Saturday, May 31, 2008


Dear One,
Have you ever wondered about the theory of giving to others and its importance? There is a wonderful thing that happens to you when you give.
Giving is a very simple phenomenon. When you give to another person, whether it is a smile, a compliment, a word of encouragement, food, money, clothing, advice, counsel, forgiveness, mercy or anything else, you have opened the door to the person's heart. More importantly, you also had to open the door of your heart in order for you to have been impressed by Me to give something of emotional or spiritual value to another person.
When you have opened the door of your heart so that the spirit behind the gift giving can flow from you, then the door is also open for My blessings to flow to you from all the corners of the earth.
In opening the door to give, you also open the door to receive from the seeds you have sown.
When the door to your heart is open, all good things will be able to come your way.
Love, God

Friday, May 30, 2008

Love Dispensers

Eye in the Sky
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Dear One,
Many men are deceived by their perception of Me and they are deceived by what they perceive as their duty to protect values that they think I have. All the while they miss the truth, that the most important things to Me are My children, the creation of My image.
The least important thing to Me are rules, regulations and laws that put perceived values on things that are not important to Me at all. My laws were given to point out to you the evil one, they were not given as measures of your value to Me if you obey them.
You are the most valued thing to Me, not ideologies and philosophies and political agendas.
I am not interested in institutional churches, organizational cliques and political agendas.
I am interested in and I am in love with people, My children who are the apple of My eye.
Give the same value to other people that I give to them. Love them as I love them and you will see everyone with whom you come in contact change as I see them, as the apple of My eye, just as you are.
Spread love and it will change you and your world.
Refuse to mentally judge and you will see the world change into a world of beauty. Where there is no judgment, all men are glorified because the inner man becomes the outer man, a thing of beauty.
Love, God
Colossians 2:6-9 and 20-23; Ephesians 3:17

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Dear One,
You will see that love always wins.
Remember that love overcomes everything negative, everything evil, everything perverse, everything devious, everything that is based on a lie, everything that is based on half truths, everything based on erroneous perceptions, because love always wins out over evil.
Love forgives, love forgets, love understands, love appreciates others, love treasures others and treasures the earth and all that is in it, love gives, love refuses to judge, love never holds grudges, love heals, love grows and matures, love says the best about others and love sees the best in others.
Love comes from Me and I never fail.
Love, God
I Corinthians 13

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Dear One,

The love of money is the root of all evil.
When you consider that premise, think about the fact that money is not living, it's inanimate. It has no living component to it; therefore, it cannot return your love.
My instructions to men were to love Me with all your heart, your soul and your mind and to love your neighbor as yourself.
I have unconditional love for you and I can return your love.
Your neighbor can return your love because of the love seeds you sow in his life. You can reap bountiful amounts of love from those love seeds that you sow.
You can love yourself and that affects the beneficial flow of chemicals in your body.
Money, being inanimate, cannot return your love.
Love all humans and love Me because we can return your love.

Love, God
I Timothy 6:10; Matthew 22:37-40

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Dear one,
Some people say trouble comes in threes. Also there's a saying, "Three strikes you're out."
Your spiritual enemies know what it takes to put you completely "out", under circumstances so overpowering that you give up the good fight of faith and yield to depression and hopelessness.
Then he can forage your storehouse and ruin you unless you are spiritually tuned enough to stand against him
When the devil strikes with his first temptation, or at the first hint of loss of peace, or at the first occasion of trouble arising, then it is time to stand and fight against the demonic forces according to the Apostle Paul, until the enemy is defeated. You have that choice or you have the choice to let the enemy bring two more occasion of strife into your life. His plan is to defeat you and he knows the three particular areas that are your weakest areas. He tempted Jesus three times but Jesus defeated him with My words.
Win the fight at the first sign of battle and you will cause other occasions of the enemy's plans to be thwarted before they actually begin.
Use the one strike theory on the enemy, "One strike and you're out of my life."
Your prayers will restore the ground that was lost in the strike, if any was lost.
You're in a win/win situation with Me on your side.
Love, God
Ephesians 6:12-18; Matthew 4:3-11

Monday, May 26, 2008


Dear One,
Some people say that love is where you find it. That is true. Love should be found inside of you in your spirit. Love is a fruit, an outgrowth of My presence in your spirit.
All of My spiritual attributes are inherent in your spirit and they are the result of having My Spirit live inside of you inside of your spirit.
My Love, being inside of you, is always there so that you can love yourself, love Me and love others. I commented on that premise when I said that you should love Me and love your neighbor as yourself. I can give you the ability to do that.
I can only show My love to others through you. Knowing that My love is in you is important. You will feel inadequate as far as passing it on if you don't know that it is already inside of you. You have often felt that you were not loved by Me, but when you began to realize that My presence in you is Love because I am Love, then you found that you are Love also because you are My child..
As love is passed on to others it multiplies within you because as it multiplies and flows outside of you it also multiplies within you. More love for you and more love for others is produced every time you pass it on. Look for opportunities to pass love on, then feel it grow inside of you.
Oh, how I love you!
Love, God
Matthew 5:43; I Corinthians 13:4-8; Galatians 3:22&23

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Dear One,
Can you believe for the impossible? That is the reason for faith, to believe for the impossible.
To believe for the possible doesn't call for faith, it calls for hope. Bringing what is possible into being does not require supernatural ability, it requires natural ability.
Believing for something impossible means that humans cannot orchestrate it, cannot develop it, cannot create it. Only supernatural forces can bring the impossible things into existence. That's when I come into the situation,when the force called faith is operating in a person in the earth. I say "force" because faith is a supernatural force, an energy, which summons My spiritual powers from the heavens and puts them into operation in the earth.
When faith is in operation in a person, then the impossible become possible because a person is able to call those things that are not as though they were. He is able to see things spiritual change the natural.
Faith is substance because faith sees the impossible as evidence before it occurs.
Seek My gift of faith for what seems impossible and I will make it possible.
Faith knows that I can do anything and everything and that I have all manner of forces at My command.
Faith says, "It is," not, "It might be.
Love, God
Romans 4:17; Hebrews 11:1

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Dear One,
The perversion of religious law says that you must follow and obey all of its laws in order for Me to love you and pour My blessings upon you.
Grace says that men receive My love without doing anything, because I am Love, I am forgiveness and I am nonjudgmental.
Religious laws judge people. I extend grace to people.
Religious law says a man must perform properly so that he will deserve My love.
Grace says that man cannot deserve My love because of his behavior nor does he earn My love because of his obedience. I love him because I am Love.
Religious law says if a man sins he must do penance so that he can get back into My good graces. Grace requires nothing of a man. He can come boldly to Me for My love and forgiveness.
My grace means that My favor is unmerited and undeserved, yet is completely and perfectly given to all men.
Grace is no longer grace when it carries an attitude of having to obey any law in order to be favored and loved.
As My child you can offer grace to all men just like I offer grace to you and to them.
Love, God
John 2:16; Ephesians 2:5; Hebrews 4:16
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Friday, May 23, 2008


(my secretary being funny, sorry subscribers!)
Dear One,
Every person you meet is your sibling. Every person you meet is a descendant of Mine, your heavenly Father. I fathered the spirits of all men. They all came from Me in the beginning.
Knowing and recognizing the spirits of another person can only be accomplished by perceiving with your spiritual eyes the value of the inner man, the real person. That is a rewarding experience because you will find that he is just like you, descended from the same Father. He is your brother, your sibling according to the Spirit.
Refuse to judge according to the flesh and you will find it easy to connect with the spirit of every man, every relation of yours that you will truly enjoy knowing.
When you evaluate a person you actually determine his value. Value every person as your sibling, your brother or sister, and see My life in the true person, the spirit.
Love, God
Genesis 1:26 & 27; John 8:15; Ephesians 2:10

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Dear One,
When you go to the core of anything, the center of it, you will find the true value, the real essence of it. The outer coverings are only extraneous, they are not the real thing.
It is the same with people. The core of a person, the center of him which is his spirit, is the person of true value. It is the real essence of him. The outer coverings, the body and even the mind, are not the real person. They are extraneous.
Men judge each other by the extaneous things, the outer parts, which are not even the real person, the true person. You judge the skin, the hair, the shape, the weight, the opinions, the language, the habits, the attitudes, all of which are extraneous. All of that will eventually fall away. They are temporary and are always changing.
Sometimes you are led by spirits of judgment to size up and evaluate the outer person by unreasonable standards because you can't see the core of the person, the spirit, which is the eternal person. You are often led to judge him by sight and hearing, by the senses. You need to see every person by revelations given by My Holy Spirit, who sees the inner man.
I see the true "you", the spirit, and I see perfection. Discern the true person in others, the one in need of understanding relating to the outer man.
Love, God
John 8:15
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Dear One,
My ministry of reconciliation involves reconciling people to their original state of value, being My valued children, prized by Me, and then they are prized in their own eyes because of the value that I place on them.
The first thing I reveal to every man who comes to Me is that they are worthy of every good thing instead of being unworthy to even approach Me. The lie of unworthiness has been told to them. Religion teaches men that they are unworthy. I reveal to all men that I love them and that they are worthy to approach Me, to communicate with Me, to receive My abundant gifts and to spend eternity with Me.
When men realize that I consider them worthy of everything I have, then they change into My image of worthiness and they begin to believe that I can give them an abundant life because I love and prize them.
Value all men and reconcile them to Me.
Love, God
Romans 5:8
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Dear One,

Remember to prize everyone you meet just like I prize them. The way to prize a person is to treat him as if he were the most valuable possession in the world.When you prize a person, you increase the value of that person to himself, to others and to yourself.Precious stones only became prized because someone declared them valuable. Before that, they only were rocks like all the others, just a little bit more shiny. After someone declared them valuable, only then were they considered prized.Relate that truth to people. A person is only one of the crowd until someone declares him valuable enough to speak to, to smile at, to acknowledge his presence, to speak of his good looks or her beauty, to comment about his wit, his wisdom or any other positive attribute. There is always something that you can find to declare valuable about a person.You can declare people valuable or you can declare them worthless by the way you treat them.I declare you more valuable than diamonds or rubies. Acknowledge the value of others and you will be putting My value upon them.Love, GodProverbs 3: 13-20; John 3:16

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Monday, May 19, 2008


Dear One,
When you think of time, the passage of time, think of it like you will in heaven where there is no time, no measurement of time, space, no aging, no deterioration, no wearing out.
Always think of time in terms of regeneration, revitalization and rejuvenation.
You can reverse the aging process mentally and physically if you will think spiritually all the time.
Your spirit has no age because there is notime in the spiritual dimension. That is why there is the possibility of restoring your youth like the eagle, because you can renew your aging body by regeneration, just like the eagle does.
Begin to speak to your body spiritually and consider it regenerating instead of aging.
Your body and mind obey the programming that your mind believes. Begin to order your thought life to meditate on being ageless rather than aging, on being in perfect health rather than ill, on being full of wisdom rather than old and foolish. You will become what you think and believe.
I said that your citizenship is not in the world so the laws of aging and degeneration of this world do not apply to you.
The heavenly world of your citizenship is spiritual, ageless, wise, healthy, joyful, loving and good. There is no natural or religious law to govern those.
Become heaven minded and become regenerated.
Love, God
Psalm 103:5;

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Dear One,
When you are able to relax and observe the wonders of life and the miracles that happen every day, then it makes it easier for Me to do My work in answer to your prayers.
When you are relaxed, yet expectant, then I can work quickly without the opposing spirits of desperation, negativity, strife, impatience and other spirits working against My efforts. Also in a good spiritual atmosphere the angelic hosts don't have to furiously work progressively two steps forward and then regress one step backyard.
When the spiritual atmosphere is clear, the conditions in which the angels are to work is like clear, beautiful weather. When there are negative emotions in your life, it is equivalent to a person having to work outside in stormy weather, always fighting the elements.
We can work all the time, but negativity causes delays from which we have to rebound before We can continue our effective work.
Physical relaxation is good for you because it causes your body to regenerate. Mental and spiritual relaxation are good because they allow the spiritual atmosphere around you to be peaceful, bringing perfect outcomes in answer to your prayers.
Love, God
James 3:16-18
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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Dear One,
Understanding is a vital part of forgiveness.
Understanding means that you exit from the mindset of judgment and you mentally put yourself in the situation of another person so that you will sympathize and understand the motivation behind his actions.
To remain in judgment and condemnation of another person is to take the part of the Pharisees in their relation to Jesus. They always saw the areas of his disobedience to religious laws instead of seeing his compassion for people. The Pharisees turned on Him, someone they thought was evil and unlawful and they helped execute him. Then they realized that He was My Son.
How often do you find yourself mentally executing people who you consider to have broken what you deem to be My laws but they are only religious laws?
Weigh all your thoughts of judgment and condemnation of others and see what they are, Pharisaical in nature.
Remember the compassion of Jesus for the woman who was caught in adultery and had broken religious laws. He understood her actions and forgave her.
To understand is to take yourself out of the position of being a judge and jury and place yourself in the position of being My distributor of love and forgiveness.
Forgiveness is a divine attribute.
Love, God
John 8:3-18

Friday, May 16, 2008


My WELCOMED California Families

Dear One,
You often excuse yourself for being negative by rationalizing that you can't control your tongue. That is like saying you can't control your mind, but you can if you decide to persist in monitoring every thought for the slightest hint of negativity, and then casting it out if it is negative. Refuse to entertain even a hint of that garbage in the parlor of your mind.
You welcome thoughts into your mind as guests into the parlor of your home. You can refuse to entertain dangerous, negative thoughts the way you refuse to welcome dangerous guests into your parlor of your home. That is the first step toward controlling your tongue, controlling your thoughts.
If you constantly think of negative or judgemental or poor-me thoughts, you will eventually profess poor-me or negative or judgmental words. Then negative spirits will take the words and create a life for you that will be poor in all areas.
You can control your words if you begin by controlling your thoughts. Thoughts are either invaders from the negative world or they are welcome guests from My world. Choose My positive thoughts and live happily.
Love, God
Philippians 4:8; Proverbs 18:21; Matthew 12:37

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Dear One,
If you would record your thoughts and words all day long and then play them back to yourself at night, you would not quickly rebound from the negative power of them. Consider that when you choose your thoughts and your words that you speak to others, either in truth or jest.
You usually think that you can get away with certain negative, hurtful, judgmental thoughts and words if they are clothed in jest, but they are still words full of power to tear down. The double whammy is that they tear you down as well as tear the other person down.
I am in the business of building up, building up people and situations and circumstances for good. Adopt My thoughts and words and you will see your future and the future of your family soar to new heights.
Love, God
Philippians 4:8&9
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Dear One,
When you get a minor cut or scratch or bruise or have have an upset stomach, you body heals itself and you don't see the inner workings, like the blood doing its work and the layer of skin doing its work in a scratch or cut. Yet, healing is progressing and will be completed even though you don't see the evidence of the body working under the skin.
Develop the same patience and faith and confidence when you are praying for things and people, knowing that I am completing My work inside the matter and that the final, perfect result is guaranteed to happen.
Faith comes by hearing My words, not by seeing the inner workings.
Love, God
Hebrews 10:17; Hebrews 11:1; Hebrews 6:12

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Dear One,
Allow every person you know and every person you meet the pleasure of being imperfect.
Allow every person the right to be the only person he knows how to be, which is imperfect.
All of you are learning to be what you truly desire to be, but the path toward that image is difficult. Appreciate every person like I do, as a person who wants to please Me, wants to please himself and wants to please others.
You're all in the same boat, struggling against the imperfections which so easily beset you, yet you are striving for perfection.
You're all running the same race. Appreciate that fact for everyone.
Link arms in unity with everyone against the spirits of darkness which tempt you, yet appreciate everyone, and you will emerge as one body, My body.
Love, God
Hebrews 12:1&
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Monday, May 12, 2008


Dear One,
Don't limit Me and My workings to your earthly ideas, your impatient expectations and your strategies.
Men only see the surface of another person or of a situation or of a problem. I see all of the inner things, the heart of a person, the complications of a situation and the causes of the problem. That is why My strategy is perfect, because I am not limited like the human mind is limited. I see all of the minute, underlying workings. And because I am not limited, then My plans and orchestrations in all matters are unlimited. The results are that you are astounded by the way your prayers are answered and you are amazed at the perfection of the details surrounding the answers.
I said that I will do exceedingly abundantly above everything you dare think or imagine according to the power that is in you.
Often you complain and gripe and grumble because things don't seem to be going according to what your mind has planned or what your expectations are, but remember that I know the inner workings of every situation and I am working in ways that you cannot ever imagine. You can't see the results when you impatiently expect to see them because I work from the inside out, and the inside workings are invisible to the human eye and are hidden from the human experience.
Faith is knowing that I am working in your behalf when your eyes and your experience are not witnessing any improvement in the person, the situation or the problem.
Faith causes you to trust Me for the timing of the outcome.
Love, God
Ephesians 1:16-23; II Corinthians 4:7; Ephesians 3:20


Dear One,
When I said to come to me like a child, I meant to come to me with energy, delight and belief that is untainted by worldly experiences.
A child believes without seeing, he uses his imagination freely and he loves life completely.
A child also has no inhibitions and is undaunted in asking how, why, where and every other question that pops in his mind.
A child has no preconceived ideas about things but comes with a pure, clean mind ready to learn and ready to follow.
A child knows truth because he has innate system of judging honesty and purity.
A child will approach Me without reservations and will put his hand in mine to be led, to be comforted and to be taught.
A child has not been taught to fear so he enters My presence with love and trust.
Come to me like a child and your progression in learning will be speedy, your joy will be spontaneous and your love will be perfected.
Love, God
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Sunday, May 11, 2008


My Daughter and her Daughter.......Happy Mother's Day to all with "LOVE."

Dear One,
Prioritize seems to be a popular word. People are encouraged to put priorities in order from the first priority to the last priority.
The practice of prioritizing is true in spiritual matters.
The first priority in My family is LOVE.
The second priority is LOVE
The third priority is LOVE.
The fourth priority is LOVE and on and on and on until the last priority is LOVE.
When Love is operating in you and flowing from you, then faith is easy.
When Love is operating in you and flowing from you, then joy is automatic.
When Love is operating in you and flowing from you, then peace is present.
When Love is operating in you and flowing from you, then patience is applied to everything and everybody.
When Love is operating in you and flowing from you, then goodness and kindness are extended to others.
When Love is operating in you and flowing from you, then mercy is poured out to all men.
When Love is operating in you and flowing from you, then healing is present.
When Love is operating in y0u and flowing from you, then miracles happen.
When Love is operating in you and flowing from you, then wisdom and knowledge flow like a river.
When Love is operating in you and flowing from you, then all things are possible.
When Love is operating in you and flowing from you, then men have seen Me and are truly blessed.
Love, God
Matthew 5:44 &45; Matthew 22:37-40; I Corinthians 12:4-11; Galatians 5:22
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Saturday, May 10, 2008


A corner of " The Allen's Retreat" Our son's family in California

Dear One,
I said to the pure in heart all things are pure.
Also you can apply the same truth and determine that to the faint of heart all things are dreadful.
If a person despises his life and is led by the spirits of doom, hatred, disgust, strife, self pity and dread, then his life is limited according to his desire. His desire is to leave the earth prematurely because his view of life in the earth is dreadful.
Age was never meant to bring deterioration to the body and mind. Read about Moses.
Age was meant to bring regeneration to the body and mind. Read about Methuselah.
Consider the oak tree, stronger and more magnificent as it ages.
Consider the saying about gray hair and wisdom, that wisdom increases with age.
Deterioration makes things worse.
Regeneration makes things better, makes things anew and restores. I am in the regeneration business.
Life can be exciting and vigorous. That's what I intended it to be. When you are born of My Spirit you have ageless life within you. Allow My Spirit to regenerate your body and mind and you will live beyond the days that others live and you will live it more abundantly.
Love, God
Genesis 5:220-27; Deuteronomy 30:20; John 10:10

Friday, May 9, 2008


Dear One,
When I said I would supply all of your needs, I meant ALL of your needs.
If your need is for love, I will supply love to you.
If your need is financial, I will supply it.
If your need is wisdom, I will supply it.
If your need is for employment, I will supply it.
If your need is for healing, I will supply it.
If your need is for education, I will supply it.
If your need is for understanding, I will supply it.
If your need is for deliverance, I will supply it.
I said to give and it will be given to you, so give to Me your needs and I will give the answers to those needs to you, pressed down, spilling over. I am the need supplier, the answer giver, the blessing provider.
Give Me your problem and I will give you the solution pressed down and spilling over.
I want to pour out the answers to your needs, the solutions to your problems. Give them to Me in prayer, then walk in love toward all men. In that love atmosphere I will be able to give to you the solutions to your problems and the answers to your needs.
Remember that I said that I WILL supply all your needs according to My riches in glory.
Love, God
Romans 9:23; Ephesians 1:18; Philippians 4:19

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Dear One,
The human mind is what controls aging for people.
The human mind, because it is analytical, will count time in minutes and days and weeks and months and years and will determine the length of years a person lives by limiting life according to the expectation of the mind.
The restored mind can extend life according to the expectations it has.
Since the mind is a computer that can be influenced by Me or by human knowledge, if a man only yields to negative input of science or other men, a man's days will be limited. However, if he listens to Me,through the input of the Holy Spirit, his days will be extended simply because My Spirit is life.
If a person delights in life and is led by My Spirit, and if his motivation is life-filled, then his longevity can be what he determines it to be, according to his own desire to live in the earth and enjoy his time there. He will subdue negative thoughts and he will dominate negativity in the earth. Then he will have the abundant life that I have promised to all My children.
Love, God
Proverbs 18:21; Deuteronomy 30:19
Photo of our "Free Housing" flag is a reminder of how stress free life can really be

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Dear One,
You have complete authority in the earth as long as you stay out of fear and anger. The way to do that is to stay out of all negative emotions and for you to remain positive. Walking in the Spirit takes care of all of it.
I live in you. I have chosen your body and the bodies of all My children as My abode in the earth. I did that so that I can live in the earth again through the Holy Spirit. Because I live in My children I can continue My work in the earth and I can destroy the works of the devil through all of My children.
When you allow me to continue My work in your life, your life is full of wisdom and knowledge and joy and love. Those are My gifts to you for your allowing Me to take up My home in you. All of My gifts of the Spirit are My housewarming gifts to you for being so kind as to invite Me into your life, into your body. My housewarming gifts are continuous. They aren't a one time thing. Enjoy My gifts to you. All My gifts will make your life in the earth happy and enjoyable. Love, God
"This little Grand-Child warms our house and hers"

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Path of Comfort

Dear One,

The path of faith is a very narrow one. It involves disciplining the mind to keep it on the believing path and not allowing the mind to take tangent paths into doubt, confusion, unbelief, fretting and wondering, etc. Those crossroads will always present themselves to you on the path of faith because your spiritual enemies do not want you to operate in faith.

If you allow your mind to take a temporary journey down one of those negative roads, then you are in enemy territory and it is hard to get back on the right path, the faith path.

Many times during the day you are presented with crossroads and they come to you in the form of thoughts. If you will immediately choose the faith path and stay on it, then your power walk will be easier.

Often, the way to stay on the faith path is by confessing and declaring what I have to say about the matter. Other times the way to stay on the faith path is by praying and then hearing My words of comfort. Other times the way to stay on the faith path is by declaring your allegiance to Me. Those positive actions in the face of negative thoughts will guarantee your getting back onto the faith path They will bring your mind into unity with your spirit where faith is established.

Love, God

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Monday, May 5, 2008

The Power of Words

(one of our Grand-Sons, Prom)
Dear One,

The importance of words has been grossly underestimated by My children.The right words can lift the spirit of another person to great heights.The wrong words can plunge the spirit of another person to terrible depths.Words of encouragement can spur another person to go forward in life.Words of discouragement can immobilize another person and cause him to retreat from actions of importance.Encouraging words can lift a person from depression and bring healing.Depressing words can plunge a person into gloom and bring disease.Words of true love can nourish a person's soul and take him from the devastation of self hatred to a healthy place of self love.Words of hatred can ravage and rob a person of all self esteem.Endeavor to build up a person. You contribute to building My temple when you do that because My abode is in people.

Love, God

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Living is Loving

Dear One,

Loving is living. To really live is to spend your time loving everyone. Divine love changes things and people. The results of divine love are invisible to the recipient of divine love. Changes begins to take place immediately and the recipient is unsure of the reason for the changes. He does not realize the power that accompanies divine love. Since divine love does not originate in your dimension and it has supernatural powers, it transforms everything that is in your dimension and it brings divine life to everyone and everything . Loving is living and living is loving.

Love, God

Friday, May 2, 2008

To Grow Freely

Dear One,
To be ignorant of something is to be destitute of knowledge concerning it.
When you are uninformed and untrained in righteous, then you are bound by ignorance. You are not free.
Remember that I said that truth will set you free. The way to obtain truth is to seek me for wisdom and knowledge. Every time that you hear wisdom from Me you become free from some kind of bondage, either from the slavery of the devil or from the bondage of religious law.
Think about how powerful truth and knowledge and wisdom are since they can set you free. You have the instruction book and you have the teacher in the person of the Holy Spirit. There really is no excuse for your lack of knowledge since you have everything available to you for your enlightment.
Tune your hearing to My channel in your mind and increase your power by gaining the insight and understanding that I have provided for you.
I want you free. Do you choose to be free? If so, then seek My wisdom and knowledge and I will set you free.
Love, God
photo is of my Wisteria plant growing freely among the pine trees which is rare to see.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dear One,
To be ignorant of something is to be destitute of knowledge concerning it.
When you are uninformed and untrained in righteous, then you are bound by ignorance. You are not free.
Remember that I said that truth will set you free. The way to obtain truth is to seek me for wisdom and knowledge. Every time that you hear wisdom from Me you become free from some kind of bondage, either from the slavery of the devil or from the bondage of religious law.
Think about how powerful truth and knowledge and wisdom are since they can set you free. You have the instruction book and you have the teacher in the person of the Holy Spirit. There really is no excuse for your lack of knowledge since you have everything available to you for your enlightment.
Tune your hearing to My channel in your mind and increase your power by gaining the insight and understanding that I have provided for you.
I want you free. Do you choose to be free? If so, then seek My wisdom and knowledge and I will set you free.
Love, God