Saturday, May 10, 2008


A corner of " The Allen's Retreat" Our son's family in California

Dear One,
I said to the pure in heart all things are pure.
Also you can apply the same truth and determine that to the faint of heart all things are dreadful.
If a person despises his life and is led by the spirits of doom, hatred, disgust, strife, self pity and dread, then his life is limited according to his desire. His desire is to leave the earth prematurely because his view of life in the earth is dreadful.
Age was never meant to bring deterioration to the body and mind. Read about Moses.
Age was meant to bring regeneration to the body and mind. Read about Methuselah.
Consider the oak tree, stronger and more magnificent as it ages.
Consider the saying about gray hair and wisdom, that wisdom increases with age.
Deterioration makes things worse.
Regeneration makes things better, makes things anew and restores. I am in the regeneration business.
Life can be exciting and vigorous. That's what I intended it to be. When you are born of My Spirit you have ageless life within you. Allow My Spirit to regenerate your body and mind and you will live beyond the days that others live and you will live it more abundantly.
Love, God
Genesis 5:220-27; Deuteronomy 30:20; John 10:10

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