Sunday, December 18, 2016


Dear One,
     You must listen carefully to this truth:  You were placed in a garden in the earth at the beginning of time, a garden which only grows plants from the seeds that are sown in it. (Genesis 2:8) There are no other plants which can grow in your life except the plants from the seeds that you sow.  That principle is called sowing and reaping.  From the beginning the first man whom I created could only plant good seeds because there was no evil in the world.  But when the first man refused My guidance to never listen to the temptation of an evil invader, when he listened to the lies of satan he allowed evil to come into the world. The evil temptations of satan are always couched in a little good so as to deceive people into believing that the evil seeds that the devil plants in the minds of My children will not bring curses into their lives.  (Genesis 2:17) So all of humanity, since Adam's rebellion in the garden, has inherited the ability to sow either seeds of evil in the earth from the devil which will grow destruction and death or they will sow seeds of good in the earth from Me which sow love and peace.  Your successes or failures in life will depend upon the seeds that you sow.
     After Adam's disobedience, humans sowed more bad seeds in the earth than good seeds, cursing the entire earth.  So I sent a Savior into the earth in human form, My Son Jesus, to destroy all of the evil plants that had been grown in the lives of My children by their obeying the voice of the devil instead of their obeying My voice of goodness and kindness.  Jesus accomplished His mission, died as a result of the  bad seeds that had been planted by everyone as influenced by evil from the beginning of time and he died for the bad seeds that would be planted by people in the future. (John 1:20; John 3:16-17)  He died, was killed by the bad toxic plants that people had sown, and He was resurrected from the dead by the power of My very own Spirit.  I send My Spirit into the lives of those people who choose My ways, and He brings My power into their lives, the spiritual ability to overcome the temptation to sow bad seeds, giving them the ability to only sow good seeds into their garden that I gave to them, called earth.
     My children still have the choice to choose between good and evil.  Even though many of My children have My Holy Spirit's power to refuse to do evil, they are often deceived into following the temptations to again sow evil seeds into the earth, giving the devil permission to curse their own lives with evil plants of destruction.
    I wrote to My children a firm warning when I said, "Do not be deceived.  A person reaps what he sows.  Whoever sows evil seeds will reap destruction from hell, and whoever sows good seeds from the guidance of My Spirit of goodness will reap the goodness and kindness that comes from My Spirit of Life." (Galatians 6:8-10) It's the same admonition and warning that I gave in the beginning to the first man, that what you sow you will eventually reap.  That truth is why I told you through the mouth of Jesus that you must never return evil for evil done to you, multiplying the spreading of evil seeds into your garden and causing destruction in your life.   I told you to do good to those who do evil to you, for in sowing good seeds you overcome the evil that the devil intended to pour upon your life,   Good always overcomes evil.  (Matthew 5: 21-26; 38-48; Romans 12:18-21)   Evil cannot stand up against My good thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.  It has to wither away like the dead worm that it is because you have not given life to it by furthering its evil in your garden.
     James wrote wise words to you about the power of your words.  He knew that the seeds you sow from your mouth in scorn, envy, jealousy, anger and strife will grow evil plants in your life and you will not live the kingdom life that I desire for you in your garden of life. (James 3)
     Again I tell you:  Do not be deceived.  The seeds you sow in your garden of life will either grow plants that will destroy you or you will sow My seeds of love in your garden of life and have kingdom living in the earth.  It is your choice.  I have given you the power of My Spirit, with His ability and power to only sow good seeds in your garden of life.  My Holy Spirit is your advocate, the One who distributes My kingdom blessings into your life.  Listen to His guidance and live a blessed life while in the world.  (II Peter 1:3-4)
     This is the good news of the gospel.
     Your Father of Goodness and Blessings

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