Thursday, December 15, 2016


Dear One,
    To know that you are greatly loved and dearly prized is the highest form of praise and validation.  It is the cry of every human heart in every human being.  It is the foundation of all emotional and mental stability.  I said through Jesus that I greatly loved and dearly prized the world and My children and that I gave My Son Jesus to die for the sins of the whole world to satisfy the cruel judgment of the devil so that My children would be free from judgment .  I said I sent My Son Jesus so that those who believe in Me would not perish but would have My supernatural life within them to equip them so that they will overcome every evil that lives in the world.  (John 3:16 amplified Bible)
    I also said that My greatly loving you and dearly prizing you motivated Me to give My Son for you and that He did not come into the world to judge, reject, condemn or pass sentence upon the world, but that through Him you would be saved from evil thoughts, attitudes, speaking and actions that are instituted by the devil.  (John 3:17)  I sent Jesus to rescue My children, not destroy them and judge them.  Yet, some of the religious teachers still teach that I will judge, condemn and reject people who are influenced to do evil in the world.  That is not good news.  That is not the true gospel. 
     The true gospel is that I greatly love and dearly prize everyone who walks around in the world, those who walked around in the world in the past, and those who will walk around in the world in the future. 
     I greatly love and dearly prize you.  I say it again:  I GREATLY LOVE AND DEARLY PRIZE YOU.  There is not one tiny iota of My being that rejects you.  There is not one tiny iota of My being that condemns you.  There is not one tiny iota of My being that judges you.  Jesus made that clear many times.  He said that I do not judge anyone and that He does not judge any human being.  However, He said He judged the devil because of the devil's harassment and temptation of My children which causes them to be estranged from Me so that they cannot inherit the blessings of My kingdom. I have never done any of the horrible things that some of My spiritually ignorant children have accused Me of doing.  In your world a person who does such cruel things would be jailed and even put to death.   Yet, I am accused by the spiritually ignorant of My own children of doing the cruelty.  They don't know Me. (John 8:15-16; John 5:22)
     When My children know Me and know My great love for them, they do not accuse Me of any evil thing.  They know that I am Love.  They know that I am their Loving Father.  They know that I am their Savior.  They know that I am their biggest admirer.  They know that I do not accuse them, harm them, reject them, destroy them or condemn them.  They know that all evil comes from hell and not from Me. 
     Your reaction to knowing My love for you is that you extend the same love to everyone you meet.  Let every person you meet know that they are greatly loved and dearly prized by you and they will feel greatly loved and dearly prized by Me.  Your loving affirmation of the value of their lives satisfies the hearts of My children who are starving for love and validation.  It will never pass away but it will stay with them forever.  True love from Me never dies.  It stays in the heart of the person who has received it for all of their lives. (I Corinthians 13)
     It is easy to give money to feed the hungry, which is from My love.  It is harder for the human ego to validate the life of another person by giving a compliment, an admiring smile, a kind word that creates value in the heart of the listener, an encouragement to the child of a stranger, or your sharing your admiration for a person who is hurting.  Those come from My love inside of you and are received by the recipient as validation for his or her life.  It thrills their souls and stay there forever.
     Love never fails.  It does works of which you have no knowledge.  Think about what My love has done for you.  It has transformed you.  Let your love transform others.
     Your Loving Poppa

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