Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Dear one,
Some people say trouble comes in threes. Also there's a saying, "Three strikes you're out."
Your spiritual enemies know what it takes to put you completely "out", under circumstances so overpowering that you give up the good fight of faith and yield to depression and hopelessness.
Then he can forage your storehouse and ruin you unless you are spiritually tuned enough to stand against him
When the devil strikes with his first temptation, or at the first hint of loss of peace, or at the first occasion of trouble arising, then it is time to stand and fight against the demonic forces according to the Apostle Paul, until the enemy is defeated. You have that choice or you have the choice to let the enemy bring two more occasion of strife into your life. His plan is to defeat you and he knows the three particular areas that are your weakest areas. He tempted Jesus three times but Jesus defeated him with My words.
Win the fight at the first sign of battle and you will cause other occasions of the enemy's plans to be thwarted before they actually begin.
Use the one strike theory on the enemy, "One strike and you're out of my life."
Your prayers will restore the ground that was lost in the strike, if any was lost.
You're in a win/win situation with Me on your side.
Love, God
Ephesians 6:12-18; Matthew 4:3-11

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