Thursday, December 15, 2016


Dear One,
     In My Instructions to My children under My old covenant with Abraham and his nation that came from his family, I told them to honor their fathers and mothers so that they would live long in the earth.  That commandment assumed that the parents were honorable people.  For instance, if the parents were robbers, then their children were released from the letter of the law in that commandment.  Honoring their parents' training to also be robbers would not result in the children having a long and rewarding life because of robbery being against the civil laws.  Honoring someone is contingent upon their being an honorable person, worthy of admiration and respect. 
    There are people whom you should honor because of their position even though it is not required of you to admire and reverence them if their character is not admirable.  Granting them your honor if their character is less than honorable can only be because of their elected positions.  Yet, it is not required that you admire that person whose character is not admirable.  In other words, if the character of a person is not in line with the fruit of goodness and kindness, then you need not bind yourself emotionally in loyalty or admiration to the person simply because of the position of honor that the person holds.  You can respect the position but not respect and honor the questionable personality of the person. 
     If you bind yourself to someone emotionally who is considered less honorable in character, you can bring curses upon your own life because to whatever or whomever you are bound on earth emotionally, you are also bound to the evil spirits in the heavens who influence the person.  You must be very careful to whom you give your emotional admiration.  The person who has questionable moral character does not deserve your emotional honor and reverence.  The position that the person holds deserves the honor.
    There are dissenters to whom you must honor by giving them the right to dissent, as your constitution does.  Grant them the grace to refuse to emotionally honor those in authority who have questionable moral character, those being the haters, the lustful sexual molesters, the people who sow discord, the people who divide and dominate, the people who rob from the poor, the people who destroy others for their own prosperity, and the people who refuse to grant hospitality to people who are displaced from their homes and their countries.  The most admirable dissenter who refused to honor the politicians and the religious leaders who had questionable moral character was My Son Jesus.  His teachings constantly questioned the moral character of the Pharisees, the scribes, the Sadducees and the hypocrites who were oppressing people at the time He ministered in the earth.  The people with questionable moral character at the time were the political and religious leaders.  Jesus told His followers at the time to beware of the words, the teachings and beliefs of the politicians and the religious leaders who heap burdens upon the poor and deny the same human rights to others that they enjoy.  He said if My children bind themselves emotionally to the people who oppress others, that My children will inherit the same woes of the oppressors.
    You must honor your fellow men by giving them the respect to believe what they choose to believe.  If their beliefs and character are of Me, then they will inherit My blessings.  If their beliefs and character are of the devil, then they will inherit curses.  I have given to all of My children free choice, the right to choose their destiny and their beliefs.  When their characters and beliefs are the same as My love, My goodness and kindness, then they will relish in My blessings.  When they choose the character and beliefs of the divisive politicians and the religious leaders, then they will inherit the devil's curses. 
     You must honor all people by giving them the right to choose life or death, blessings or curses without your judging them.   I do.  I have always granted free will to all of My children.  Those who choose destruction, death and curses need to eventually begin to honor Me and My beneficial ways, turning to me for healing for the diseases, the afflictions and the curses that came from binding themselves to oppressors, the divisive politicians who sow discord and rigid religious leaders who condemn and judge all of My children.    
     So you must give honor to the dissenters who oppose the oppression of politicians and religious leaders who are called by My name but don't know Me.   Remember that Jesus was the champion of dissenters at the time He walked the earth.  I gave Him honor and admiration, as did the needy and the poor.  Jesus called the oppressors at the time serpents, vipers, blind guides and hypocrites.(Matthew 23:13-33)  He said that they had bound themselves to hell and would inherit the curses of hell. 
     I told My children to pray for everyone who is in authority over you, the kings, the politicians, the religious leaders and your bosses so that you may lead a peaceful life in all goodness and holiness because I want all people to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth.  (I Timothy 2: 1-8)   I said FIRST OF ALL TO PRAY FOR THEM.  You don't have to bind yourself to them emotionally to pray for them so that they will be saved and come to know the truth that Jesus Christ is the mediator.  I said to pray for them, not that you honor them emotionally if their character is not in line with My character of love and peace.  Obey the laws of the land and thus you honor them for their positions of authority.
      Give honor to all people as My favorite children, especially the least of them in social status because in doing that you honor Me.  Elevate all people to the place of honor that I have for them, as My blessed children.
      Your Father Who Honors and Validates You                   

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