Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Dear One,
Allow every person you know and every person you meet the pleasure of being imperfect.
Allow every person the right to be the only person he knows how to be, which is imperfect.
All of you are learning to be what you truly desire to be, but the path toward that image is difficult. Appreciate every person like I do, as a person who wants to please Me, wants to please himself and wants to please others.
You're all in the same boat, struggling against the imperfections which so easily beset you, yet you are striving for perfection.
You're all running the same race. Appreciate that fact for everyone.
Link arms in unity with everyone against the spirits of darkness which tempt you, yet appreciate everyone, and you will emerge as one body, My body.
Love, God
Hebrews 12:1&
photo from Villa Sams at flickr.com

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