Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Dear One,
     We talked about the commands to praise Me under the old covenant and how they were for the benefit of My children, getting their minds off of themselves and their troubles and getting their minds on Me and My solutions to their problems.  In switching the channel of their minds to Me, I was able to more quickly answer their prayers and lead them to solutions. 
     We also talked about the lack of commands under My new covenant of Love for My children to praise Me religiously because My covenant of the indwelling Holy Spirit allows Me to commune constantly with My true children who love Me and keep My words that I speak to them in their thoughts, spoken through My Holy Spirit.  The thoughts and minds of My children who are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit have truth being infused constantly into their thoughts by the spiritual umbilical cord of My Spirit.  There is no longer any need for ritualistic praises as under the old covenant before the coming of My Holy Spirit to dwell in the bodies of My children. 
      Jesus cleared this truth up when He walked in the earth and said that the time was coming when people would worship Me in Spirit and in truth. (John 4:23-24)   Being led by My Spirit and receiving truth from Him is the highest form of praise to Me.  Anyone can, of the flesh, choose to praise me ritualistically, but those who choose to hear My voice and take My advice are the people who worship Me in Spirit and in truth.  Jesus said that, if I were an ego maniac and if I desired, I could raise the rocks to be like Abraham and praise Me.  (Matthew 3:9)  He was saying that religious, ritualistic praises are not the praises that I desire.  
      One of the truths that Jesus taught on bringing honor to Me is for My children not to judge anyone by outward appearances, actions or speech, but to look on the spirit of the person like I do, discerning their need for My love.  That truth spoken by Jesus needs to be believed and acted upon by My children.  Continuing that truth, He said that what you do to the least of My children you do to me.
     I reiterate to you, when you celebrate the life of those of My children who have the least in monetary or social benefits by praising the person for his or her looks, his or her positive actions, his or her countenance or his or her virtues, you are praising his or her very existence by doing what I do to you.  I validate your life and I validate your spirit, soul and body.  When you praise a person by complimenting the person, acknowledging the person, noticing the person and validating the person, you are setting self serving attitudes aside and praising the part of people which I created, the spirit.  You are praising Me in praising the person because My life is in the person.   You are also delivering My love to that person whom you have validated, declaring the person's value in My eyes and in your eyes. 
    The reason why I did not instruct through Jesus that you should religiously praise Me under My covenant of the Spirit of Love is that when you are in tune with My Spirit He will instruct you to love the people who are unloved by society and you will be blessed in return.  Thanks and praise to Me will be from your spirit, not religiously from your flesh.  I will be blessed because you have honored Me through honoring the people who have the least benefits in the earth.  Those people feel inferior and they need someone to elevate their self images because they feel beneath everyone.  Merely your acknowledging their existence is often
enough to boost their moods, making them feel more valuable and eligible to receive My blessings because they no longer feel pitiful, but they feel validated. (Isaiah 58:6-9)
     Under My new covenant of the Spirit of Love, your praising others with validating words honors the downtrodden, the diseased, the disabled, the prisoners, the homeless, the widows, the orphans, the homosexuals, the crippled and the poor.  In honoring them, you honor and praise Me.  You feed their spirits and minds with My loving words.  When you share your wealth with them as well as sharing your heart, you are My true child.  ( Isaiah 58:10-14; Matthew 19:21)
      Validating the lives of people, praising them for their existence, honoring them with your words, puts self serving attitudes aside and makes you My true child because you have loved others as I love you.
      Practice giving honor to those who have the least benefits in your world and 
  you will praise and honor Me.
      Your Father Who Loves and Honors You             

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