Monday, May 5, 2008

The Power of Words

(one of our Grand-Sons, Prom)
Dear One,

The importance of words has been grossly underestimated by My children.The right words can lift the spirit of another person to great heights.The wrong words can plunge the spirit of another person to terrible depths.Words of encouragement can spur another person to go forward in life.Words of discouragement can immobilize another person and cause him to retreat from actions of importance.Encouraging words can lift a person from depression and bring healing.Depressing words can plunge a person into gloom and bring disease.Words of true love can nourish a person's soul and take him from the devastation of self hatred to a healthy place of self love.Words of hatred can ravage and rob a person of all self esteem.Endeavor to build up a person. You contribute to building My temple when you do that because My abode is in people.

Love, God

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