Sunday, December 4, 2016


Dear One,
    I have never excluded anyone from My family, My kingdom of heaven.  I intended for everyone to be included in My family of blessings when I created the world for My children.  The problem began when Adam allowed evil to enter into the world and that evil spirit began his demonic ministry of excluding people from being able to hear My instructions to them by placing a veil in their minds which rejected My loving and instructional ways.  So the father of exclusion is the devil, himself.  All exclusion comes from hell, not from Me and My heaven.  My love actions result in inclusion of everyone, bringing everyone into My family of love, never adopting the demons of exclusion and rejection which come from the snobbery of pride.
     You might think that I am excluding the rich when I say that it is difficult for the rich to enter into My kingdom.   I never exclude the rich.  It is the devil who causes them to be excluded because he tempts them to oppress the poor, to elevate themselves above others, to become rich at the expense of the needy and to even rob from the poor by political acts.   In other words, the seeds of exclusion that the rich sow in the earth, as led by the devil, will always exclude the rich from entering into My kingdom of love.  The rich who give away their wealth to the poor or sell the things that have made them wealthy by unrighteous means and give the proceeds to the poor have an easy time of entering into My kingdom living because they are free from the unrighteous mammon that had, in the past, bound them to the devil and his kingdom.  When they are free from obeying the devil, they find the narrow way to My kingdom.  That is why Jesus told the rich man who kept all of My commandments to sell what he had and give the proceeds to the poor in order to enter into My kingdom, because Jesus knew that the rich man had gained his wealth by oppressing others.  In binding himself to the devil's oppression of the poor, the rich man binds himself to the demons and their works.  (Matthew 19:16-28)  A person cannot have two masters.  When he is free from being bound to unrighteous mammon, he is open to My multitude of blessings to flow into his life.
      Again I say, I do not exclude anyone from My family of love.  I have already extended My kingdom to everyone in the earth.  It is the binding of a person to the works of the devil which causes him or her to be excluded from My family by his or her actions of excluding others from My love.  I said that My family belongs to the poor, the disabled, the oppressed, the sick, the widows and the orphans.  I never said that My kingdom belongs to those of My children who exclude others from their circle of friends, their church, their clubs or their country.  Exclusion is from hell and the people who exclude others also become excluded from My family blessings because they are displaying the devil's fruit.
     Treat everyone as if they have already been born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit.  It's called love, sharing My love with everyone. (John 13:34) Love the rich, love the poor, love the oppressed, love the free person, love the demon possessed, love the people who are free from the works of the devil, love the people who are bound to the works of the devil, love the people who have firm foundations, love those who have shaky foundations.  Love everyone as I love you. 
     Once you begin excluding anyone from anything, the temptations to exclude people will multiply and you will eventually judge everyone for their beliefs or their actions, excluding them from experiencing My kingdom benefits in their lives.  In excluding others, you exclude yourself from My blessings. 
     Include everyone as inheritors of My family love and My kingdom benefits.  It's not up to you to determine who is excluded and who is included by their own choice of whose kingdom they choose to give their loyalty.  Your ministry is merely to love others as I love you.  Anything else, such as determining the worthiness of anyone to receive My kingdom blessings, is none of your concern or business. 
    Your Loving Father of Inclusion

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