Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dear One,
    Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil and to save My children and the world from the curses of the devil. (I John 3:8; John 3:16)  In doing that, His sacrifice on the cross, His being raised from the dead and then sending My Holy Spirit to live in My children enabled me to send My kingdom to earth as it is in heaven on the day of Pentecost when My glory descended from heaven and became resident n the world.  (Acts 2:1-4)  From that day forth, My kingdom became available to all people who choose to seek Me.  (Matthew 6:33-34)  Kingdom living in the earth became a reality and is still a reality.
      Religious leaders at the time of Jesus' ministry in the earth did not recognize Jesus as My Son and did not accept His sacrifice as being from Me.  They cheated themselves and My other children of the joy and glory of living My kingdom life while in the earth, for which Jesus taught them to pray. (Matthew 6:9-10)  They limited My power in the earth and limited My revelations from being received by My children.
      Even today, religious leaders do not teach the true gospel, the good news of My kingdom coming to live in My children.  They teach merely being born of My Spirit, which makes them My child, but religious leaders rob My children of their inheritance of being baptized in My Holy Spirit which brings My kingdom into their lives and brings to My children their rightful inheritance according to My promise.  (John 3:5-6: John 20:21-23: Acts 1:4-5)   A partial gospel is not the full gospel.  Partial good news is not complete good news.  The full gospel gives My children the power to become My children and overcome the works of the devil in their lives just like Jesus did when He was baptized by My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 3:16-17)   He is the same Spirit who empowered Jesus during His earthly life and who raised Him from the dead.  (II Corinthians 4:14) The same Holy Spirit is available to My children to empower them to destroy the works of the devil.  That is good news to people who are suffering from the destructive works of evil . 
      The very people who have been entrusted with the good news have often robbed My other children of the full gospel, which is the entire good news that they don't have to be powerless over evil.   Instead of teaching the full gospel, the religious leaders endeavor to keep My children so busy serving the religious institutions that they are not able to seek Me and My righteousness, which is what My Holy Spirit does in the lives of My true children.   Those same religious leaders will be the first to make sure that breakers of the civil laws who rob people of their goods are persecuted.  Yet, those same religious teachers rob My children of the power to defeat the devil's work in their own lives.  
     It is not that I hid the truth of the full gospel from them.  It is written in their Instruction Book over and over and over, explained over and over again, even instructed by Jesus to seek My Holy Spirit.  Yet, the religious leaders would like to remove that truth from the Book of Instructions so that they no longer have dominating power over  My children.  Instead, when a child of Mine receives My Holy Spirit and is baptized in My Holy Spirit,  My Holy Spirit becomes the teacher in their lives, the Lord of their lives, instead of the religious leaders.  (I Corinthians 3:16; II Corinthians 3:17)
     I said that when My Spirit lives in a person that the person is free from the works of the devil and free from religious laws which give power to the devil.  The demon of religion has robbed My children in the past by placing a veil over the minds of My children and that same demon continues to rob My children of the truth of the power that I promised to My children which is the power of My Holy Spirit.   Consequently, many of My children are constantly harassed by the devil and robbed of their rightful inheritance given by Me to My children, which is the power and ability to destroy the works of evil in their lives.
      Kingdom living from Me while in the earth is available to My children.  Make sure everyone with whom you come into contact knows that truth.  When they know it, they will seek Me, My kingdom and My righteousness,
      I said the gospel is the power of God that gives you power to be saved from the works of evil in the world. (Romans 1:16) There is no partial gospel.  There is only the full gospel.  Notify the people who have been robbed of the knowledge of salvation and are cursed by evil.   
      Your Father of Power and Might Over Evil.

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