Monday, May 19, 2008


Dear One,
When you think of time, the passage of time, think of it like you will in heaven where there is no time, no measurement of time, space, no aging, no deterioration, no wearing out.
Always think of time in terms of regeneration, revitalization and rejuvenation.
You can reverse the aging process mentally and physically if you will think spiritually all the time.
Your spirit has no age because there is notime in the spiritual dimension. That is why there is the possibility of restoring your youth like the eagle, because you can renew your aging body by regeneration, just like the eagle does.
Begin to speak to your body spiritually and consider it regenerating instead of aging.
Your body and mind obey the programming that your mind believes. Begin to order your thought life to meditate on being ageless rather than aging, on being in perfect health rather than ill, on being full of wisdom rather than old and foolish. You will become what you think and believe.
I said that your citizenship is not in the world so the laws of aging and degeneration of this world do not apply to you.
The heavenly world of your citizenship is spiritual, ageless, wise, healthy, joyful, loving and good. There is no natural or religious law to govern those.
Become heaven minded and become regenerated.
Love, God
Psalm 103:5;

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