Monday, December 12, 2016


Dear One,
    When I told you through My Son Jesus that I wanted you to become fishers of men, I was not issuing a generic request.  There is much more involved in being a fisher of men. (Mark 1:16-17) Involved in the ministry of being a fisher of men is being able to hear My voice and then to heed My words.  As you remember, after Jesus was raised from the dead he appeared to his disciples where they were fishing.  The previous day they had caught no fish.  The next day Jesus appeared to them and told His disciples where to cast their net where there was a large school of fish.  The men were unable to lift the fishing nets because of the large number of fish.  Those men found out that being led by My Spirit is beneficial to them in every area of life.
     The same is true relating to being a fisher of men.  Think of the talents of a good fisherman.  He knows what bait to use on his line.  He knows what time of the day is the best time to fish.  He knows which fish are in which lake, stream or ocean and what their habits are.  My Holy Spirit knows those things about all people because He was instrumental in My creating them.  So in relation to being a fisher of men, there are different baits to use with certain people, different testimonies to use as efficient bait to encourage different people to be attentive to hear your testimonies, all which are brought to your remembrance by the words of knowledge of My Holy Spirit,  There are different habits and temperaments of people which are apparent and My Spirit knows what will entice a person to become excited about knowing Me.  That wisdom is given to you by My Spirit.  There are different beliefs in people and My Spirit knows what will convince an unbelieving person to seek Me and My righteousness.  My Spirit will reveal to you the right bait.  Fishing is an art and fishing for people is an art given to you by My Spirit relating to each person whom I impress you to tell the good news.
     Remember that the gospel, the good news, is My power that leads to salvation. (Romans 1:16-17) 
     When fishing, very often it takes a long time to entice a fish to grab onto your line.  It takes giggling the lure in front of him many times, being patient to let the bait do its work of attracting the fish to take the lure.  It is the same with people.  Often you need to display the testimonies that are lures to the person in incremental times, here a little, there a little, until the person is ready to receive My Holy Spirit into his or her life.  You must use patience and let Me do My work after you have done your work of giving a testimony to the person.  Praying in the Spirit for the person in your prayer closet enhances the power of My Spirit to make the words alive that were spoken through you to the person. Let My Spirit feed His faith into your testimony so that the person will want what you have told Him about, which is reliance upon Me, making Me Lord of his or her life.          
      All of that is to say that generic witnessing is rarely effective, which are those acts of witnessing that are neither ordained nor initiated by Me.  Jesus told His disciples that there were towns which are cursed with unbelief and that His disciples should refrain from ministering there.  If your witnessing is based upon religious practices, they are ineffective and cause people to run from you because of your being a religious person trusting in religious rituals and laws instead of your being a witness to My goodness which causes people to be drawn to Me, wanting to hear your living testimonies because they are real.
     Self proclaimed witnesses who are without personal testimonies never produce results.  When they teach fear, condemnation and guilt, they are not preaching the good news.  People with new and exciting testimonies of My goodness have no problem throwing their fishing lines out into the world as led by My Spirit, drawing people to Me.  (I Corinthians 1;31-2:1-5)
      I said in My Instruction Book, "How will they know if they do not hear, and how will they hear if you do not testify to them?"  (Romans 10:13-17)  My works among My children are not private, to only be enjoyed by the believer.  My works among My children are the bait on the end of the fishing line, calling My unbelieving children to come to Me for My healing and salvation.  Your testimonies are the convincing evidence to others that I am alive, that I am the Good Father who brings life and goodness to My children and that it is My pleasure to do so.
       Tell of the good news at every opportunity as led and sanctioned by My Spirit.
       Your Father of Goodness and Peace

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