.  (Matthew 19:10; Matthew 11:4-6)
   The Sadducees were a political sect which deified the Jewish laws, placing them above Me in importance.  Their political laws became the focus of their lives, their spiritual salvation, instead of the sacrifice of My Son being their salvation.  Their emphasis upon their political lives instead of their spiritual lives cost them My salvation because a person cannot have two masters.  They cannot make their nation and the national laws of their country of great importance in their lives at the exclusion of My spiritual principles.  Their zeal for their political parties and their national laws become their god and so they leave their devotion to Me behind because a person cannot have two masters.  A person cannot love their national laws, looking to them as their primary emphasis, and neglect My principles which are often opposite to the laws of their countries.  If they choose absolute devotion to their political sects, adopting their philosophies, the people  will find their political houses, their emotional houses and their families falling apart because they have left Me and joined in the woes of the Sadducees which come from hell.
     Some of My children think that blind patriotism to their countries and to their leaders is a fruit of My Spirit,  It isn't.  It is binding themselves to the woes that I told them about, but which they neglect to believe will happen to them.  I said that if you bind yourself to politicians and false religious leaders that you will have woes in your life, problems, disagreements, division, hatred, discord and strife because those are the characteristics of the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the scribes and the hypocrites. (Matthew 23:13-33)
      Your loyalty should be to Me, your merciful and loving Father, who saves the lives of the poor, the maimed, the disadvantaged, the injured, the diseased, the oppressed and the depressed, of which you once were.  Neglecting and oppressivng those people will bring the woes of the political and religious leaders upon you.   You will think that the devil is causing your problems, which is true, but you have willingly joined into unity with him and given him permission to destroy your peace and prosperity by your binding yourself to the works of the Pharisees, the Sadducees. the scribes and the hypocrites which are the political and religious leaders of your day. (Matthew 11:20-26; Matthew 18:6-9)
       Where does your loyalty lie?  Choose which kingdom you wish to belong, either to My kingdom or your earthly political kingdom.  You can't be loyal to both.  You are divided if you try and if you consume the hatred of the politicians you will inherit the woes of the Pharisees.  (Deuteronomy 28)
      Hear My words, do them and you will have My kingdom living while in the world, blessed in every area of your life.  Listen to the toxicity of the religious and political leaders who are divisive and you will be cursed in every area of your life.  You cannot have two masters. (Matthew 6:24-33)
      Your Father of Love and Peace