Monday, May 12, 2008


Dear One,
When I said to come to me like a child, I meant to come to me with energy, delight and belief that is untainted by worldly experiences.
A child believes without seeing, he uses his imagination freely and he loves life completely.
A child also has no inhibitions and is undaunted in asking how, why, where and every other question that pops in his mind.
A child has no preconceived ideas about things but comes with a pure, clean mind ready to learn and ready to follow.
A child knows truth because he has innate system of judging honesty and purity.
A child will approach Me without reservations and will put his hand in mine to be led, to be comforted and to be taught.
A child has not been taught to fear so he enters My presence with love and trust.
Come to me like a child and your progression in learning will be speedy, your joy will be spontaneous and your love will be perfected.
Love, God
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