Sunday, December 11, 2016


Dear One,
    There is no real benefit in allowing into your mind examples of murder, killings, abuse, hatred, angry words, angry actions, fear, belittling, domination, impurity and sexual pursuits, all which are sent out into the airwaves and called entertainment,   Those examples from hell are not entertainment. (Galatians 5:19-21) They are enticements for you to entertain thoughts from hell which are sent to program you to think such thoughts, plan such things in your mind which affect your attitudes, and do such abominable things to other people.  When you entertain such images and thoughts from hell, you are being programmed by the devil himself, programmed to do his will in the earth, whether being mobilized to carry out the actions or to do the opposite, which is to become so fearful that you shrink from life and are immobilized by fear, retreating from life and retreating from socializing with others in order to receive My love.
      If something called entertainment is not true, noble, admirable, excellent, praiseworthy, uplifting, pure, virtuous, encouraging, loving, peaceful and gracious, in other words good news, then don't even think on such things.  (Philippians 4:7-8) Don't allow toxic things to be fed into your mind or you will find yourself a slave to toxic thinking, toxic attitudes, toxic words and toxic actions.   Your human mind is a computer, equipped to efficiently process My words to you and store those principles there so that you will be programmed to think My thoughts and do My will in the world.  Your mind is not a cesspool for the attitudes of the devil.
     Because of the advancement of technology, the evil that in your world has more opportunities than ever before to enslave My children to fear, anger and hatred.  Many people fall into enslavement without realizing it because of the sheep's clothing in which the devil has clothed his temptations, making them acceptable and even desirable to My children.   Even the warnings that I gave to My children in My Instruction Book are unheeded and the warning regarding evil actions of which I alerted you are ignored.  I wrote many times that My children who listen to the words of the politicians will be cursed because of the angry, hateful rhetoric which they espouse.  The very word Pharisee means to divide and conquer, to separate and divide.  They were the politicians at the time that Jesus walked in the earth.  They were the people about whom Jesus warned My children, saying that if you listen to the words of the politicians that you will inherit their woes because the attitudes, words and actions of the politicians are already cursed with woes from hell.  (Matthew 18:7-9; Matthew 23:13-33)  Because My children have listened to them, they have been overcome with discord and there is no unity through which I can bring My blessings.  Instead, there are wars and killings, all in the name of national patriotism.
      Where is the loyalty of My children to My kingdom?  Where is the loyalty of My children to My message of love?  Where is the loyalty of My children to My words which instruct them to forgive and love their enemies instead of oppose and divide politically and religiously?  Where is the loyalty of My children to My message of good news instead of loyalty to the acts of greed and entitlement at a cost to the poor?  Where is the loyalty of My children to Me when they join with words of hatred and anger from politicians instead of speaking words of love and peace like I commanded them to seek and to speak?   Many of My children have left My family and joined with the woes of the politicians and religiously deceived leaders who have made bedfellows of the politicians.  (Luke 20:45-47)  They will find themselves surrounded with the woes of which I predicted long ago they will receive if they bind themselves to the beliefs of the politicians and the religious leaders.  Then they will come to Me, begging for Me to deliver them from their woes of which they so ignorantly agreed to inherit.  I will deliver them when they turn from their oppressive ways and return to My messages of loving people with My unconditional love, feeding the poor, refusing to scorn and mock, helping the oppressed go free, breaking every yoke of the devil instead of perpetuating them and also binding people to the evil yokes.  My children must put on My righteousness, My salvation, My truth and My love if they want My kingdom living in the earth.  (Isaiah 59)
     Instead of joining with the toxic rhetoric of the politicians, pray for My wisdom for them so that you might live in peace.  My activities deriving from love are to pray for someone instead of opposing them and maligning them.  Obey the laws of the land and pray for the leaders of your nation, the politicians, but do not bind yourself to them in theory or in philosophy,  Do not unite with their angry words and actions toward My other children or you will become eligible for the woes from hell that entice them to seek more and more dominating power.  (I Timothy 2: 1-5)
     Humble, merciful and loving words are the language of My family.  Seek only to hear words of My good news and seek to only speak them and you will find yourself living My kingdom life in the earth which I intended at the beginning.
     Angry politicians criticize undocumented people in their countries who do not know the national constitutions of the countries of the politicians, yet the politicians call themselves by My name and do not know My principles, statutes, precepts, spiritual laws, commandments or testimonies of My own family, My spiritual nation of love.  (Psalm 19:7-14)
     What a person thinks upon, that person will speak.  Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth will speak.  I said that by your words you are known as being My child, an inheritor of My treasure. I hear your words of love and bring My will into your life.  I also said by your negative words you are condemned.  The devil grabs your toxic words and bring his will into your life.  Your words identify to which family you belong, My family or the family of evil.  Your own words judge you.  Learn this lesson well.
     Your Father of Everlasting Peace and Love

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