Monday, December 19, 2016


Dear One,
     Seeds have life in them that are long-living, surviving forever.  There have been seeds discovered that were saved before Jesus walked the earth, and those seeds still grow plants when they are planted in the ground.  There are injurious seeds in spoken words that are planted within the minds of people through experiences that never leave their resting place in the egos of people. They continue to shape the personality and character of a person unless they are dug up and replaced by other positive experiences or words. 
    I created your world with My words and I continue to create with My words.  Because people are made in My image, their words and attitudes are creators in the minds of others, either creating positive attributes or negative attributes in the personalities and characters of people.  The words of a parent shape the personality of his or her children just as much as inherited family traits do.  Words are important in the lives of people, creating within their minds an image of what someone else thinks about them.  Words draw an image in the minds of people, either positive or negative, of either affirmation or degradation.  They present in the mind of a person the worthiness or unworthiness of his or her existence. 
     If a parent or another person in authority demeans a child, then that child will always carry an image of himself or herself as either worthy of honor and respect or unworthy of honor and respect.  All of the actions of a person who considers himself or herself worthy of love and respect will love and respect others.  All of the actions of a person who considers himself or herself unworthy of love and respect will never love and respect others because he or she will always want to pull down others to his or her own level of unworthiness.  It's very simple and I explained it when I said that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth will speak. (Matthew 12:34-35)  If a person feels unworthy of respect and honor because of childhood images of himself or herself placed in the mind, he or she will label other people as unworthy also.  There is no storage of worthiness from which positive, affirming words can emerge from the heart of the person who feels unworthy because of childhood experiences and programming.
     Words and attitudes are important even in the minds of adults and children.  If you sneer at a person who is homeless, unclean, disabled or socially unacceptable, you have damaged the self image of the person and he or she will feel unworthy of love and respect.  That image will be portrayed to other people through that person's  attitudes and mouth.  Also, if you smile at a person, affirm with words and attitudes a person who is homeless, disabled, socially unacceptable or unclean, you elevate that person in his or her own eyes and a feeling of worth will overpower the person. 
     I came to earth in the person of My son Jesus in order to save the very people who consider themselves unworthy of the respect and honor of others.  They are the people for whom I died and sent My Holy Spirit to reprogram their self images with My affirmative words of their worth.  Yet, some of My children continue to treat the less fortunate as less than human, the dregs of society.  The seeds that My children sow toward the people they shun will return to them and they will wonder why someone was unkind to them.  Seeds have longevity.  What you sow you will reap.  I didn't say you might reap what you sow.  I said you will reap what you sow.  (Galatians 6:7-9)
     Sowing and reaping was a spiritual principle that I instituted when I created people and put them in a garden called earth.  It is eternal.  I meant it for good, to further My love in the world.  My children must determine to always sow good seeds in the lives of others because in doing it they are sowing seeds into their own lives.
     I constantly affirm and validate your existence into your mind.  It is your obligation to affirm and validate the existence of everyone.  When you do, you perpetuate My love in the world. You can rebuild the self image of a person by your kind, loving, affirming words to a person who suffers from the curses of poverty, failure, misfortune, diseases or accidents.
     I let you know that you are the apple of My eye.  Let others know that they are the apple of your eyes.  You elevate their self image in their own eyes when you do, thus fulfilling the spiritual laws of the love of Christ.  
     Your Father of Validation 

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