Saturday, December 3, 2016


Dear One,
    Many people in the earth descend from families who are known as the "haves", people whose ancestors were prosperous, skilled and motivated.  Those people were raised not only with necessities but also with luxuries. Their ancestors left financial legacies for them passed down from generation to generation.  They have no idea what it is like to be one of the "have nots."  In fact, they often judge the people who have not attained the success that brings wealth and prosperity as being lazy, unmotivated and "not able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps".  In doing that, the people who are advantaged are not only judging the poor but they are judging the generations of poor from the past who are part of the ancestors of the "have nots".  If the people who are considered the "haves" were saddled with the same generational curses of the "have-nots", they would also be categorized as having little in the way of financial security or even having nothing because generational curses of poverty will not allow a person to succeed in life.  That demon is determined to keep the poor categorized as unmotivated, lazy and considered by the rich as the dregs of society.
     My Son Jesus came into the earth to save the poor, the maimed, the disadvantaged, the disabled, the mentally and physically oppressed, the racially diverse; in fact, all of the people who are ostracized by the wealthy and the advantaged.  That is why I told Jesus to teach that the poor of material wealth and spirit are blessed because I will give to them My entire kingdom if they will become My child. (Matthew 5:3; Matthew 11:4-6) I said that it is almost impossible for the person of great wealth to enter into My kingdom living because their wealth is their god, their motivation for living. (Matthew 19:19-24)  The rich man who criticizes and judges the poor for being impoverished is destined for the devil to take all that the rich man has because the rich man belongs to the devil when he scorns the poor who have no control over the generational demon of poverty. The seeds of judgment sown by the rich man will reverberate back upon him, ushering in either mental poverty in the form of demonic mental oppression, physical poverty in the form of illnesses, unfortunate accidents which rob him of peace and tranquility, or spiritual poverty in the form of damaged personal relationships which cause him to be rejected, avoided or ostracized, all because of the seeds that he has sown in his arrogant unkindness toward the poor. 
     Sin has its own consequences. Oppression of the poor is a sin against Me because I said what you do to the least of My children you do to Me.(Matthew 25:40)  I do not punish the rich for oppressing the poor.  Their own sin of scorn for the poor will have its own devastating rewards and they are not pretty. It grieves Me to see the rich wallow in the plants that their seeds of judgment have sown.
    My true children operate from a different Spirit of Life than that which oppresses, ostracizes and oppresses the poor.  My true children give to the poor, bless the poor, pray for the poor, guide the poor onto the paths of financial security, encourage the poor to be productive, tutor them to be good managers, and provide for the children of the poor while they teach the parents how to become financially secure.  In other words, My true children solve the problems of the poor with My guidance instead of judging them and condemning them,
    I work through My true children to find solutions for the poor, the oppressed, the disabled, the sick and the disadvantaged.  It is the devil's method to judge them, criticize them and condemn them.  My true children are identified by their fruits of love, mercy, joy, peace, goodness, kindness and patience with the people who are under generational curses.
    As My child, you are called to love everyone as I love you, unconditionally and without judgment.
    Your Father of Solutions 

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