Saturday, December 17, 2016


Dear One,
    My children must learn how to respect every person in the earth for the core value of the person, which is what I honor as being part of Me because all life comes from Me.  The outward flesh, called the body and mind, is only a covering for the real person, which is the spirit of the person. So when I said to honor and respect everyone, parents and those in authority over you, even criminals, lawbreakers and those whom religious people call sinners, I was telling you to respect people for the part of them which came from Me at the beginning of their life, their spirit. 
     In your courts of criminal and civil law a lawbreaker is treated with respect and honor by those in authority because of presumed innocence.  Even after being declared guilty, the accused person is treated with respect and honor as a person whose outer flesh has broken the law, but the inner man still deserves respect and honor.
    The same is true in political and religious venues.  Even if those in authority might be corrupt, demeaning, filled with judgment and condemnation, cruel, dishonest and inept, My children should treat them with respect because of the offices of authority that they hold.  Their core value is still worthy of your respect and forgiveness, even if their flesh is guilty of performing less than virtuous activities.  The reason for this advice is so that you will not become bitter, unforgiving, judgmental and condemning of people and sow like seeds which return to you and make your own flesh of the same state of uncleanness as the corrupt authoritarian.  When you forgive the person in authority for being less than perfect, just as you are, then you release yourself from the judgment of evil attitudes returning to you and cursing your life. (Matthew 6:14)
     Jesus said that you are condemned by your words and you are sanctified, or made clean, by your words. (Matthew 12:37) You must always choose words which honor and respect everyone so that you will sow seeds of honor and respect and thus receive honor and respect in return.  When you honor and respect a person who, by all outward actions, deserves no honor and respect, you are honoring Me because I said what you do to the people who deserve the least respect and honor, you do to Me.  In doing those actions of honor and respect you are doing what I commanded, which is to love others unconditionally as I love you.
     You know that I said that all humans have fallen short of the mark of perfection which I want all of My children to attain so that they will attract to themselves the inheritance of blessings while in the earth that I have stored for them.  I said all men have fallen short of My glory. (Romans 3:23)  If a virtuous person disapproves of another person and judges that person for falling short of My desired mark of perfection of love, then the virtuous person, because of his or her judgment, has crossed over into the area of evil which mimics the actions of the devil and his kingdom. The formerly virtuous person becomes tainted with evil just like the people he or she judged and condemned for being imperfect. (Matthew 15:19)  The formerly virtuous person must then return to his or her virtuous life with loving thoughts, loving attitudes, loving words and loving actions in order to be restored to My family of blessings that come from having the same thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions as the people in My family's kingdom of love.  Such is the story of the prodigal son.
     Now you understand why I have coached and admonished My children not to join with their enemy, the devil, in carrying out his will in the earth or they will inherit his curses.  Judging and condemning others, even if the judgment is based upon other people breaking apparent laws and statutes, that action of judging will cause you to land in the same cesspool of curses as the people whom you judge and condemn and you will pass over from life to death, from blessings to curses.  (Matthew 7:1-5) This truth is the reason why I talk so much about mercy and forgiveness, because I have mercy on the lawbreaker and sinner and I forgive all sins, iniquities, transgressions and acts that fall short of My glory.  When you judge others instead of forgiving them, you jump right into the same cesspool of judgment of the devil and you will inherit the same judgments that the person who committed evil actions inherits.  If you will forgive them, then their sins, iniquities and transgressions are forgiven, your sins are forgiven, and you will stay in the flow of the river of blessings that I send perpetually to My children.  (John 20:21-23)
      Honor all people and respect them by granting love and forgiveness to them, just like I do to you.  When you are able to let the flow of love continue to flow from you, you will win the spiritual lottery of living a life blessed by My kingdom while in the earth and also in the heavens to come.  Heaven and earth are connected.  I said that to which you bind yourself on earth will bind you to the same spiritual dimension in heaven.  As I am forgiving in heaven, you must be forgiving on earth with the power and ability of My Holy Spirit.  When you are love, as I am Love, then peace, joy and goodness minister to you all the days of your life. (Psalm 23)
      Honor others just like you honor Me and I honor you.
      Your Father of Forgiveness and Mercy

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