Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Dear One,
     There is a big difference between thoughts and attitudes.  Attitudes have power where thoughts are mere images in your mind.  Attitudes show on your face and in your mannerisms either the negative or positive power that is derived from thoughts.  For instance, a thought from the past surfaces in your mind, an image of a particular incident of being injured physically or emotionally by another person.  A negative attitude can develop as a result of allowing the image to remain in your mind until the same thought grows into anger or hatred for the person behind the incident.  There is always a choice that you have of whether to forgive the person by offering mercy to the person, thus inheriting blessings from My heaven, or whether you choose to let the thought fester in your mind until anger is rekindled and empowers your attitude with vengeance by your planning in your mind what you should have done to return evil to the person or what you would like to do in the future to return evil for evil to the offender. 
    If you choose to extend mercy and forgiveness to the person, like I extend mercy to you, it will clear your mind and body of all vengeance and your health will not be affected negatively.  If you choose to let the toxic attitude of anger take over your mind, that attitude will grow to the place of causing your endocrine system to throw toxic chemicals into your mind and body, bringing injury to yourself instead of actually injuring the offending person as you imaged in your mind.
    Attitudes are powerful.  Through Jesus I told you that being angry with someone is just as dangerous for you as killing someone because a person who becomes angry will be in danger of being taken before the council of the devil and whoever reacts with angry words will be in danger of hell itself.  (Matthew 5:23-27)  The attitudes that develop in a person because of angry thoughts will experience problems with health, problems with relationships, problems in society and problems in courts of law.  In teaching you about attitudes, I was trying to coach you on how to avoid the curses of hell which come upon you when bad attitudes consume you.  I forgive you immediately because Jesus died for the sins of the whole world, but the devil lies in wait to feed negative images and attitudes into your mind so that he can accomplish what he has always wanted to do, destroy you.   Anger is his most effective weapon in his arsenal with which to trap you into having his negative attitudes which flood your life with his curses.
     My children think they are entitled to be angry when someone opposes them.   Because of free choice, you have the freedom to choose to be angry, but when having such an attitude you must know that you will also inherit the curses of destruction from the devil. 
    My way is for you to forgive, to release the person from any attitude of vengeance, to extend mercy to the person and allow Me to avenge you.  Remember that when you allow Me to avenge you, everyone wins.  (Romans 12:18-21)
    My children must learn My ways.  They are neither your ways nor the devil's ways.  (Isaiah 55:8-12) Anger begets anger and multiplies the consequences of sin in every situation where anger is allow to reign.  If thoughts are allowed to become angry attitudes, then anger reigns and you have allowed the devil to be god in your life.   My ways of love and forgiveness always bring My blessings into your life and into the life of the person who opposes you.  When you return good for evil done to you, you further My blessings in the earth and in the lives of your enemies.  Peace, love and joy reign in the earth. 
    Let there be peace on earth by only allowing peaceful thoughts into your mind.
    Your Father of Peace    

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